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    Final Blog Post/ Nasrin Sultana


    Hmmm, Do i really have to say Goodbye. Lets say it in the end but being honest I am going to miss you all. One of my favorite class where i enjoyed every moment of this class. I have learned a lot of things from this class.  I will miss …

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    My website


    Hello Everyone,

    First of all  I want to know you all are okay. Since now  we are living in a scary world where we need to protect ourselves from COVID-19. I hope you all doing okay. So Let’s talk about some fun part. which is My website. I made it …

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    Corona not a joke


    Corona virus!! hmmmm. i don’t know where to start the conversation of coronavirus. The first time i heard about  recent epidemic of Covid-19 . I was worried and had a lot of questions like what is that? , where did it came from? , how it happened?

    after figuring out …

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    Panoramic Storytelling with Multiplicity


    For this assignment when i heard about that panoramic picture. i was interested because i had done before but that was not perfect so i will have more experience  while doing the panoramic picture. Basically,we need to make two groups and  take at least three picture. After so many attempt  …

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    Are internet memes art?


    Coming late to the class that is my exact reaction and looking to everyone if  i am the only one late in the class.

    if someone try to argue about anything which is not good to say it directly in-front of  face .

    one of my favorite class from my …

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    My first GIF post


    On the first day of this class. I was so nervous  and thinking about how the class will be?

    when i heard there is no test for this class i was dancing in my mind. Also, when we all heard this class will not be hard as  we think . …

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    assignment no1-happy internet me


    Hello, My name is Nasrin Sultana. hmm what makes me happy on the internet?  Internet makes me happy when i see the funniest videos and memes. Internet is my best friend when i am alone that give the energetic jam. every time when i am on internet i do not …

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