1. stephen

    Night Driver…Case Closed


    These past two weeks have been rough. Both Conway and I have been working on this case extensively. We have posed weekly updates on our case that have images (our main source of media), audio and a video. Throughout our investigation we were very confused but in the end we …

  2. stephen

    Trying to find this Night Driver Thing


    So this week Conway and I got out new case; finding night driver. So far we have been taking in the details of the cases and trying to better understand what is going on. This involved reading the notes that were left about 100 times to try to figure out …

  3. stephen

    Character Status Update



    Received a new case for our agency; Conway and I have to find this Night Driver thing. So far what i have been doing is basically finding out what Night Driver is; I was also able to find a place to play the game online. O btw there is …

  4. stephen

    Find A Digital Tool!


    Well for this assignment we were suppose to find an easy to use digital tool online.

    The tool that I use all the time for pure enjoyment while I am in the squad car is clip converter. It allows me download youtube videos in either a MP3, M4A, AAC, MP4, …

  5. stephen

    My Resume Says It All


    Dear all,

    Well you wanted my resume so here ya go. Now don’t get to excited when you see it. Theres nothing special on it besides a little bit of what I have done in my life time. Feel free to pass it on as need be. And yes it …

  6. stephen

    PSA Announcement For Robber

    Public Service Annoucement!

    Here is a PSA announcement for a robber out of New York City, where my department is located. He is wanted for multiple robberies at gunpoint. He is a 40 to 50 year old male about 5’8 to 6 foot. I dont even know why im even …

  7. stephen

    By By Whisky

    Inanimate Motion

    Well here is a video of my airplane bottle of makers mark disappearing. This was a very simple assignment to complete. All i had to do was take pictures of whisky while i drank it!!!!!


  8. stephen

    My Interview with Bond


    Below youll see my interview with Bond. Im not a very interesting person besides the fact that I love my job I love my Glock and I Love whisky!

    The question the were asked to me were pretty straight forward and extremely easy to answer. (You’ll have to watch the …

  9. stephen

    Summary of Week 9


    This main topic for this week was that of video. This is something that I really haven’t done much of but gave me the opportunity to explore what went into making a video and “reading” or video or movie.

    The first thing that i noticed with making film or videos …

  10. stephen

    Radio Show Final Reflection


    To me, listening to my radio show on the air was pretty much the same as it was in person. The point of our show was to make people laugh and I think we accomplished this. Honestly, if i were to do this radio show different, i would prepare for …

  11. stephen

    5 Seconds Of Fame

    5 Seconds Of Fame: 2 stars

    For this assignment, we were required to take a 5 min video. This video that i made is of my roommates dog Ruger. He is a year and a half old chocolate lab who is also an amazing hunting dog. Now that duck season …

  12. stephen

    Speed Up Your Work Day

    Speed Up Your Work Day: 2 Stars

    For this assignment, we were required to take a video of our “Work Day” and speed it up. The video that I made is me doing work for my internship at USGS. my assignment is to use the data collected by the USGS …

  13. stephen

    Week 8


    This week was the perfect amount of work to have to do right after coming back from break. Everything was pretty straight forward and simple to do. The only part that was kinda difficult (as in annoying for me) was having to search through every ones blog to find what …

  14. stephen



    The majority of the works that i chose inspired me because they gave me a giggle. Also, every assignment that i chose was a visual assignment. Images have always been inspiring to me and sense taking this class i have learned so much more dealing with every aspect of images.…

  15. stephen

    Common Everyday Object

    Common Everyday Object: 2 stars

    For this assignment we were suppose to take a picture of everyday common objects and manipulate the color. I decided to dedicated this assignment to James Black and Conway Adams’. This is something that you would find in their houses all the time.

  16. stephen


    Apophenia: 3 1/2 stars

    This assignment had you find something laying around in your house and make a picture out of it. All the item i used were something that would be found around James Blacks house along with Conway Adams’. Both are cops, so it made sense to use …

  17. stephen

    Create A Warning Poster

    Create A Warning Poster – 3 stars

    This assignment was to create a warning poster of some sort of danger. I decided to make this poster about Conway Adams, Tyler’s character, who is a bad cop catcher. I used two emojis that i found on line and then simply saved …

  18. stephen




    I saw that Tyler completed this assignment for our characters and i completely agreed with him on everything besides the bow-tie on the truck. So here is my vision of James black and Conway Adams’ dream truck.


  19. stephen

    Radio Show Week


    So this was probably the easiest week for this class. We only had to do three daily creates, commenting, and  the radio show. The main focus  for this week was the radio show. This was surprisingly easy and fun to do. It only took Tyler and I a few …

  20. stephen

    Radio Show Week 2


    Progress update for week 2 of radio show: DONE

    Tyler and I decided to stay with the idea of going over modern day noir movies and having our characters host the second half of  the show. We used 5 movies instead of our original 10 to cut down the time …

  21. stephen

    Week 6!!!


    This week was a pretty short one compared to the others that we have had so far. Only thing we had to do was form groups for a radio show, come up with ideas, create a poster/promo for the show, comment and complete some audio assignments.

    Radio Show Progress

    Our …

  22. stephen

    Radio Show Progress


    My group consists of my self and Tyler Daig. So fa we have come up with many ideas for our show. As  of now we decided to have our show about modern day NOIR films and have our character host the show for the second half. Considering both of our …

  23. stephen

    NOIR At Night Promo


    With the up coming radio show, i created a poster/promo for out show, NOIR At Night. Considering the title of our show is NOIR at night, I found a picture of lighting in a city at night. I searched through countless of pictures trying to find the perfect one.  At …

  24. stephen

    Spooky Sound: An Incident Prevented By Black

    Spooky Sounds: 4 Stars

    The last assignment that I  performed to reach 10 stars was that of Spooky Sounds. I decided to dedicate this one to my character Black. The background of this sound clip is a person is driving and suddenly gets hit by another person on purpose. The …

  25. stephen

    Theme song of My Character

    Your Theme Song: 4 stars

    The next assignment that I decided to complete was the theme music audio assignment. For this assignment i decided to make it about my character Black. In this theme song, i used a sound that represented bullets being shot and hitting near by and a …

  26. stephen

    Character Bird Calls or Guy Call

    Character Bird Calls: 2 stars

    For my first assignment, i decided to do the Character Bird Call. The call I chose was that of a ford mustang revving its engine. This call would be used to call  in all my buddies from back home along with my family. Growing up, …

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