1. sydb

    Vine It!


    This assignment was pretty easy. The hardest part was deciding what to take video of. All I did was download the app on my iPhone, set up an account, and record! I then uploaded it straight to twitter and embedded the tweet into this blog post!


    — Syd Bauman …

  2. sydb

    It’s Week Nine, Bust a Rhyme!


    Here’s this week’s work! Making these videos was fun, but it was also a lot of work. Timing the audio with the visual was difficult. For some videos I had to use both Movie Maker and Audacity. A lot of work, but I think they turned out pretty well!


  3. sydb

    Look, Listen, Analyze



    The camera starts with showing a pair of shoes and slowly makes its way up until you can see it is Bubbles. He is sitting in the park. Camera view changes to see kids playing with bubbles (irony?) and a man biking. He straightens out his shirt. Bubbles watches …

  4. sydb

    Thoughts on Fritz Lang’s M


    When I watched this the first time, I had no idea what was going on. My interpretation is that it starts out with the kids playing a game, maybe eeny meeny mine moe? As school is letting out, the mom is preparing dinner. The litte girl is walking home playing …

  5. sydb

    Dinner Time!


    This assignment was relatively easy. The hardest part was making sure the pictures were in order on Movie Maker. I took a sequence of pictures and then uploaded them to Paint. Using Paint, I was able to add some commentary to the video to give it sort of a story …

  6. sydb



    This was one of my favorite assignments to create. I (along with fellow ds106er Kisha) am on the board for the UMW consent campaign. There’s information about it in the video and you all should come take the pledge to always have consent!

    I built this assignment around the “Let’s …

  7. sydb

    Way Down in the Hole


    For this assignment I chose to speed up the theme song of The Wire. I tried other scenes, but I liked this the best. I downloaded the video off of UMW Media Hub and opened it in Movie Maker. I then used the split tool to cut the video and …

  8. sydb

    Simplicity at its Finest


    Inspiration Two

    I really liked this poster by Meredith. There is so much to be said for the lack of information in this poster. It is simple yet informs you about the theme in season two of The Wire. Another thing I like about her poster is the color. It …

  9. sydb

    Class Portrait


    Inspiration One

    Kisha’s Daily Create was really inspiring because it incorporated so much into a simple daily create. She took everyone’s Avatars (including Stringer, McNulty, Avon, and other Wire characters) and created a “class portrait” in the words of Jim Groom. A very simple thought that goes a long way. …

  10. sydb



    This week was short but to the point. I liked it! I enjoyed getting good feedback on the radio show we created. It was good to hear what everyone thought, especially Jim and Paul!! We don’t get much feedback from them on a weekly basis so this was nice.

    Here …

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