1. srechter

    Reflecting on DS106


    Well this was interesting.

    This has been more than kind of a crazy last semester of school for me, and I certainly wasn’t expecting quite the rigor or required level of involvement that this class calls for, even with the warnings. This is the kind of work I like to …

  2. srechter

    Daily Create Ideas


    Just posted a few of my ideas for the daily create, and I actually think these could be pretty fun. The first one I proposed was to record a dial tone using your voice in two octaves. This would obviously be two recordings overlapped. I was watching the awesome Spike …

  3. srechter

    Assignment Ideas


    I’ve just made and written tutorials for two new web assignments that use the online tools Kumu and Inklewriter.

    The first assignment, the Kumu map, deals with organizing relationships on a highly customizable web. I used this tool in my Adaptation class and it was very cool. It can …

  4. srechter

    Inklewriter Tutorial


    Inklewriter is tremendously easy to use, and there are excellent tutorials on the site that answer most questions, but I thought I would do a quick run through of some of the basics in case anyone is completely unfamiliar with this sort of thing.

    The first thing you want to …

  5. srechter

    Kumu Tutorial


    Whatever project you decide to make using Kumu, there are a number of basic functions that are important to understand. Kumu is a fairly intuitive program. It comes pretty naturally once you get things moving.

    The first thing to do, of course, is to make an account on Kumu. This …

  6. srechter

    On the Hunt for Jim Groom


    I feel like Michael Corleone (and actor AL Pacino) in the Godfather Part 3: living in a tired retread of a better past. They’ve pulled me back in.

    I set up an agency. I finally found success on the coattails of my worst enemy: failure. I learned that failure was …

  7. srechter

    FOM Agents


    The one and only Jack Neff

    Co-founder Jerry Greenlund

    Senior Agent Enrique Pablovez

    Junior Agent Harrison Slade


  8. srechter

    Week 11 Summary


    First, and most importantly, was the launch of my agency’s new website. There remains work to be done in filling out all of the necessary content, but I’m liking the aesthetic approach thus far. Failure, Our Muse, FOM Talent Agency, looks like it has a bright future ahead of it.…

  9. srechter

    The Resume of Jack Neff


    This is the character resume assignment worth 3 points.

    Here is my admittedly sparse resume. I spent too much time doing dumb things to find success after college. My job at the Long Island Press was a downer and occupied far too much of my time. I’m not too proud …

  10. srechter

    InkleWriter Baseball: Pressure Pitch


    This is the create and host an interactive story using Twine assignment worth 3 points.

    You can find the story here.

    I changed this a little bit. I don’t really love Twine. I prefer Inklewriter, depending on what I’m trying to accomplish. I decided to use that for this assignment …

  11. srechter

    Final Unit Choice


    Not sure what else to say here other than I absolutely want to work on my own. No question there. Jack Neff is a lone wolf kinda guy.…

  12. srechter

    Week 10 Summary


    Another fun week with video, this time delving much further into my character, Jack Neff, than I had in the past. A number of the assignments from this week, especially the interview, started to flesh him out a bit more and make me understand him. I won’t lie, I like …

  13. srechter

    Jack Teaches How to Pour Beer


    This is the how to tutorial assignment worth 3 points.

    If you’re not drinking scotch or bourbon, you must be (or better be) drinking beer. More specifically, you’d better be drinking a real beer. Nothing with the word “light” counts here, folks. We’re looking for full-flavored craft brews. Real quantities …

  14. srechter

    A Song for Jack


    This is the I am me assignment worth 4 1/2 points.

    This is an altered version of the song John Wayne Gacy Jr. by Sufjan Stevens. Only the lyrics from the first verse remain from the original song. The rest, even some of the guitar licks, have been changed for …

  15. srechter

    Radio Show Reflection


    The radio show was undeniably a mixed bag. I had a ton of fun with what I was able to make, but I am definitely disappointed that I couldn’t work with my original group and get to hear my show aired. I don’t want to delve in too far, but …

  16. srechter

    Video Essay-A Notoriously Amazing Shot


    First thing’s first: I apologize for the title. It makes me gag a little bit too. I was stuck and I just couldn’t resist.

    I’m a huge Hitchcock fan and have seen Notorious on numerous occasions, so I immediately knew where I was going  with what scene to pick. For …

  17. srechter

    Slow-mo Beer Pour



    This is the play it backward, Jack assignment worth 2 points.

    This was actually much more cumbersome that I originally thought. I figured Windows Movie Maker would have some feature for reversing video files, but alas I spent 20 or so fruitless minutes getting angry until Google told me …

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