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    The Final Heist


    Part 1: The Plan

    If you knew her past, you’d know that this has always been her goal. She enjoyed what she did, but she knew it couldn’t be sustained. Rose was ready. She had assembled her team and had done the research. That’s more than what you can …

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    Dear Future Students,

    It’s OK to let your creative side shine a bit, no one is going to judge you! Get your work done in the beginning of the week, or at least slowly work on it throughout the week. There is no way you can produce good work in one day. Yea…
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    The final idea (draft)


    I have to come up with a story, something that I can use as a final project. What better story to use other than my western character I have been working on this semester! I’m not that creative of an individual, so having a character with a background already created …

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    Week 13 Summary


    Week 13 brought about the web. I’m not sure how I feel about it. I guess the creativity came out of using web applications to produce stories and ideas. I guess, at least to me, it’s difficult to define this medium. I started out the week by completing a story …

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    Web Assignments – Google Translate Fail


    Original text:


    For this assignment, I simply looked up a Chinese news article and took a section out of it to be plugged into google translate. The resulting translation did not make much sense to say the least.

    According to news that the branch 72 , at 7:50 on …

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    Web Assignments – Privacy on the Web


    I found this assignment extremely interesting. The first part of the assignment asked us to think about open source tools:

    Count the number of open source programs you are using on your computer today. How many commercial software programs could be replaced with free and open source alternatives. I counted …

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    Web Assignments – Create Your Own Room


    I’m gonna admit, I used a friends pinterest account to gain access to their website. This is because I’m tired of creating all these darn accounts and trying to keep up with them. I’m a simple person, and I guess this can be conveyed into my dream room. I screen …

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    Story Telling Within the Web – The Onion and Post Grad


    I love the Onion, it’s fantastic satirical news. After downloading X-Ray Goggles, I found an article on their website regarding graduation.

    The article was already fantastic. I decided to change it up a bit to describe something that I’ve been struggling with this whole semester as a senior: post grad …

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    Week 12 Summary


    I had trouble accessing UMW domains, I’m not sure what went wrong, but here is my weekly summary. Below are my mashup assignments I did this week. I’m really happy about this because it allowed me to incorporate a lot of design work. I’m more into that than I am …

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    Mashup Assignments – Mashing Friends And Emojis


    Above is a picture of my sister on a family vacation and right below that are the two emojis that fit her expression. I found the emojis online (google image search) and edited them into an image together using freephototool.com. What do you guys think of the real life/emoji mashup/comparison?…

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    Mashup Assignment – This Doesn’t Belong Here


    I guess I wasn’t super subtle, but I couldn’t help myself! The two iconic images I chose to mash together were the flare scene from Jurassic Park and the kiss from Romeo and Juliet.

    I first removed the character from the Jurassic Park scene by cloning the rain around him. …

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    Mashup Assignment – Holiday Mashup


    I chose my three favorite holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving and St. Patricks day (not really a holiday but still fun)) and stitched them together in an image using the online photo shop tool freephototool. I used cartoon images simply for the reason that despite the fact that they have different …

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    Week 11 Summary


    This week was once again difficult. Not because of the assignments, but because of the scheduling and organization problems I had balancing my workload. I just began EMT training so it’s been difficult, but fun driving up to Vienna and back to work on school and fire department training. This …

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    Video Show Week 2 Progress


    While originally my group was going to go for a puppet version of Parks and Rec, that idea fell apart and just turned into a puppet story of our characters. It was easy considering the story was a continuation of our radio show. Looking back at the film a lot …

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    Week 10 Summary


    Week 10 was not as difficult as I thought it would be. I was especially nervous for the Video Essay portion of the week. This assignment was a lot more fun than anticipated. I really enjoyed choosing a scene and applying my thoughts and ideas on the directorial choices and …

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    Video Essay


    I really enjoy film and film analysis. While I enjoy watching films, I haven’t gotten the hang of making them. I found How to Structure a Video Essay extremely helpful for this assignment. Even though my video editing skills are waaaaaay behind his, it gave me some good ideas on …

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    Video Assignment – My Favorite Thing To Do


    I’ve got a lot of favorite things I enjoy, but this one seemed fitting after coming home from a long week.

    My dog Boomie loves everyone. She is the most un-loyal dog there is! All I had to do was walk through my door and act excited. I filmed this …

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    Video Show Week 1


    It all started with a simple text from Maria: “Wanna do the video assignment together?” That’s when it fell into place. And obviously we had to bring Kelly, our fellow radio show host, in on the group.

    I suggested we do something with puppets, it allows us to create very …

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    Video Show Trailer


    Since we have a pretty loose idea of what we wanted to do, I chose to keep it fairly open to interpretation. I ripped the opening scene from youtube and uploaded it into Windows Live Movie Maker. I then downloaded some images of puppets and spliced them together (we don’t …

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    Week 9 Summary


    I’m finding it more and more difficult to manage my time properly regarding some of these assignments. I really struggled to find a radioshow time that I would be available to listen to, and in the end, I couldn’t coordinate with my schedule. That’s my own fault, and something I’ve …

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