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    Writing Assignment – Your Character’s Past


    Rose Oakley

    Rose was an orphan. She never knew her family or their fate. She never cared to learn of them. She figured if they couldn’t be there for her then, they couldn’t be available to her any other part of her life. The orphanage was tough. It made her …

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    Radio Show Progress Week 2


    This week was a ton of fun! It was great finally getting together with my team members to record our radio show. There was the idea to have everyone record their segments separately, but I’m glad we chose to have a show where each of us are able to interact …

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    Week 7 Summary


    I’ll admit it, I really dropped the ball this week. It’s stressful finding a balance between this class and my other courses. I will work on that. Now that midterm week is over it should be easy getting back into the swing of digital story telling.

    We created a google …

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    Radio Show Promo


    Once again I used freephototool.com to create my image! I simply overlaid text onto a background image of some western travelers. I loved the background image I found due to its simplicity and natural color tones. I really liked the idea of a “coming soon” poster, as since our radio …

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    Radio Show Progress


    It has been difficult. I wasn’t able to give my full attention to the group and the ideas that everyone had. I’m really excited for the outcome but I think this assignment just fell on a bad week (I know, excuses, excuses).

    It’s difficult working with other people and not …

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    Audio Assignment – Spooky Sounds


    You’re tired and you see a house ahead. You don’t think it’s following you anymore. Until you hear it. The unsettling sounds that it never left. You quickly get inside the house and find somewhere to hide. But you still hear it. It seems to be going from room to …

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    Response – The Vignelli Canon


    Semantic, Syntactic and Pragmatic

    “Let’s examine them one at the time. Semantics, for me, is the search of the meaning of whatever we have to design.“

    Maybe it’s because I’m not exactly the most artistic and creative person, but I found his discussion regarding design semantics to be entirely too …

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    Design Blitz


    Unfortunately my camera has not been functioning. A solution? Use past photos from my trip to Chicago. I actually enjoyed this aspect because it allowed me to go through my saved pictures and really analyze them for different aspects of design.

    I will also take this time to vent about …

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    Design Assignment – Movie Trading Cards


    While it might not be from a movie, I thought it would be fun to create a trading card for the current TV show I’m binge watching on Netflix: Sons of Anarchy. As the week has progressed, I’ve become better at layering images on top of one another using the …

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    Design Assignment – Minimalist TV/Movie Poster


    I love minimalist movie poster designs. The simplicity in it makes it all the more enjoyable to view. For this assignment I chose to do a minimalist movie poster on the movie The Martian.

    The movie already had a basic poster. Simply the actor, Matt Damon, looking into the camera …

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    Week 5 Summary


    I was initially really worried about working with audio. Not only because I was having difficulty with my hardware, but who likes to hear their own voice? Not me. In the end, I enjoyed this weeks assignments a lot more than I had anticipated! That’s always a good thing.

    I …

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    Audio Storytelling


    Audio can make or break a story. It can shape appropriate moods for the underlying story or create awkward and uncomfortable pairings. One of my favorite movies is Interstellar, this is in large part due to the soundtrack (and the visuals are pretty fantastic).

    While many critics have joked that …

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    Audio Assignment – Rhythms with Things


    I struggled with this assignment mainly because I don’t have rhythm. My solution? Play with racquetballs. I took two of my racquetballs, began recording and simply played around with them. I even accidentally knocked over their container (which can be clearly heard in the video). By the end of it, …

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    Audio Assignment – Sound Effects Story


    When I finished this assignment, I was surprised that my file was only 19 seconds long! For the amount of time I spent working on it I expected it to be longer, but I’m happy with the final project. The story I tried to create was that of my outlaw, …

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