1. sydb

    Mix it Up!


    For this remix assignment, I had to create a PowerPoint presentation that sucked. So of course I had to make a PowerPoint about DS106. The irony of a crappy PowerPoint in a digital storytelling class is hilarious. I could not figure out how to embed the PowerPoint on this, …

  2. sydb

    Consumer Mashup


    Every Sunday at noon, my friends and I go to Chipotle for burritos! To complete this assignment, I googled pictures of the Chipotle sign and a burrito and used Photoshop to put the two together. It was actually a pretty simple assignment!

  3. sydb

    The Evolution of Luke Dunphy


    One of my favorite TV shows is Modern Family. It is a fantastic sitcom that can always give me a good laugh. Throughout the series, I have noticed the changes in Luke’s appearance, voice, and overall personality. When the show began, Luke was a young boy. He is still young, …

  4. sydb

    Swede a Scene


    For this assignment, I worked with Travis. We decided to do the scene where Brother Mouzone finds Omar. It was a lot of fun filming this despite technical difficulties when all three of our phones died. We used Movie Maker to clip and edit the pieces of the film …

  5. sydb

    Video Essay


    I chose scenes from season 4 episode 2 for my video essay. On Wednesday, Jim, Paul, Travis, and I discussed this episode and I really enjoyed the discussions we had. I decided to tie them into my video essay. The first scene is of Carcetti and his daughter playing …

  6. sydb

    Whatup I’m Frank


    Frank Sobotka has officially entered the world of the Internet! He is not very good at navigating and often has Ziggy giving him advice on how to use it.

    Ziggy what the hell is this thing?

    — Frank S (@sobotka_frank1) November 16, 2014

    When I chose the Avatar, I found …

  7. sydb

    Favorite Trip!


    The my favorite trip assignment was a lot of fun to make! It made me very nostalgic for the summertime. I searched through pictures from the past four summers and put them together. Luckily, I found some videos to throw in too! Next, I chose songs to go along with …

  8. sydb

    Picture Story


    This assignment was really fun! I was browsing the video assignment bank when I saw it. I immediately started asking my friends around me for words. I didn’t tell them what it was for so I could make it better. It actually came out as a small story, which I …

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