1. Scott Plunkett

    Final Project – T-minus 2 days


    The end of the season is finally here, so I thought I’d do a mock meet based on everyone’s fastest times this season. The website http://www.tfrrs.org/ acts as a database that collects all results from NCAA track meets. The Capital Athletic Conference uses this website to enter out times every …

  2. Scott Plunkett

    Tutorial – Splash the Color – Visual Assignment


    This is a fairly simple tutorial on how to use the online photo editor FotoFlexer to complete the “Splash the Color” visual assignment.
    Tutorial for: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/splash-the-color/

    For this tutorial I used the FotoFlexer online photo editor, which can be found at: http://fotoflexer.com/app/index.php?
    This editor is great, especially for being a …

  3. Scott Plunkett

    Tutorial – Create a New You – Visual Assignment


    This is a fairly simple tutorial on how to use the online photo editor FotoFlexer to complete the “Create a new you” visual assignment.
    Tutorial for: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/create-a-new-you/

    For this tutorial I used the FotoFlexer online photo editor, which can be found at: http://fotoflexer.com/app/index.php?
    This editor is great, especially for being …

  4. Scott Plunkett

    Assignment Created – Explain a Funny Picture


    Browsing the web today, I came across a pretty funny picture (shown below). In it, there is simple white text explaining why the original picture is unique/funny. I submitted this idea to the ds106 visual assignment bank, and hopefully there is some funny stuff produced for it. The assignment can …

  5. Scott Plunkett

    Time of Day – Tutorial


    About a month ago I submitted the “Time of Day” visual assignment. I got the idea for the assignment (which is to take several picture throughout the day in the same spot, then merge them together) after seeing a cool picture online that was made using pictures taken of a …

  6. Scott Plunkett

    Assignment Submission – Rage Faces IRL


    So as I was doing my daily browsing of the internet I came across a pretty cool series of pictures. A guy had taken pictures of himself trying to replicate all of the popular “rage faces” in real life (link to the picture below, because it’s a very long picture). …

  7. Scott Plunkett

    Final Project – Gettysburg Meet, Two Weeks Left


    This week the team traveled up to Gettysburg College for the annual Mason Dixon Championships. The Mason Dixon conference disbanded years ago (I think 10-20), but the meet is still held annually with any former teams that want to show up in attendance. We’ve never really put much weight on …

  8. Scott Plunkett

    Daily Create – Horrific Realization


    So earlier today, after reading the “Finish Strong” ds106 email from Jim Groom, I came onto my blog to start organizing all of my posts. Clicking on the “Daily Creates” link on the homepage it seemed like I was missing a few posts, and I quickly realized the past 3 …

  9. Scott Plunkett

    Final Project – “Sun Setting on the Season”


    As our season nears the end with about 3 weeks remaining before the Conference Meet, I thought I’d give my final project a bit more diversity by mixing in a visual assignment that I submitted earlier in the semester. I submitted the “Time of Day” assignment after seeing a cool …

  10. Scott Plunkett

    Final Project – Johns Hopkins Invitational


    This past weekend most of the team went up to Johns Hopkins for a meet, which had a very unique setting in the middle of Baltimore. The track was immediately surrounded by city, unlike most college tracks which have many other collegiate practice fields around it. Warming up for my …

  11. Scott Plunkett

    Cooltext.com – Text Creator Tutorial


    Yesterday I used Cooltext.com to render some text graphics for my Infomercialize it remix. It’s a cool free online tool that has many fonts, including some that are actually gifs. This tutorial will focus on how to create the images and save them properly, so that you can attain a …

  12. Scott Plunkett

    Remix Assignment – Cooking Show : Go Emo


    This was another challenging assignment for me, mainly because it’s hard to make something that usually has a happy tone, such as a cooking show, emo. I watched all of the cooking show assignments and chose Thomas Ella’s (sp? correct me if I spelled it wrong..) because I thought it …

  13. Scott Plunkett

    Video Assignment – Serenity Now!


    Saw this assignment awhile ago and new I wanted to do it. I’m a big fan of Seinfeld and love the episode where Kramer uses the “Serenity now!” saying to calm down, only to boil over later and ruin George’s computer scheme. I knew a great peaceful song to use, …

  14. Scott Plunkett

    Video Assignment – 30 Second Documentary


    So when I originally planned out this assignment, I feel like I was a little off on what it was asking to do, so I changed around what I used as my topic. I ended up making a documentary (it’s mainly a documentary, even though I call it a “how …

  15. Scott Plunkett

    Video Assignment – Speed Up Your Workday


    This assignment was to record about 30 minutes of your work day and speed it up several times. I decided to be very truthful to the assignment and recorded what I do often when I tell myself I’m going to “do work.” I decided to show me playing some of …

  16. Scott Plunkett

    Video Assignment – Swede A Scene


    I had a lot of fun with this video assignment. The idea for it came from the movie “Be Kind, Rewind”, where two clerks in a video store accidently erase all of their movies so they have to reshoot them all. Basically what you had to do is reshoot a …

  17. Scott Plunkett

    Final Project – Commonwealth Duals


    Our meet this past weekend was the Commonwealth Duals at Christopher Newport University. The concept of the meet was to gather some of the top DIII schools in Virginia and have them compete to see which school is “king” of the Commonwealth. The format of the meet was very unusual, …

  18. Scott Plunkett

    Final Project – Battleground Relays


    The Outdoor Track season is officially underway after this weekend, where we hosted the Battleground relays. The meet wasn’t too big this year, with about 7-10 teams in attendance. Overall it was a pretty positive meet for the team, with everyone running pretty well. The weather was pretty contrasting during …

  19. Scott Plunkett

    Video Assignment – A Day In Your Life


    For this assignment you had to basically get video or pictures of the events in your day, and try to fit them together to make an under 10 minute video. I had a lot of fun with this video, and chose to make it today, which basically followed my progress …

  20. Scott Plunkett

    Video Assignment – Video Essay


    This assignment was to basically analyze several of your favorite scenes from a movie of your choosing. We were supposed to use the movie that we wrote about last week, where I used Seabiscuit, so I chose some of my favorite scenes from the movie and told what I liked …

  21. Scott Plunkett

    Video Assignment – Redub the Audio


    This assignment was to take the audio from a very memorable scene from a film, and dub over the dialogue to change the meaning of the scene. I had chosen this assignment for my pre-production from last week, but decided to redo the audio after thinking of a new direction …

  22. Scott Plunkett

    Video Assignment – Screen Capture Story


    Thought I’d start off my video assignments with something simple, so I decided to try the Screen Capture Story. I already had Xsplit on my computer, which (was) a really good free screen capturing/broadcasting software. Recently they started a new policy that looks like they’re going to try and force …

  23. Scott Plunkett

    Final Project Plans


    After some brainstorming, I’ve decided to make a video or picture slideshow/collage about the UMW track and field outdoor track season for my final project. Our goal, although unlikely, is to win the Capital Athletic Conference meet on May 5th and 6th at Frostburg State. Since that happens after the …

  24. Scott Plunkett

    This Week’s Daily Creates (3/12-3/18)


    Had some good daily creates this week. This week we started our video portion of the class, and I’m still not super comfortable making videos yet but I’m getting there. Enjoy!

    3/12 This daily create was to take a picture that represents some sort of boundary. Naturally I chose the …

  25. Scott Plunkett

    30 Second Documentary – Pre-Production


    I checked out the 30 Second Documentary Assignment and decided I’d try to complete the famed “6 saltines in 60 seconds” challenge and document my attempt. For my pre-production I went to Giant earlier today and picked up some official Saltine crackers. I’ve always thought this challenge seemed a bit …

  26. Scott Plunkett

    Redub the Audio – Pre-Production


    I saw this assignment and it actually took me awhile to find a good movie scene to dub over, but I think I found a good one (even though the dub is very short). I chose to dub over what Samuel L Jackson says right before getting eaten by a …

  27. Scott Plunkett

    Seabiscuit – A Great Underdog Story


    Ever since I saw it, one of my favorite movies has been Seabiscuit. I realize this isn’t a movie that’s at the top of everyone’s list, but the several times that I’ve watched it I’ve found little to dislike. It’s got plenty of intense moments, a well developed plot and …

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