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    Week 4 Summary


    The first assignment provided me a realization regarding my relationship with photography. It was difficult to write that post while coming to an understanding of what photography means to me, but I’m grateful that I did. I think I’d much rather enjoy a product than be the one creating it …

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    Cinematography – The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance


    I enjoy a film with good cinematography and was excited about this assignment. Although when I began watching “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” I realized that the cinematography that I had grown to love was quite different from black and white pictures with older technology and techniques.

    Characters wore …

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    Visuals of Storytelling


    I’m not one to whip out my camera to capture a moment. On the rare occasion that I do do that, it’s because it is something I wish to share with a friend or family member. Due to this realization, I’m finding it difficult to answer the questions asked for …

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    Visual Assignment – Love at First Shot


    Janie P. Index and Johnnie D. Middle are madly in love

    They are constantly by each others side

    and are often brought together with hope and luck

    The only thing that could ever separate them

    Would be an unfortunate accident!

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    Take a photo of something that you are envious of (physical or metaphorical). Take a photo of two related objects of drastically different sizes. Take a picture of fire or something that represents fire. Make a photograph that illustrates the weather where you are. Find a pool, puddle, or other…
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    Visual Assignment – 256 Points


    The pixel outlaw

    I created a pixel image of my outlaw character by creating a 16×16 template in MS Paint. I initially thought I was done and proceeded to upload the extremely small image into my blog before I realized I was going to have to re-size it again. Here’s …

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    Week 3 Summary


    Week 3 was a busy week!

    I enjoyed reading and responding to “Ice Man”. Along with “Ice Man”, I chose to respond to “The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky”. As I stated in my earlier post, it allowed me to experience the Western theme from a different viewpoint. In conjunction …

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    Response – The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky


    Even “The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky” didn’t offer me a gun battle! I highly expected one, especially with imagery often seen in Western movies:

    The barkeeper went to the door and locked and barred it. Reaching out of the window, he pulled in heavy wooden shutters and barred them. …

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    Week 3 Summary


    Week 3 was a busy week!

    I enjoyed reading and responding to Ice Man. As I stated in my earlier post, it allowed me to experience the Western theme from a different viewpoint. In conjunction with that, I applied Kurt Vonnegut’s ideas regarding the shape of stories to Elmore Leonard’s …

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    Response – Ice Man


    The Ice Man, written by Elmore Leonard, did not end how I expected it to end. It started out as what I saw as a typical Western; a group of manly men out celebrating rodeo victory end up confronted by the law. These men were discriminated against by an …

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    The Outlaw


    She’s not a bad person, but that doesn’t mean she’s not guilty. She can’t stay put for long; it increases her chances of getting caught. The wilderness is her home, a place where the law can’t follow her. She follows her own rules, which is why the they’re out to …

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    Writing Assignment – To my Mom


    Dear Mom,

    Thank you for being an amazing mother. You may not feel like you have, but you’ve raised four fantastic daughters. Each one of us loves you very much. I’m so thankful I look forward to coming home and hanging out with you; I’m thankful for the wonderful relationship …

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    Week 2 Summary


    Thankfully I adjusted my WordPress theme during week 1 so I didn’t have to worry about changing much this week (although that didn’t stop me from playing around with all the different themes). The only thing I edited was my about page. While my about description is simple, I …

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    Writing Assignments – A Letter to You as a Child


    Dear 13 year old Sophia,

    No, not everyone is out to get you. I understand that mom and dad may seem like the worst people in the world, but they really aren’t. Stop picking on your little sisters. They’re going to be your best friends soon enough. Hug each one …

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    Video Assignment – Trailer It


    During the first week I was prompted to look up western movies that I had never heard of before. I was also forcing myself to stray away from the more recent films and watch an original spaghetti western. I was inspired by the assignment trailer it from the video assignment …

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    Social Media as Storage


    I expressed my concerns regarding social media in my week 1 summary blog post, and professor Bond responded to my thoughts, stating that these platforms are used as storage for the multitude of different thoughts, opinions or artistic expressions individuals share.

    His comment altered my perception of social media. Thinking …

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    Week 1 Summary


    Are you exhausted yet?

    YES! There is a reason why I don’t have this many social media sites: I don’t know how to work them! It’s been a struggle setting up the multiple accounts along with learning how to publish/interact with the community. I can say that I spent my …

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