1. @tlengel2

    Looking Back On Week Three


    Week three was a very interesting week! With the theme being “Writing,” there was obviously a lot of writing activities involved. I think what I enjoyed the most about this week, and about this course in general, is that it has allowed me to be creatively expressive in unique and …

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    That Bucket List Though!


    This writing assignment will be challenging me to create a bucket list of at least 5 things I’d like to do in my life! To relate this to our course theme of the 80s, however, I will be revising this assignment slightly. Instead of a bucket list for things I …

  3. @tlengel2

    Music Magic


    Music holds a special place in my heart, as I’m sure it does for most people. It can evoke an array of different emotions, memories, and dance moves!

    This blog post takes on the challenge of the writing assignment, “Emotional Lyrics.” I’ll be introducing you to three songs that are …

  4. @tlengel2

    Life Lessons From A Cookie [???]


    Karen Karenson had an incredibly long day at the office. Barry, who sat at the cubicle across from her had spend the entire work day watching self-help videos with the sound on, and Tom, the company intern, spilled coffee on her shirt right before her important business proposal.

    In short, …

  5. @tlengel2

    Awareness is Key


    As part of my writing assignments for this week, one of the prompts I have chosen to write about relates to reminding yourself about the beauty in the world. After all, I’m sure most people could agree that it’s easy to get bogged down by negativity in news, politics, world …

  6. @tlengel2

    Looking Back On Week Two


    Week two has already challenged me and taught me so much. I’ve been quite busy with a combination of work and school. But completing the assignments for DS106 has allowed for me to take some personal time to be creative and have some fun.

    To begin, I found the Daily …

  7. @tlengel2

    Exploring Different Universes


    Alternate Universe: my design assignment for the week!

    Okay… don’t judge my Photoshop skills. This took a lot of effort for someone who doesn’t know how to use design software!

    The goal of this assignment was to Photoshop yourself into a different environment. A super different environment. And in order …

  8. @tlengel2

    Weekly Summary: Week I


    This week has thus far been a lot of fun. Summer break was MUCH needed, and I had the opportunity to do a lot of fun, new things. However, I’ll admit I was getting a little stir-crazy, and was honestly happy and excited to have classes start up again.

    DS106 …

  9. @tlengel2

    “What do the 80s mean to today?”


    This is equally a simple question, and yet a difficult one to answer. I have no doubt that you could walk into a crowd, ask everyone you meet this very question, and you would end up with a variety of different answers. Perhaps for most of us in this class, …

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