1. sydb

    Thoughts on WireBuyers


    I enjoyed listening to the WireBuyers radio show. I think the group did a great job producing their segment. It was nice that Jim and Paul set it up so creators were on Twitter as we were live tweeting. I had a lot of questions that were answered almost instantly.…

  2. sydb

    Color Me Inspired


    Inspiration Three

    The reason I chose this piece is because of the amount of contrast. There were obviously contrasts in the colors of the photos themselves, but also in the viewpoints. Some are scenes with the Sobotkas, some are with Stringer and Avon, and some are with the homicide unit. …

  3. sydb

    Thinking Outside the Box


    Inspiration Two


    I loved this assignment! I actually commented on it when it first came out. I think it’s awesome how Jessica used the stuff we are learning in DS106 to create something completely unrelated to the things we talk about. I also enjoy it because it was made …

  4. sydb

    Inspired by the Little Things


    Inspiration One

    I was very inspired by this photo because I felt like it had a message.  The book Gone Girl is a sort of dark, thrilling read. You can really get the feeling of reading the book by looking at this picture. The only source of light in the …

  5. sydb

    Radio Show!


    Wow this week was crazy! Only having a few days to do the radio show was difficult, but I think it turned out well. After many conversations with Jim Groom and my fellow group members tpeedhispants, nrandall,  and dniepokoj, we finished!!!

    We decided to go with a …

  6. sydb

    Radio Blog


    My group is on our way towards completing the radio show. Travis, Nick, and I met briefly to discuss what we wanted to do. We decided on a “What Would You Do?” theme for our show. We want to ask questions about what each other would do if we were …

  7. sydb

    Week 7


    Trying to get this done before going away for break! This week was a cool experience. I liked how it was fewer stars so I could focus more attention on the assignments. I had a lot of fun with these. With the help of some friends, Jim Groom, and the …

  8. sydb

    Help Me!


    This assignment (3.5 stars) was fun to make! With the help of my friends and freesound.org it wasn’t that bad! I got the idea from real life when my friends started arguing about Tinder. I was laughing at them and decided to use it for ds106! I recorded the audio …

  9. sydb

    Daily Sounds


    Recording daily sounds was an assignment that made my roommates think I’m crazy. I walked around the house with my phone recording noises of my alarm, flushing the toilet, using the microwave, locking my door, and more. It’s interesting to listen to the sounds isolated. I never really think about …

  10. sydb

    One Question


    This assignment worth 3.5 stars was probably one of my favorite to complete! I decided to ask people how their parents chose their name. The stories I got are very cool. Everyone has such an interesting story behind their name! I interviewed some friends and even some strangers. It was …

  11. sydb

    Brittany Joke


    Crack a joke with Onomatopoeias! For this assignment, we were asked to use sound effects and our voice to tell a joke. I looked online for jokes and came across a similar one to this. I changed it a bit and added music instead of just me talking. I …

  12. sydb

    Imitating Weather


    Middle school chorus came in handy for this assignment. Our music teacher used to have us imitate a rain storm using only our hands and feet. I began by rubbing my hands together. This sounds like the wind blowing the rain clouds in. Then there are light drops of …

  13. sydb

    Thoughts on The Vignelli Canon


    This was a pretty interesting read. It discussed everything that goes into designing. When I was taking my pictures this morning, I was thinking about many of these aspects without knowing it. I really enjoyed the first the first section about semantics. When I think of semantics, I usually think …

  14. sydb

    Design Blitz


    This weekend, I went home to watch my sisters. My mom and stepdad took a vacation to Barcelona (so jealous!!) and I am babysitting to make some money. This morning, I had to take them to Sunday School so I figured I would do my design blitz at our synagogue. …

  15. sydb

    Prez says READ


    It was so difficult to find someone actually reading! Now everything is high tech, no need for paper! I ended up just finding a picture online. I decided to do Prez because I think his character is so underrated. The show often focuses on McNulty or Herc and Carver as …

  16. sydb

    The Wire Book Cover


    This assignment was to create a creative movie book cover. I decided to make one for The Wire. Although it is not a movie or a book, I think it could still fit the qualifications! I ended up making two because I couldn’t decide which one I liked better. The …

  17. sydb

    Cartoonize Bubba


    Cartoonize Bubba 1 star

    For this assignment, we were asked to cartoonize a picture of a pet. I decided to do Ziggy’s pet duck because I thought the scene where he buys the duck was hilarious. Although it didn’t last long, it was very amusing to watch Ziggy parade his …

  18. sydb

    Turning Pictures into Words


    This assignment worth 2 stars was very enjoyable. I had to take pictures of “letters” I found around me. Some of them are easier to figure out, while others are more difficult. I tried to make the pictures more related to The Wire, but I don’t have any drugs or …

  19. sydb



    One thing that really rubs me the wrong way is when girls show up to class wearing crop tops. Crop tops are party going outfits, not classroom attire. Wearing a crop top to class makes you look unprofessional. Professors do not care to see your stomach and lower back. Other …

  20. sydb

    The Ultimate Merger


    The ultimate merger assignment worth 3.5 stars is where you have to merge two different business logos. I decided to go with two very competitive companies Coke and Pepsi. Using Paint, I took the circle logo from Pepsi, erased the word Pepsi, and then inserted the Coca-Cola logo. I then …

  21. sydb

    I’m a Procrastinator!


    Wow this was a crazy week! On top of my all of my school work, today is my birthday so I have been juggling family coming to visit–that explains why this post is so close to our deadline. It’s been a long week but a fun one! Check out what …

  22. sydb



    Ok so I’m not going to lie, I did this right before our work was due for this week, but it was really cool! I’ve done the photo scavenger hunts before and those are a lot of fun. This, however, was way more difficult that that because you had to …

  23. sydb

    Color Splash


    This assignment had to do with focusing on one color in a picture. I used a picture taken a few years ago on one of my trips to St. Thomas. It is a picture of a bottle of Captain Morgan and a bottle of Cruzan Rum. The blue in the …

  24. sydb

    4 Lines 5 Dots 1 Curve


    4 Lines 5 Dots 1 Curve 4 stars

    You had to be very creative to do this assignment. It was difficult to figure out what to do, but once I thought of something, it was easy. I decided to create a compass. It’s a little abstract so use your imagination! …

  25. sydb

    Let’s Go On A Trip!


    Journey to Somewhere 3.5 stars

    For this assignment, I decided to journey to St. Thomas. Much of my ds106 profile is centered around my trips to St. Thomas because I’m a frequent visitor. My family owns a timeshare on the island so we spend two weeks of our summers down …

  26. sydb

    Got My Toes in the Water


    Take a picture that describes a song. Toes is one of my favorite songs. I decided to go with a literal approach and took a picture of my feet in the shower.

  27. sydb

    What Do You See?


    Apophenia 3.5 stars

    I had a lot of fun with this assignment. It was one that required a lot of creativity, but I am good at that! I asked my roommate to lay some objects out for me while I wasn’t looking. She chose a roll of painter’s tape and …

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