1. Tatiana.R

    My First Gif Using Photoshop


    In today’s class we learned how to do Gifs with photoshop and I struggled the whole class to do it because for one reason or another it wouldn’t  work. It was a very frustrating process to get it to work but in the end i finally got it and I …

  2. Tatiana.R



    I never really thought about memes being art but now looking into it an being able to create my first meme. It definitely is a way to express feelings or thought. I would definitely say memes and even gifs are still a form of art.

  3. Tatiana.R

    Project Ideas


    While looking into the DS106 site one of the assignments I found interesting is a 2-3 minute clip of your favorite actor mashed together. From their earliest movies to some more recent movies. You would have to explain why you choose this actor, and how they have developed over the …

  4. Tatiana.R

    My First Gif Post


    Going into this class I was really curious and did not know what to expect,
    but now as we have been getting more into it I’m really excited about what’s to come in the future. Knowing that will be able to be so creative with our projects and have fun …

  5. Tatiana.R

    IMAX VS Standard


    My name is Tatiana, I am a Communications technology major and this week while reading my textbook for my  CT 205 it spoke about how film strips and the film projectors work. I wanted to see a visual of how it is done and I stumbled on a video that …

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