1. timmmmyboy

    I Can Read Movies: Harry Potter


    I used to love to read, and Penguin books were the best. After I made this cover, I decided I needed to scuff it up a bit and make it look old. This kind of makes me want to print these out and wrap them over some of the actual …

  2. timmmmyboy

    We Are All Artists


    On Thursday I spoke with the ds106 face to face course happening simultaneously at the University of Mary Washington. As this is my first time participating in a MOOC it was a great honor and privilege to get to interact a bit with those students and perhaps offer something inspirational …

  3. timmmmyboy

    The Social Network


    I was going to do the “minimalist” poster assignment but wasn’t satisfied with my first attempt and decided to do another one that’s “semi-minimalist” but with a key frame of the movie integrated in there. I like how this turned out, and I do love me some monochrome action here.…

  4. timmmmyboy

    The Matrix in 4 icons


    Click image for full size

    A nice tip for folks is that you don’t have to draw icons from scratch (although that’s great too). There are types of fonts called “Dingbat” fonts that you can download (Your computer probably has a few generic ones like Wingdings in your font list …

  5. timmmmyboy



    My participation in ds106 is getting a lot less linear as assignments come and go and I continue to grab hold of that which catches my interest. That’s not to say I’m not participating, far from it. I’m 2 days in to the Daily Shoot project and I’m thinking I’ll …

  6. timmmmyboy

    The Wizard of Oz 2.0


    I have a confession to make. I’ve been playing around with a few of the more popular “web 2.0″ (God I hate that term, but I digress) sites in an attempt to recreate a story. And it’s a lot of fun. But I think I can do better, with your …

  7. timmmmyboy

    Bag Of Gold


    I’m not going to admit to how long this took to do, other than to say instead of getting it done last week when it would have been more relevant to ds106, I’m finally getting it out today. I wanted to try my hand at “kinetic typography” after seeing Rob

  8. timmmmyboy

    ds106 Radio


    The world’s craziest MOOC has a radio station, which makes this whole thing about ten more levels underground. For those of you wanting to rock it in your sidebar here are instructions for WordPress:

    Go to Appearance Widgets (assuming your theme supports widgets) Drag a new text widget into your…
  9. timmmmyboy

    Love The Way You Lie


    Individual frames were taken from the music video using MPEG Streamclip (1 frame per second). A batch process was created to crop out extra black space, then run a Guassian filter. The whole folder of images was dropped into a slideshow in iPhoto and set to the same song, but …

  10. timmmmyboy

    Video Color Frames


    Each frame of a video is extracted, and then averaged to a single color. Then they are all placed left to right and top to bottom on a large canvas. Here’s my first attempt, the music video to Lady Gaga – Telephone. As a sidenote, music videos are great for …

  11. timmmmyboy

    Rock the Boat


    Mashing up the mash up? Now we’re getting crazy. Tom tells us to take a silhouette and stick an image from the movie inside it, while also making it monochromatic. Once I do that I can’t help but truly confess my undying love for Helvetica by rocking another hip hop …

  12. timmmmyboy

    Rise of the Mashup


    A constantly recurring theme I’m seeing in viral design work is the idea of mashups. You know, taking 2 unrelated things and putting them together for fun and mischief. Mashups seem to have many elements that appeal to our senses: The unexpected, humorous situations, cult classics and nostalgia. I’ve already …

  13. timmmmyboy

    365 Projects


    As we prepare to close out 2010 and start that annual ritual of forgetting to write 2011 on everything with a date field, it’s a popular time to start a 365 project. These types of things are notorious for failing (and you know what? That’s ok too) but they can …

  14. timmmmyboy

    Finding My Voice


    Staring at this box and wondering how many times I’ve been here before. The blog is just one example of course. I’ve started and stopped and started Twitter again. Join a group on here, sign up for a mailing list there, commit to finally getting off my ass and creating …

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