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    What A Week!


    Another week come and gone! And honestly, I’m so proud of my group – Abby, Lauren, and me!

    This week was focused on video storytelling. Our goal with this big video project was to analyze what video storytelling was like in the 80s. What defined it? What was important to …

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    Project Ideas


    I’m so excited by the prospect of our final project! My group members and I have decided we want to work together! I’m sure it will be promising.

    Here are some of my ideas for the final project!

    TED Talk

    Everyone is passionate about something! I think a great skill …

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    This is it!


    Here we are guys!! The video show is finally done!!

    Let me give you a little info on the work that went into it first. As I said in my progress post, Abby, Lauren, and I work hard to brainstorm some really cool ideas for the show. Ultimately, we came …

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    Video Show Progress


    Wow, this video project has been a lot of fun! Abby, Lauren, and I have been doing a lot of planning and I’m glad to say we put together a lot of great ideas and topics for our show.

    Here’s a sneak preview:

    I will be taking a look at… …

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    Week 10 In Review!


    What a week! Lots and lots of homework, and of course, its the week of Halloween!

    I’m really excited for the group project that Abby, Lauren, and I will be doing – a show on 80s films!

    Below, you can see a trailer for the fun things to come!


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    Video Show Plans!


    Come one, come all! I’m so excited for this next project. Abby, Lauren, and I will be doing a project related to both visual storytelling AND the 80s. It will be a show during which we three will analyze different 80s movies.

    Similar to the Video Essay, we will analyze …

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    Thoughts While Dancing


    Here we are with my video essay! For this project, I focused on the analysis of visual storytelling – what goes into the production, the acting, the writing – all of that.

    For my project, I chose one of my all time favorite movies: Silver Linings Playbook. I chose a …

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    Week 9 In Review


    Although this was a calmer week, I loved it just the same! It was nice to slow things down for a little bit after the big radio project. But I also really enjoyed the opportunity to revisit some of my old work this week!

    First off, I created a Daily …

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    Daily Create Adventure


    Are you ready for an adventure? Here is a story that I created based on my Daily Creates for this week!

    Once upon a time, there was a guy named Fred. Fred lived a simple life, and he enjoyed that! But one morning, as he was sipping his coffee and …

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    Revisiting the Past


    In this post, I’m revisiting the past! Some of it was scary (I had to use GIMP again!) and some of it was fun!

    A few weeks ago, I worked on an assignment that challenged me to create an inspiration quote added to a background on GIMP. It was a …

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    Project Ideas!


    Storytelling is such a diverse concept, and so I think there are a lot of fun ways to do it!

    Here are some of my ideas:

    TED Talk

    Everyone is passionate about something! I think a great skill to develop on is public speaking. SO… a fun project could be …

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    Radio Reflections


    After the last two weeks, during which we worked on the big project of creating a radio show, it was a lot of fun to listen to the final work of everyone!

    Let’s start with reflections on my own group’s project, which can be found below

    I will say at …

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    Week 8, Come and Gone


    Wow, this week flew by! I guess it’s because of Fall Break. But nonetheless, this week in DS106 was exciting.

    The majority of this week was focused on my groups radio show. I enjoyed the creativity, brainstorming, and audio work practice that this involved. My group members all got along …

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    Week 2 Fun


    This week was all about working on the radio show! It required a lot of creativity, work, and team brainstorming.

    First off, my group and I worked on deciding the overall theme of the show. Ultimately, we decided that an 80s themed radio show would be the best way to …

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    Week 7 Done!


    Wow, what a week! I’m really excited for the radio show coming up. My group and I have already gotten a lot done!

    But before we get into that… my daily creates!

    This one challenged my drawing skills quite a lot. Sorry for the lack of artistic skills!

    @ds106dc Asterix …

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    Radio Show Progress


    Progress is coming along well for our radio show, “Tubular Tunes and Other DS106 Antics!” We’re all really excited to get started!

    For the most part, progress has been made in terms of brainstorming. Here are some of the ideas that we have come up with for the upcoming radio …

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    Radio Design


    Come one, come all! Or I guess… listen one, listen all!

    This post is advertising the radio show that my group and I will be doing. As part of that, I would like to unveil our radio show’s new logo!

    Tubular Tune & DS106 Antics! This logo was a lot …

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    Whistling a Tune [??]


    Alright, here we go with a name-that-tune challenge! This assignment was to record yourself whistling a song that you get stuck in your head a lot. I’m supposed to make people guess what the song is. But I’ll leave the answer down below.

    Can’t figure it out?

    It’s Sam Smith’s …

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    Got Atari? [?????]


    Here we have another audio challenge! For this assignment, you needed to create a 30-45 second radio commercial for a product from the 80s. My product is… the Atari!!

    I had a lot of fun mixing together arcade-setting audio, and also messing around with different audio effects to change my …

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    Week Six Fun


    Alright, Week 6 has come and gone! Design week has definitely been an interesting one, filled with both a lot of fun and a lot of challenges. But as usual, with each week, I learn a little more and begin to appreciate new ways of storytelling.

    Let’s start with the …

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    What’s Design All About?


    Here is my reflection on “A Kid’s Guide to Graphic Design” by Iconic Designer Chip Kidd.

    After having read this article, all I can say is wow – design is so immensely diverse, creative, and expressive.

    It really rang true to me to hear that EVERYTHING IS DESIGNED. Think about …

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    Design Blitz Fun


    Alright, here we go! I tracked my week in photos, and here are four images that I think do a good job of demonstrating important design principles. This is exactly what Brain Pickings is talking about when addressing the depth and thought that must go into design. The goal is …

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    Warning: You may get lost! This challenge was to create… a maze! This challenge was a lot of fun, as I found a website that guides you through the creation of your own maze. You can regulate dimensions, the number of dead ends, the shape of the maze, etc. All …

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    Feeling Motivated


    Ready for an inspirational quote? You came to the right place! This challenge was to pick out an image and add a quote to it. It allowed the liberty of being sarcastic with it. So I hope you enjoy!

    I returned to GIMP for this one because I had to. …

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    The Banana Candle You Never Knew You Needed


    Come one, come all! I present to you my latest business venture: Banana Candles!

    This challenge was more fun than the previous one, in large part due to the fact that I didn’t need to use GIMP! The goal was to create a simple yet attractive business logo.

    Let me …

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    Are You Sold?


    Well this final product demands an immediate apology – as I’ve mentioned before, I CANNOT use GIMP, and it’s really quite frustrating. As many tutorials as I watch, GIMP doesn’t work properly. 0% rating for user friendliness.

    The goal of this challenge was to sum up a movie using four …

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    Ready to Cry?


    This design challenge was to create a minimalist movie poster of a favorite movie of mine. Hence, I chose Marley and Me. A beautiful, but ultimately sad movie. And I guess the design is a little sad. This week is gonna be ROUGH. I’m not good at design. But I’m …

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    Week 5, Here and Gone


    Wow, that week went by fast! And yet, I’m happy to say I got a lot of things accomplished.

    This week, of course, was audio-themed. And in doing all of the required assignments, I truly learned a lot. This includes not only what I learned about in reference to audio …

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    Radio Show Ideas


    Hmmm…. radio show ideas! Where to start. There’s so many fun things to do on a radio show. I had the pleasure of co-hosting a couple radio shows at UMW with my friends, and I always enjoyed it.

    Without further ado, here are some ideas I could think of:

    I …

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