1. sts0417

    Week 13, Research Process


    After having a lovely chirstmas and new year we have come back to our lecture with out Sandra, hope she gets better! The lovely Tom had to do the lecture by himself and he spoke about our upcoming research purposal.

    We looked at different parts of the purposal that we …

  2. sts0417

    Week 12, Poster Exhibition


    Lets keep it short and sweet,  it was a lovely way to end the term. Seeing everyones lovely posters and watching their digital projects. Everyone did so well.

    Merry Christmas and happy new year guys!

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    Week 11, Research Project


    In today’s lesson we went through our research project that is coming up very soon in week19. We found  that we had to do a proposal and a report. The proposal would count as 10% towards our final mark and the report would count as 20%.

    The proposal would be …

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    Week 10, Having a scientific attitude!


    In this weeks Wednesday lesson we had our seminar first and then had our lecture. The first part of the morning was about getting creative and had the usual fun practical lesson. We were shown different was of learning and making learning  fun and interesting, through different technics, such as …

  5. sts0417

    Week 9, Research


    Today we tackled two words that we have been hearing from the beginning of the course. The two words are Ontology and Epistemology. Tom discussed the meanings of both words. Ontology meaning the study of what there is in general and epistemology is the study of knowledge and justified belief.…

  6. sts0417

    Week 8, Digital Me!!


    Another interesting lecture, found a lot of information for my digital project which I have been scratching my head about for the last few weeks. Previous to todays lecture I have been so confused about our project and today it is much clearer. We found out different ways in which …

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    Week 7, Presentation


    The day had finally come, I knew I would have to face my fear at one point through the duration of the course but did not expect it would be so soon. Today was presentation day, the lovely ladies and I had to get up as a group and speak …

  8. sts0417

    Week 6, Group Presentations


    Today we carried on from week 4’s seminar where we made collages based on two readings from, Giroux and Thornburg. We had a couple of minutes to gather information from members of the group to establish the main points that we wanted to focus on. Two girls from our group …

  9. sts0417

    Week 4, Self-efficacy


    This morning we discuss in our bunker groups, about how we would build self-efficacy within the people who have left the bunker. The ideas that we came up with is by encouraging one another, through compliments, positive feedback, communication with one-another to come up with a plan on how to …

  10. sts0417

    Week 3, Post-apocalypse


    So, today we had another unusual lesson, I swear the lectures always seem to amaze me. This module is totally different from the others. In todays lecture we were yet again in groups, our group consisted of 6 people and this weeks group task was based on last weeks lesson, …

  11. sts0417

    Week 1, Intro to the module


    Today I had my first introduction lesson for my module, becoming an educationalist. It was probably one of the most nerve-wracking experience I have encountered. The change of meeting new people, learning a new language that comes with the course, coming out of my comfort zone and putting my self …

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