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    Stefanie Reutter 2014-12-01 20:48:41


    I’m getting down to the wire (LOL get it?) on this post so I will keep this short and sweet. I can’t believe this semester is almost over. What a ride ds106 has been. I’m happy to say I have learned so much about digital story telling. Here’s my work …

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    Fast Forward


    For this assignment I used this picture of Daniels to age him.


    I uploaded the photo into Gimp to make the edits.

    To make his face a bit droopier, I used the IWarp tool. This gave the effect of the baggy eyes and double chin.

    Then I used the …

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    Emoji This


    The first assignment I chose to do was Emoji This. I took 5 common emoji faces and then took pictures of Daniels expressing those emotions.

    Simply using paint, I copied pictures from Google and then used “different” facial expressions of Daniels.

    First we have Daniels’ serious face. He’s pretty …

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    Introducing: Bagel Butt


    So I’m assuming you’re reading the title like…. wtf???

    This was my remix assignment.

    Cat breading was pretty popular, where you put a cat’s face in bread. But my challenge for the remix was to do the opposite of whatever the assignment was…. so this happened.



    (No …

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    Inappropriate Laughter


    For this assignment (3.5 stars), I used a scene from season 4 where Omar is taking a trip to the store to buy Cheerios (and some drugs). I used Windows Live Movie Maker to create this video.

    Here are the 4 laughter clips I used from freesound.org


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    Video X 2


    I’ve really been enjoying the Video Assignments. I think these have been my favorite weeks.I read the warning label to this class, but it seriously was not a joke that this class would be a lot of work! But it’s fun work. And it is really rewarding when I create …

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    Makeup Time Lapse


    Since I just used the time lapse setting on my iphone 6, I’ll give myself 2 stars instead of the 3.5 it suggests for the Activity Time Lapse assignment. This was a fun little assignment to do. I don’t do my make up very often, so I thought this would …

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    Omar Takes A Walk: Swede


    Brittany and I decided to take on the Swede A Scene video assignment together! This was one of the most fun assignments I think we have done this semester. Brittany’s boyfriend Ryan very generously let us borrow his video camera and agreed to be our Omar! He was a really …

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    Hangover Assignment


    I had so much fun with the Hangover Assignment (4.5 stars). When I read it, I knew my night out in Clarendon with my best friend would be perfect! I started my day bright and early with a cold, rainy muddy rugby game at VCU. We won! (And I scored!) …

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    Beyonce: The Workout Instructor


    I chose to do the Musicless Video assignment (worth 3.5 stars), but instead of just watching a music video without sound (which anyone can do by simply muting there computer) I added in audio from a different video.

    I chose Beyonce because she has all these crazy, fabulous dance moves …

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    A Week of Reflection


    This was a very relaxing week compared to how it’s been over the course of the semester. (Not complaining at all!) I enjoyed taking the time and just going through all my peers work that I hadn’t seen yet. Here’s what else I had going on this week.

    The Radio …

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    Emoji Come Alive


    Alright, so this is slightly embarrassing, but I already sent it to a bunch of my snapchat friends anyway. I brought this weird looking emoji to life. I have no idea who would make this face or what for, but here it is!

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    Inspired by: Initiative


    I love how Ien took the initiative to go ahead and create his own assignment. This class is a lot of work, so when someone puts forth extra effort, it deserve some recognition. The screen shots and his commentary really made the post too. Creativity makes this class and you …

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    Inspired By: Design Pt. 2


    I think Travis has shown some awesome work throughout this class and his photoshop skills have been great even though he says he’s pretty new with it. This Design assignment, which was to animate a book cover, shows very talented animation skills. I saw this post he did a while …

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    Inspired By: Design


    I was inspired by Jessica’s design assignment titled Silent Moonrise Kingdom

    I love that Jessica took on this 5 star assignment. It really shows she wanted to put in the effort to come up with something great. Isn’t that what DS106 is all about? I love all the different aspects …

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    My Light Painting


    Since my camera did not have the setting like the tutorial showed and the real app cost money, I decided to improvise and downloaded this app called Art of Glow. You just draw on it with your finger and you get these light paintings!

    This one is my initials.

    Look …

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    Reflection on Science of the Wire’s Radio Show


    Overall, I think you guys did a fantastic job. You really put together an awesome radio show. I loved your theme and your thoughts were very organized and everyone was very knowledgeable on the topics. Here are some thoughts I had on your different sections.

    Section 1

    Carmela, Ian, Jeremy, …

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    Getting Down to the Wire


    For our radio show Brittany, Nikky, and I decided to do it on the theme of corruption. We each did our own segment on different areas of corruption in The Wire. I did mine on the Barksdale crew. I recorded my part in Audacity. I started off with my ds106 …

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