1. sydb

    DS106 is larger than LIFE


    Larger Than Life 2.5 stars

    As soon as I read this assignment, I knew what I was going to do. I took a photo of my “larger than life” laptop with the DS106 homepage up. Sometimes I do feel like DS106 is larger than life because it has consumed my …

  2. sydb

    I Finished A Day Early?!?!


    Well I never thought the day would come where I finish the assignments for ds106 early, but here we are! This week was a lot of work but I really enjoyed it! Learning how to use Audacity was a struggle at first. The only time I had used Audacity before …

  3. sydb

    Etude de la Musique


    For this AudioAssignment, I had to add music to a video. I took a video of my fish swimming around in the tank. I then used movie maker to create the actual movie. I found the songs on YouTube and downloaded the audio. I then used Audacity to trim …

  4. sydb

    Quote of the Day


    This AudioAssignment was to read aloud a quote of the day. This quote comes from the movie, “The Grand Marigold Hotel.” My grandfather saw the movie when it first came out and shares that quote with me often. I think it is a great quote!

  5. sydb

    Guess This Track!


    From the AudioAssignment Reverse Audio Quiz. I went through many songs before choosing this one. Once I heard it, I ended up really liking it! I thought it sounded like an Italian love song which is funny because this song is sort of a love song. I don’t know that …

  6. sydb

    Radio Show Ideas


    I’m not really sure what I want to do for the radio show yet. One thing I think I will definitely incorporate is in depth conversations about certain scenes in an episode. Often on the radio people are  discussing current events. I think having a “current events” having to do …

  7. sydb

    Jennifer Ralston Interview


    It was really cool to be able to get first-hand information from the sound editor of The Wire. It really made me think about the dynamics of sound. She explained the little things that go into being a sound editor such as the filming area, songs to set mood, etc.…

  8. sydb



    Create Your Radio Bumper

    I decided to start out with a gibberish sounding noise. I then added some static to start the sound. Next comes the two noises resembling the “d” and “s” in ds106. Then there is a computer voice saying “one” followed by the sound “oh yeah.”
    I …

  9. sydb

    So much to do, so little time!


    I was so overwhelmed when I saw the amount of work we had to do this week. On top of all of the work, I caught a terrible cold aka the UMW plague. I was then thankful that I could do all of my DS 106 work while in the …

  10. sydb

    What Qualifies as Digital Storytelling?


    After reading Alexander’s article, I have decided that the tumblr bot site “Scenes from The Wire” and “Facebook’s The Wire” are in fact examples of digital storytelling. In his article, Alexander writes about how social media sites such as blogs, Twitter, and Facebook are all forms of diaries. I believe …

  11. sydb

    Life of a Flashlight



    That is what I hear all day. Every single day. The day I was taken out of my box was the best day of my life! I glowed like the sun. I felt so beautiful and special, but it was very short lived. After about …

  12. sydb

    One Arrest as told by GIFs


    This weeks assignment for DS106 was to create GIFs to summarize an episode of The Wire. When I first read this I was both nervous and excited. I had never made a GIF, didn’t know where they came from, and had no idea how I could summarize an hour-long episode …

  13. sydb

    Future Logo Right Here



    If I were a scientist, I’d have this as my logo. Big enough for everyone to know who I am and small enough for shirts and business cards!…

  14. sydb

    Week One


    When I first registered for this class, I was not sure what to expect. I had heard that it required a time consuming relationship with a computer and knowledge of this virtual world. With that being said, this is a whole new experience for me in both aspects, but I …

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