1. Sarah Parlett

    Not Where you Belong (3 stars)


    Thanks to Jim Groom I am slowly learning how to use GIMP and he was able to assist me in creating a bread cat :]. This was not only a fun assignment because it’s silly but it was a lot of fun because i got to learn something new. Thank

  2. Sarah Parlett

    Tutorial: Layering with GIMP


    bear with me as I try to explain how i did this because it was my first time using GIMP.
    I first uploaded the picture I wanted to use as a layer into GIMp through file and open as new layer.
    I found a picture on google of a piece …

  3. Sarah Parlett

    Greetings from Woodbridge Va (2 stars)


    Im proud to say I was born and raised in Woodbridge V.A. It’s a nice area but I’ve been here my whole life and i would life to see the world. I have only moved twice in my life and they were only 15 minutes away from each other :/ …

  4. Sarah Parlett

    Pokemon Card (3 stars)


    Im sorry but who wouldn’t want to make a Pokemon Card. My dad and i were big collectors when i was a kid, every friday we would have a tournament at our house and all the kids in the neighborhood would come over to see if they could beat my …

  5. Sarah Parlett

    Iconic Me (2 stars)


    I chose this assignemt because it’s always fun and usually not to hard to explain a little about yourself. I alos thought what a great way to express myself through the class, to share my intrest with a simple symbol..something that could sum me up

    For this assignment I picked …

  6. Sarah Parlett

    Little Captions (2 star)


    This was too perfect for when Pockets was a baby and his ears were just starting to stand up, so i decided to combine some of the cutest pictures I have to make the caption IM ALL EARS!

    For this assignment I used GIMP, similar to Photoshop. I first uploaded …

  7. Sarah Parlett

    Minimalist TV/Movie Poster (4 stars)


    This assignment seemed like a fun way to show how you think about a movie you really enjoy and I have always LOVED Gone in 60 Seconds, but i dont think of that movie because of the big name stars or the action packed theft of cars. I always return …

  8. Sarah Parlett

    Daily Create Challange Week 1


    Day 1
    Make A Photo of Something Upside that is Never Seen that Way 2/6/12

    Day 2
    Share an Image of a Place you Lose Things in Your House 2/7/12

    Day 3
    Create a Photograph that Represent the Most Memorable Moment in your Life 2/8/12

    Ill never forget the summer …

  9. Sarah Parlett

    Your Name Here


    This assignment was a lot harder than you may think, for someone with such a common name as “Sarah” I sure couldn’t find it in my environment. SO! I ended up finding my letters instead.

    I found my letters from a bulletin board, emergency sign, a stair well sign and …

  10. Sarah Parlett

    Return to the Scene of the Crime


    By far my FAVORITE assignment. This was so fun to recreate a moment and now I kind of want to do this with a lot more of my pictures. I chose a picture from freshman year because it’s fun to look back and how i’ve changed as well as how …

  11. Sarah Parlett

    Tutorial: How To HTML


    Ok so I know if your anything like me your gunna wanna tweek the little things throughout your blog such as font, color, adding links etc. I also know it can take hours to search for such little HTML codes such as these and it can get pretty anerving, so …

  12. Sarah Parlett

    Replay Value


    This is just my luck, I mean really. This isn’t what it looks like I sware!
    I know Tony and I aren’t really the best of friends but I’d never
    Oh man I sware Sparx can vouch for me!
    I am really a nice guy, I was having a great …

  13. Sarah Parlett

    Pockets Update


    It been a little over a week since Pockets went in for eye surgery and he is looking and feeling so much better. Still wearing the cone of shame for a couple more days just to make sure he doesn’t bump into anything he is unstoppable about sneak attacking a …

  14. Sarah Parlett

    We’ve Found Your Match


    My Mama and Julia Roberts

    I seem to know quite a few people that have a celebrity look a-like and im sad to say I just dont look like one. I’ve always loved when you can find a similarity between someone you know and someone famous so this was a …

  15. Sarah Parlett

    Common Everyday Objects


    I wanted to manipulate the colors of my fish Walle in such a way that it almost looked abstract. I thought it was beautiful the way he came out as a silhouette and the colors really popped. Then I also did a black and white effect, because if you havn’t …

  16. Sarah Parlett

    Catching A Wave


    From Alan Levine‘s “50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Digital Story I have decided to tell a story through Flickr. Let me know what you think

  17. Sarah Parlett

    Daily Create 1/31/12


    Make a Photo That Freezes or Isolates the Motion of an Object

    hahahhaha he is perfect for any motion picture, he just can’t stop wiggling when any food is invloved :}

  18. Sarah Parlett

    EMERGENCY: Pockets in For Surgery


    Im very sad to report that Pockets, Tim’s German Sheppard needs to go in for eye Surgery today. Pockets has been through a lot since he was a puppy. Within the first couple weeks of having him pockets had Parvo, a disease that is usually fatal. Thankfully he pushed through …

  19. Sarah Parlett

    Daily Create 1/30/12


    Take a Photo of Two Related Objects of Drastically Different Sizes

    Rocket (left) and Tails (right) were perfect for this daily create when I was able to get them to sit beside each other without one picking on the other.

  20. Sarah Parlett

    Birthday Weekend


    So what an exciting weekend this is!! Not only is it my birthday Sunday as well as my 5 year old cousin Jaylin but, my boyfriend and i close friend Merideth’s on Saturday her sons is on Monday and my boyfriend’s is on Tuesday. We just have a full four …

  21. Sarah Parlett

    Daily Create 1/23 – 1/25


    Make a recording of the most Lively Laugh you can Make Someone Do

    Photograph Something Commonly Considered Ugly and Make it Heart Breakingly Beautiful

    Show Us Your Keychain and Tell us About the Keys and Things On it

  22. Sarah Parlett

    Music Lovers


    so im trying to add music to my page, i uploaded simple music widget which is simple enough but you need an mps url for the music to play on the page and its almost impossible to find a url that will work. anyone have any suggestions on how i …

  23. Sarah Parlett

    Getting Creative


    Just added some plug ins to my new domain, Twitter Tools is now up an running the instructions are straight and to the point add it as your plug in create an account with Twitter Tools then simply copy your consumer key, consumer secret, access token and access token secret …

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