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    Happy and Angry T-Shirt


    I came across this shirt on coursebb website which is really related to this assignment. It is asking to be cool when you are angry which is great message in my opinion. This seems to be a cool guy who can remain cool even when he is angry.

    Here is …

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    I Did it My Way


    I would like to summarize what I learned this week. For my reflection on the entire course, please click here or follow the link towards the end of this page.

    This week was a challenge for me. Throughout the course I had difficulty with storytelling behind the visual, design, audio …

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    Digital Storytelling and Me


    I must confess that at first I was not at all comfortable with the course material as from the first week I got the impression that the whole course was about designing blogs and websites. I am not such a great programmers at this stage so the idea of writing …

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    The Thirsty Baby Dinos


    We have been listening to the story of the Thirsty Crow since we were kids. The moral conclusion of the story is really great that emphasizes on thinking out of the box and finding new solutions. In my story that stars a Dino Mummy and her two kids is about …

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    An Amazing Video Week


    This course has been unfolding precious mysteries for me. In the previous weeks I was able to organize my personal blog, learn photo editing and tell audio stories. This week has been more amazing for me. It was related to the video world. I was able to have a glance …

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    How to Look, Listen and Analyze a Movie Scene


    For the “Look” and “Listen” parts of the scene, I made points and elaborated them in the form of bullets. The “Analyze” part is more like a summary as it is a reflection of both the “Look” and “Listen” parts moving along together.

    Look   Camera movement backwards to forward. This…
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    Roger Ebert on reading a movie


    I must confess that when I started reading this article this did not make any sense. It was all gibberish to me. I believe what I had missed was to actually read a bit about the writer to know what authority does he has on movies. So I looked at …

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    Summary of Cinematic Techniques


    Camera Angles and Techniques

    Camera techniques and techniques coupled with special effects can make a video amazing. This video has focused on the different camera tricks that can be performed to enhance the quality of the video that is being recorded. There are different techniques describes in the video like …

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    Is commenting helpful in learning only?


    In my previous week’s post I had emphasized on how great it is to comment on other blog posts and learn in the process. There is no doubt you first need to read a blog to comment on it.  Commenting without reading is simply spamming which is not good to …

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    So how was week 3?


    What did I learn this week?

    This week I had to look back on the mistakes I made previously and try and rectify them. I did visit blogs from other course participants and learned a lot from them. I am hopeful that much of the changes that I brought in …

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    Me as the RJ for DS106 Radio


    2 Stars assignment

    Length of audio: 17 seconds

    Please click here for the assignment page

    I downloaded the Audacity free audio editing software and installed it on my computer.

    Then I downloaded and installed the required Audacity plugin to convert audios to mp3.

    First I thought of sentences that I …

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    The art of audio storytelling


    Ira Glass

    According to Ira Glass, there are two building blocks of audio storytelling:

    Anecdote: According to what I understood from the video Anecdote is a sequence of actions like one thing happening next to other in audio storytelling. This is an example of the whole thought process that must…
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    Feedback of my feedback


    I provided real feedback comments to other bloggers from my summer class. They were not at all “you are great” kinds of comments :).  I have provided feedbacks to restaurants, retailers, salespersons, online website and many more but have never provided a feedback of my feedback. So this was a …

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