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    This is a story of a time when something unbelievable happened.  It was literally so “out-there”, so far beyond anything that ever had been before, so difficult to comprehend that no one could believe it.

    So it stayed a secret.

    In fact, it became a secret weapon.  It was used …

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    Help Wanted.  This is your place, too.  It is open to all who can abide by this list of core principles.  Why?  Glad you asked.

    The vision is, simply: Unifying America to accelerate prosperous liberty through active principles of indomitable Love.

    Since this is about people who …

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    Lean On Me


    Hello all.

    Yeah dude, that blows chunks. I feel ya. Tell me more. I’m listening

    First I just want to say that I’m here, I’m listening, and you can reach out to me if you’re feeling lost.  If you’re feeling thunderstruck.  If the swirling chaos is disorienting you.

    I’m a …

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    What if Bernie Sanders endorsed the Ark of History?


    We’re just sayin’.

    Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) endorsing the Ark of History on the floor of the US Senate, and asking about “slash tags”

    People are saying that this photo isn’t doctored, and doesn’t even have health insurance under the likely-to-be-budget-reconciled-into-oblivion Affordable Care Act.  We hear that a lot.

    Man!  …

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    Listening to someone who voted differently


    Merry Christmas!

    Did you hear that I saved a bunch of money on Christmas!!  How?  I talked about politics on Facebook!!!

    Kidding.  Totally kidding.  I spent part of this holiday time socializing with family members who did not vote the way I did.  We didn’t talk about politics much.  My …

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