1. @stherria1

    The Final Heist


    Part 1: The Plan

    If you knew her past, you’d know that this has always been her goal. She enjoyed what she did, but she knew it couldn’t be sustained. Rose was ready. She had assembled her team and had done the research. That’s more than what you can …

  2. @stherria1

    Dear Future Students,

    It’s OK to let your creative side shine a bit, no one is going to judge you! Get your work done in the beginning of the week, or at least slowly work on it throughout the week. There is no way you can produce good work in one day. Yea…
  3. @stherria1

    The final idea (draft)


    I have to come up with a story, something that I can use as a final project. What better story to use other than my western character I have been working on this semester! I’m not that creative of an individual, so having a character with a background already created …

  4. @stherria1

    Week 13 Summary


    Week 13 brought about the web. I’m not sure how I feel about it. I guess the creativity came out of using web applications to produce stories and ideas. I guess, at least to me, it’s difficult to define this medium. I started out the week by completing a story …

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