1. @stherria1

    Writing Assignment – Your Character’s Past


    Rose Oakley

    Rose was an orphan. She never knew her family or their fate. She never cared to learn of them. She figured if they couldn’t be there for her then, they couldn’t be available to her any other part of her life. The orphanage was tough. It made her …

  2. @stherria1

    Radio Show Progress Week 2


    This week was a ton of fun! It was great finally getting together with my team members to record our radio show. There was the idea to have everyone record their segments separately, but I’m glad we chose to have a show where each of us are able to interact …

  3. @stherria1

    Week 7 Summary


    I’ll admit it, I really dropped the ball this week. It’s stressful finding a balance between this class and my other courses. I will work on that. Now that midterm week is over it should be easy getting back into the swing of digital story telling.

    We created a google …

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