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    Final Post


    Final Project

    Storytelling to me is sharing about  a event or knowledge of something..expressing and giving a description of a story.It means a lot to me now to learn how to share information for future and networking with other for connections. It allows me to expound on information about myself …

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    This is called a Minimalist Poster This was by far the easiest project easy straight to the point. It has such a unique creative touch to it! Taking a well known movie and having something to represent it..I recommend you try it!!

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    Archiving and Final Projects


    Through this semester, I understand the importance of having a Digital Identity. The age we live in everything is all about digital and electronic usage. When I first took this class I did not see the purpose but now I do. Having a Digital Archive provides opportunities for various jobs. 

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    Album fun


    so guys i just did the most funniest album cover assignment.. With very limited assets and name and images were  to given. I had to create this album cover  using the Name given Charlie Wagner, using the last four words from the website  given and combining all of the together …

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    Week 1 DS106


    Reflection upon your first week of DS106. What was hard? Somewhat difficult being that i started school late!

    What did you learn? Understanding the importance of digital identity

    What are you excited about in this class? Learning to structure my digital identity. which helps me in the future for my …

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