1. snakesrcool

    Library Card ID


    I chose to do a library card identification, and i chose a fictional character, Rand al’Thor. He is a character from my favorite series Wheel of Time. The info on the card is right in accordance with the book, for the most part. I found a library card on google, …

  2. snakesrcool

    Trojan War book cover


    This assignment was to create a book cover using minimalist design/iconography, I chose a book on the Trojan war. The iconic image to help show the least amount was the Trojan horse, every kid learns of this. It has integrated ┬ánot only into some of our phrases but also is …

  3. snakesrcool

    Sports Sandwich


    The assignment was to put three things into an image, with one of those things being within another of the things. So for my assignment i did a sandwich in the kitchen. However i did a sports sandwich, which has tennis and Frisbee between the bread. A frisbee for Frisbee …

  4. snakesrcool

    Anaconda Trading Card


    The assignment was to create a trading card for a movie we chose. I chose the movie Anaconda, the main reason behind this choice is that I am a big fan of the species, also the movie is really funny. I always enjoyed the over exaggeration of the film, and …

  5. snakesrcool

    Draw on a Napkin


    Decided to draw the bridge that my family usually crosses over to go to Cape Cod and give it to my parents. Its kinda of a tradition to be the first one to spot the bridge, I thought they would find this funny.…

  6. snakesrcool

    Weekly Summary 1


    The beginning of the week was all about setting up m blog and accounts on social media. These went fairly easy, but it is always hard to find the perfect format for your own site. Since I had already used my domain and set it up before creating m blog …

  7. snakesrcool

    Photo Safari


    This is the Photo Safari I took, I choose my apartment, easy to access and I knew were things were which helped me create interesting photos. It was an intriguing experience running around my apartment, taking photos, running back to my computer to find out which photo was next. The …

  8. snakesrcool



    This is what happens when you find yourself bored and bad at playing pool, you start drawing with the chalk……

  9. snakesrcool

    Visual Assignment Whats in My Bag?


    This assignment is quite interesting, its cool to see all the different things everyone carries around with them throughout the day. As for me, I carry a pad of paper in case notes or anything needs to be recorded. The pencils and pens come along with that as well as …

  10. snakesrcool

    First Daily Create


    I chose to do the where I stand daily create of me standing on my bed. It is what i begin and end the day with, one of few places where i get peace of mind.


  11. snakesrcool



    My previous experience with photography is very limited. It basically only consists of taking pictures with my phone. The most typical thing that I take pictures of is scenery, I like a good landscape photo that gives off that “I wish I could be there” vibe. My usual approach to …

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