1. sydb

    Brittany Joke


    Crack a joke with Onomatopoeias! For this assignment, we were asked to use sound effects and our voice to tell a joke. I looked online for jokes and came across a similar one to this. I changed it a bit and added music instead of just me talking. I …

  2. sydb

    Imitating Weather


    Middle school chorus came in handy for this assignment. Our music teacher used to have us imitate a rain storm using only our hands and feet. I began by rubbing my hands together. This sounds like the wind blowing the rain clouds in. Then there are light drops of …

  3. sydb

    Thoughts on The Vignelli Canon


    This was a pretty interesting read. It discussed everything that goes into designing. When I was taking my pictures this morning, I was thinking about many of these aspects without knowing it. I really enjoyed the first the first section about semantics. When I think of semantics, I usually think …

  4. sydb

    Design Blitz


    This weekend, I went home to watch my sisters. My mom and stepdad took a vacation to Barcelona (so jealous!!) and I am babysitting to make some money. This morning, I had to take them to Sunday School so I figured I would do my design blitz at our synagogue. …

  5. sydb

    Prez says READ


    It was so difficult to find someone actually reading! Now everything is high tech, no need for paper! I ended up just finding a picture online. I decided to do Prez because I think his character is so underrated. The show often focuses on McNulty or Herc and Carver as …

  6. sydb

    The Wire Book Cover


    This assignment was to create a creative movie book cover. I decided to make one for The Wire. Although it is not a movie or a book, I think it could still fit the qualifications! I ended up making two because I couldn’t decide which one I liked better. The …

  7. sydb

    Cartoonize Bubba


    Cartoonize Bubba 1 star

    For this assignment, we were asked to cartoonize a picture of a pet. I decided to do Ziggy’s pet duck because I thought the scene where he buys the duck was hilarious. Although it didn’t last long, it was very amusing to watch Ziggy parade his …

  8. sydb

    Turning Pictures into Words


    This assignment worth 2 stars was very enjoyable. I had to take pictures of “letters” I found around me. Some of them are easier to figure out, while others are more difficult. I tried to make the pictures more related to The Wire, but I don’t have any drugs or …

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