1. tellio

    Pages and Backlinks


    Adding new pages

    You can refresh existing pages, as well as create new ones. A very simple formula works here: sites that create new pages more often may have a higher freshness sign than sites that induce new webpages less frequently.

    Freshness may also be identified as the ratio of …

  2. tellio

    Document Creation

    A date of a document creation

    The first parameter by which Google determines the freshness is the date on which the document was created. It also can be the day when the document is found by Google for the first time, in other words, when Googlebot indexes a certain document …

  3. tellio

    Western, Ho!



    Alan Levine has already confessed he is a little crazy. How do I know? I heard it on the radio so it has got to be true. Right? Crazy generous with his time and talent is what I meant. He has started a new version of the undead thing called …

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