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    Movie Sequel


    More pixlr editing. This one was pretty simple. The idea came from a sequel from the on e of my favorite movies; He Got Game. In the movie Ray Allen plays Jesus Shuttlesworth, the #1 ranked high-school basketball player in the country. This is a far cry from Ray Allen’s …

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    The Social Networkers!!! (Seven-Character Story)


    Original picture courtesy of taken from; http://vsplash.wordpress.com/2010/05/10/superhero-costume-construction/

    which I found by searching “generic superhero team” in google images.
    From the far reaches of Facebook to the the depths of Instagram. When the world is in danger of not being a trending topic, these brave souls emerge from in front of …

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    Go, Vote!


    Ok, so it’s a little late for the presidential election, but there will be others. Voting is not only a right, it’s a responsibility.…

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    What’s In A Name?


    If you’re reading this post that mean that you had to have at very least passed by the home page of this website, the one with the picture of the Burger King guy. My choice of image for the homepage as well as the name of the website (Regal:Of, relating …

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    Who’s Your Superhero?


    Shown above is my favorite superhero, The Black Panther. Never heard of him? He’s only the coolest superhero in all of Marvel Comics universe. Richer than Tony Stark, stronger than Captain America and the first Black superhero in comic history. The Black Panther, who is secretly the King of richest …

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    The Four Agreements


    Taken from “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz

    The basic premise is that by following these four agreements you can create love and happiness in your life. Deep stuff.

    1. Be Impeccable with your Word: Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the Word to speak …

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    The Future


    Pictured in the middle is my nephew Dante. It’s amazing how fast these kids grow up. As you can see, Dante plays youth football, he is the starting middle linebacker. I can still remember his first year playing, he didn’t  understand the game completely and he had to get used …

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    Last chance for romance


    I promise this will be the last relationship related post for a while. I’ve gotta give the people what they want, right? I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer. On the eve of Labor day I’ve decided to do a little public service for the dudes out there that have …

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    A Few Good Men

    It’s become fairly obvious that I know far more women than I do men. It’s a gift and a curse. On one hand I gain valuable insight into the mind of a female, I know how they think, what they like. I’m well taken care of and some of them…
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    War of the Roses

    *Disclaimer; This is in no way making fun or being critical of overweight ppl, hell I’m overweight. It’s merely a commentary on what I observe and believe to be true. You may observe something completely different and that’s fine, this isn’t your damn blog. Despite what some people like to…
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    We as Americans are, amongst other things, big time hypocrites. We have a habit of holding people, especially famous people, to moral standards we don’t even live up to ourselves. How could we be critical of someone for doing something that millions of people engage in. The newest target of …

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    Money Talks


    No one is more excited about the news of Bin Laden’s death than me. Mainly because it knocked the damn Royal wedding out of the headlines. Hopefully I’ll never have to hear about Prince William ever again. Just had to get that off my chest.

    I was having a conversation …

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    A wise man told me dont argue with fools…


    A lot can be learned from the whole President Obama – Donald Trump birth certificate ordeal. To recap; There have long been conspiracy theorists that speculate that President Obama was not born on US soil an was therefore never eligible to run for President in the first place. They remained …

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    Love and Basketball


    Happy Monday to everyone out there in Blogger land. Tha King had a very eventful weekend, actually I didn’t but it just sounds better to say that you did. I trust everyone watch the Rihanna interview. Tha King won’t speak on it yet, I think I’m going to watch it…
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    Congratulations to the New York Yankees on their 27th world series championship. Now all Tha King needs is the Knicks to win a ring and I can die a happy man.…

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    The Magic Word


    Happy Friday folks. This was passed on to me by a young woman who comes to my job from time to time. She is a psychology professor @ York College. So if anyone goes to that school and comes across a Professor Thompson, you can thank her personally.

    There is …

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