1. stefaniesophie

    Thanks & Done


    The first time I read about ds106 was on my birthday. Isn’t that meaningful (:   It was also the day or at least near to the day where the regular students started the course. I looked around on the ds106 pages and found one, that instructed the regular students. I …

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    The Long Way of Liberation


    David! … Please.  I can’t feel anymore what I used to feel. All the greatness to be an important part of something valuable. I can not see I’m doing good things while telling people that creativity is something bad. I’ve listened to the plan to spread this as a lie to …

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    The Making Of Liberation


    I’ve ever invented stories, but rarely have worked them out to some extension. Funny is that I’ve invented most of my stories in English as homework of my English courses, which mostly have been short stories. Some teachers found them weird some interesting, all found them somehow confusing.

    The story for …

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    After Julie has decided to join a group of people, who oppose the government of Thasis,  there are tasks for her. A group of dancers are accused to have despised the warnings of the authorities to stop their futile doing as dancers but rather offer their services to the …

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    Tap Dancing


    This video for my final project means to show a group of dancers and their art, for which they have been arrested. It is just a dance, but the authorities of Thasis consider this an act of dangerous creativity, because it is not at all productive.

    I created a mashup

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    Forbidden Social Event


    Julie, a government employee and in charge of reducing creative impulses among the citizens, finally becomes uncertain if the attitude that she represents is really valuable for mankind. She starts exploring the world her government despite so much. For this she managed to be a guest on a party which …

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    Anti-Creativity Campaign


    Julie, the heroine of my final project is a “valuable” citizen of Thasus, a big and powerful city. Thasus’ government has high-flown intentions concerning the growth of their powerful appearance, but recently has to fight with the fact that people refuse to work in professions like information technology or unskilled work. They rather …

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    The following series of animated gifs is part of my final project, where I am telling a story about a woman who was an integrated part of her country’s society but then becomes part of a world which opposes her government.
    The gifs show both, the character and the plot …

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    Mashing up the Remix


    I really needed the two weeks to find out about mashup and remix. I actually started the ds106 assignments before I’ve understood the concepts of mashup and remix. What I can tell you from heart you can hear in the following audio. I rather had talked about this to a friend, …

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    Just A Mum


    When I saw  something about a Youtube Duet I asked myself what the last song is I can remember I listened to, because for more then 15 years I haven’t listen much to popular music but rather classical music.

    Finally I did remember that there was a young woman who sang about her …

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    Never Free To Go


    Final Project – story and assignment list.

    Story:   Never Free To Go  

    Julie, age about 30, lives in an underground world of a big city named Thasis. Julie is a bright and beautiful women, maybe blonde and with blue eyes or black with light brown eyes. She is …

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    Going on Vacation


    Where to send Alan Levin on vacation? A difficult question when you hardly know someone. From his photos I know he already has been to many places anyway. Maybe I should send him to a kind of inner journey, I imagined.
    Sometimes when I were on vacation I just thought …

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    Nature’s Breath

    Gif from two pictures with different focuses.   Slow    Fast

    The same picture taken with different focuses combined to a Gif. This looks like nature breathes. The fruit looks tempting, too.

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    Video Spring


    Two weeks ago must be years ago, at least it feels like this after intensivley producing video for 2 weeks. Although I’ve already taken a course about producing video, it was all so new with the ds106 assignments I’ve chosen. I already knew about making clips and editing them to something, …

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    Interactive Spiderwick


    When I was at art university and this way watched the world of art for some while, I expolored that artists may call themselves free and liberal, but they are not. I studied the Fine Arts and my professors very much critizised the ideas of their students and by this …

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    Delusion – A Video Peom


    I once designed three photo cards and sent them to a friend, because I thought he might be interested to know something about my past. He has never answered to this offer to deepen the relationship. This is also past now.
    Yesterday, while thinking about what else video I can produce …

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    Troll Beauty


    I like watching fantastical movies mainly for the imagination they show. What I’ve never understood, why trolls? And why do they always fall on down with a big thud? See here Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone (2001) and Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring (2001). I …

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    Video Run-Up


    I’ve started out learning about video production 4 years ago, when I did a two month course on it. The course was specialized on making video for the internet and included working with a video camera, lighting, learn to speak clearly, green screen, presenting videos in the internet and marketing and law, in …

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    Early Intercession – A Shadow Play


    A dailycreate: Recreate a movie scene using shadow puppets as characters.

    This video is made of a light, two shadow puppets and the original dialogue of the scene. The scene itself is the dance of Elisabeth and Darcey from ‘Pride and Prejudice’ (2005). In addition I created a mask and combined …

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