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    so much to learn about photography


    How to Be a Better Photographer. This was the title of one of the paragraphs of the week 5 instructions by Alan Levine.
    Years ago (twenty maybe) I took an evening course in photography. I was still trying to get a foothold in the engineering profession and did this just for …

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    Great Moments in Time


    I created a set of my photos I like most on flickr and posted this to my blogger account, as it was recommended for a 5th week task, although I am not sure if this was, what was required. It is also possible to create a slideshow on my blog, but …

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    Photo Factory


    Photoblitzing Assignment

    For this week five assignment we were supposed to go to a place and and to shoot photos after a given general description:

    Make an ordinary object look more interesting, almost supernatural.
    Take a photo that makes use of converging lines.
    Take a photo dominated by a single color
    Take …

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    Magical Nature

      Animated gifs summarizing the movie Spiderwick.     Some time ago I read a book titled Spiderwick (wiki). Naturally I was curious to also watch the movie (wiki). I enjoy comparing movies to the corresponding book in general, and I also compare it with the images the book evokes…
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    Audio Week


    Summary of week 4

    This was the fourth week with ds106 and all about audio. I think the hardest part was to listen to so many radio broadcasts. I am not a native speaker in English and when there is no visual information it becomes more difficult to follow a …

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    Colorful Boxes


    Create some kind of pattern of things on your desk right now – a daily create activity

    I have built some boxes from notepads in the origami style. Then I put them on a black background and took a photograph, which looks nicely like a colourful pattern.…

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    Sea Fight


    One one this weeks assignments of ds106:
    Create a sound effect story – tell a short story using nothing but sound effects.

    Here I collected some sounds on freesound.org and combined them in audycity.
    I imagined a world under water like in Captain Nemo. The peace of this world is attacked …

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    voice over music


    ds106 Radio Bumper

    A weekly create assignment of ds106:
    Create a ds106 Radio Bumper  – a 10-30 second short audio.

    This week with ds106 is all about audio. We were recommended to listen first and after I did so intensively I started creating audio with audacity. The bumper is one …

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    To be continued

    Appreciating Past DS106 Stories

    For this I have to say whatever story I got interested in was something I needed to continue my own story. This way I searched the  in[SPIRE] site and the Best Work storage to find something which add to my experience around storytelling. I’ve just watched a …

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    Frederick, a sweet storytelling mouse.


    Kurt Vonnegut and the Shape of Stories

    This story I was once given by my elder sister for a birthday present. I have just noticed that there is an animated version, too. When I read about the weekly stuff to do I remembered the story and now try to analyse …

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    winter journey


    Winterreise, a photo by StefanieSophie on Flickr.

    A dailycreate of ds106: Make a blue screen of death message using type only.

    I once did a piece of art concerning Schubert’s Winterreise, and this was about a certain shade of the color blue. When I read about this daily create I felt reminded on …

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    Tell Story


    Always the first thing which I associate with storytelling is something I’ve learned from a Hawaiin. “E komo mai.”  means something like ‘Welcome, come in.’ but also ‘come in and tell your story’. I love the idea of welcoming people to tell their story.

    Then I know the term from the …

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    planet earth

    The sky is a gateway to infinity which we instinctively perceive when looking into it and feeling amazed. This I have written for the ds106 dailycreate: Describe the sky in a single sentence without using any color words.   There are many approaches to this task and just one was…
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    Old Man Complaining

          This was quite a piece of work. I knew roughly what gif I want to create. This is why I put my DVD into the computer and started as it was described in the ds106 handbook, using handbrake. It did not work, for my DVD was…
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    BlackTea, a photo by StefanieSophie on Flickr.

    Take a photo of the ONE thing you MUST see, do, eat, hear, etc. everyday!

    When I read this dailycreate suggestion I knew at once this must be a photograph about tea. I really must drink some black tea in the morning …

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    Summary of week 1

    This is about the weekly summary which regular students of ds106 http://ds106.us/ are obliged to do to gain some grading. As an open participant I am not, yet, may decide it is not just useful for grading issues but to get out most of the great opportunity I …

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    Feather&Stone, a photo by StefanieSophie on Flickr.

    Capture love in a photograph. Give it a title.

    I needed some time to think about this task. It became clear to me that any photograph I took and which was good was touching and by this love. However I decided to …

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    20 uses of a banana


    A writing dailycreate assignment:

    making a banana sculpture, paper out of banana, banana ice, banana puree for infants, weapon prop, convenient place to stay for bird-eating spider (or banana-eating?), monkey meal, yellow part in a fruit bowl still, funny symbol of certain male organ, murder weapon (deliberately placed banana skin), fancy …

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    Green Blank


    Green Blank, a photo by StefanieSophie on Flickr.

    DailyCreate suggestion by ds106:

    Take a picture of your favorite thing in the world to do, however simple or complex.

    There is so much I want to do in this world. When I started thinking about it I felt depressed and …

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    Silent Motion


    This is a stopmotion animation inspired by a dailycreate Suggestion by ds106: Find nearest over-looked everyday object. Fabricate a story about it being a key part of your childhood.

    I bought felt tip pencils some time ago to make me taking notes rather than figuring out anything just in my mind.  I used them some time, …

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    Welcome Post


    Hi, most welcome visitors of my Blog about storytelling inspired by the open online course ds 106.
    I may upload any finished assignment here starting today, Jan 14. 2013.…

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