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    My Place or yours?


    My place or yours?

    This scene given this context changes everything!

    I decided for this post to make a Gif from a scene from my all time favourite tv show: Sherlock and added alternate subtitles. I quite like the way this turned out but I would like to experiment more …

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    The Darkness


    Horror films are my favourite. The way they can grip the audience. Leave them on the edge of their seats, nervous with anticipation of the next jump scare. It’s wonderful and some of my favourites are therefore the focus of this post.

    I decided to take two well known horror …

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    Room Goals for sure


    Pinterest is a wonderful platform. Full of inspiration and tips and tricks. For this post I decided to look at things I’d like to have in my room and try and create a sort of Pinterest mood board of images for the things that inspire my inner interior designer.


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    Motivation is a myth


    Motivation is a MYTH.

    Does motivation really exist? Think about it. How do you get motivated?

    You realise you have no choice so you have to get it done. So you do it. That’s not motivation. That’s compulsion.

    You want to change your life but only because others make you …

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    House Of Elouise


    For this Visual assignment I used the website Join the realm to create my very own Game of Thrones House. I chose to use the House of Stark template as from the books this is my favourite house and I really like wolves or in this case Direwolves.

    I like …

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    A Uni Vlog!



    For this Video Assignment I chose to do a vlog!

    As I already have a YouTube channel and am somewhat used to vlogging I was excited that this could be for an assignment so below I have embedded my Uni Vlog from a typical day at University.

    I found …

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    Image search typo


    This Daily Create is based on google image typos that didn’t disappoint. I tend not to search for images but I remember a while back this appeared on tumblr and so I thought I’d share this with you all!

    Benedict Cucumberbatch ~ should have been Benedict Cumberbatch

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    Earth Picker


    This  Daily Create  was very fun. It was quite tricky with my limited geography knowledge but I still did pretty well. It’s amazing to see what my first thoughts are versus my answer then the result and how close I was.

    However, this does now show me that I need …

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    An Old Photograph


    Old Photographs can have a lot of characteristics, faded colours, sepia, black and white and reduce quality due to limitations of the developing media.

    Here I made a digital photo appear old and I decided to go traditional and turn it black and white and add a significant amount of …

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    The map to happiness


    This is my map to happiness.

    I decided for this Daily Create that I would draw a map to a source of my own happiness. The Wizarding World and all that J.K Rowling made never fails to cheer me up and bring me a magical sort of happiness so therefore …

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    Tall Photos


    So, panoramic photos are not easy!

    For my Social media module, I am tasked with the challenge of Daily Creates to help encourage creativity on a daily basis. I picked out one of these tasks for this blog post.

    For this daily create I decided to try out Tall Photos

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    ~ The Beginning ~


    So this is the beginning, the beginning of another new blog of mine. This time though I feel different about blogs. After having studied social media for a year and tried blogging I have discovered a lot and I am determined to make this blog work.

    I know of a …

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