1. @Sujik0

    Photographic Journey


    This week was full of photographs, tips on photography, appreciating photography, and doing photography. We were supposed to do a few assignments, including two daily creates of our choice, six stars worth of work from the assignments page, and also looking at tips for photography with a photoblitz.

    I started …

  2. @Sujik0

    Flashback to highschool


    Watching the video for this week and reading the tips page sent me back into my high school days. I took a photography class when I was a senior in high school, I wish I still had the pictures. We talked about the rule of thirds in depth the most, …

  3. @Sujik0

    murderously clever


    For my second assignment bank assignment I chose to show what was in the bag.

    I chose this to be the assignment I connected to my midweek question. Since my favorite type of story is mystery, I decided that my purse will be full of items as a murderous detective. …

  4. @Sujik0

    Poetry is in the eye of the Beholder


    I enjoy reading a lot. So for my first assignment bank assignment I did poetry art.

    When I read anything with sub-tones of imagery, I can visualize the words taking form through my imagination. The things I see in my head I know are unique to how I visualize things …

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