1. snakesrcool

    Weekly Summary #5


    It is weird thinking that this is the last week of doing daily creates, different digital media assignments and these annoying weekly summery’s I really enjoyed making the final project. It took a ridiculous amount of tie, but it was fun. Using all the different styles of digital media to …

  2. snakesrcool

    Own Assignment #2 Tutorial


    The best way to start this assignment is to brainstorm what kind of movie you would want to give an intro for. What is your favorite genre? What movies have you seen that you enjoyed the most? These questions will help determine what type of movie you want to do …

  3. snakesrcool

    Weekly Summary #4


    This weeks assignments took longer then usual, I really enjoyed creating my own videos and wanted to make them as best as possible. However they were also more difficult, finding the right video editing software took some time, windows movie maker doesn’t work on my computer so I had to …

  4. snakesrcool

    My assignment tutorial


    The best way to do this assignment is to start by brainstorming. Think of the best setting you have either encountered, heard, read or even imagined about. Pick one that you think you could enjoy having a place to live in. One that is done, you must think of what …

  5. snakesrcool

    My own assignment


    My assignment

    I would live in the medieval times, probably in Camelot. I have always had a fascination with swords, castles and magic. I would want to live in the castle with King Aurthor, maybe be one of his closest friends. That way I get all the perks of a …

  6. snakesrcool

    Look, Listen, Analyse Joker


    Joker Pencil Scene


    I decided to watch the classic clip involving the Joker and the pencil scene with the mob from the Batman movie. Watching the scene with no sound really does emphasize the camera movements as well as how long each person is shown. Of course the Joker …

  7. snakesrcool

    A weird story about a star


    A cluster of blue stars fell to the earth, and landed in a boiler room. The room burst into vaper making a high pitch note as if a dog whistle was being used. The star shot back into space from the explosion like a dart going towards a dart board. …

  8. snakesrcool

    Weekly Summary #3


    This week taught me a lot about both storytelling and audio editing. The audio storytelling videos we watcher seemed to be a waste of time and boring as well, however “don’t judge a book by its cover” applies very nicely here. I enjoyed the the videos that Ira Glass and …

  9. snakesrcool

    Good Morning Whitebridge


    Assignment Link

    2 stars

    I used audacity to record my greeting, at first I didn’t know what to say or what town to use for my greeting. I first decided to think of a town, again I thought back to my favorite series the Wheel of Time, and remembered a …

  10. snakesrcool

    Audio Storytelling Reflection


    After listening to Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad videos i feel like I understand the best ways to make a good story. Glass and Abumrad seemed to focus on different aspects of creating a story. Glass focused on the basics at first then went into more long term ways to …

  11. snakesrcool

    He’s In Liquor


    I picked this one out from Franklin’s drinkers dictionary because I thought it would be funny to draw a person inside of a liquor bottle. There were many phrases that I thought were good ones to illustrate in the drinkers dictionary. However this one seemed the best choice to illustrate …

  12. snakesrcool

    The Art of Death


    Feel the cold coming

    colors slowly fade to black

    death is a canvas


    This was my attempt at a haiku poem, I have never been the best at writing poems but i gave it a shot. I really wish my English teachers had taught the right way to right …

  13. snakesrcool

    The porch that turned into a house


    I was originally gonna draw just a plain porch, but ended up drawing column. Which then turned into a house with the porch showing at the front. I have always like the point of view drawings and enjoyed this little project a great deal.…

  14. snakesrcool

    The hand bunny drawing


    Just like your index and middle finger are used to make bunny shadow puppets, I used mine to make a bunny hand drawing. Which turned out not as good as I had envisioned it.…

  15. snakesrcool

    Weekly Summary #2


    This weeks assignments were interesting and easy for the most part. The GIF assignments were the hardest, only because I hadn’t done GIF’s before and that slowed the process down. The design aspect of the assignments really added another layer when I was thinking about how to display or draw …

  16. snakesrcool

    Canon Reflection


    This booklet at first seemed like a very big pain in the **** to read, I mean who wants to spend there free time reading and learning. However we gotta do it anyways, I went into the booklet with very low expectations and came out with some new interesting ideas …

  17. snakesrcool

    Ink Drawing


    I decided to draw a tv and Xbox as well as a keyboard and mouse. I enjoy playing video games and thought that would e a good thing to draw for showing what i like.…

  18. snakesrcool

    Stereo GIF


    This GIF gives the optical illusion of 3d, although it is not perfect it is what they used in the 1800’s. Which is quite impressive if we are still using 3d today. It was quite simple to make, there is a website that allows you to choose an image and …

  19. snakesrcool

    Awesome Soccer Goal


    I created a GIF for this amazing soccer goal that i found a video of. The making of the GIF was fairly difficult, because it was my first time working with them as well as getting all the software to get the videos. After i figured it out though it …

  20. snakesrcool

    Design Blitz


    The first photo I believe to be typography, the image is a map of a fictional town. When viewed the writing in the top left corner pops out, why? because of type of style its written in as well as its size. The writing is what draws the viewer to …

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