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    Final Project


    The Hotel

    Scene one

    Time Log 6:00pm 4/10/2017

    *Agent Frank Underwood returns home from the office distraught, thinking about all the hours of training and studying to become an agent, and for what? He was working a glorified 9-5 desk job in a cubicle on 32nd street in downtown D.C. …

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    Week 14 Summary


    It truly is amazing that the semester has gone by this quickly! In all honesty my perception of the class changed 180 since the first week. It started off as a class that just had a lot of work to something of a release for me from my other class …

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    DS106 Fall Class of 2017,

    Really there is no need to panic! Yes, there is a lot of work that you will have to complete for the semester but please do not get discouraged. Once you get the hang of all of the digital mediums that this class requires than …

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    Week 13 Summary


    This last project will be a great opportunity to use a bunch of techniques that I have been working on throughout the year. My plan for the final project is to use a bunch of assignments that we have done to piece together an opening for my agent and his …

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    Final Project Progress


    Currently still working on the story, I have gone the route of item 2. Agent Frank Underwood will be going on an undisclosed mission to the great white north in hopes of doing a little digging behind the scenes to see if the tip that the agency received has any …

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    Week 12 Summary


    This week served as sort of a continuation of what we have been building towards for the last several weeks. Remixes and mashups really let you show your creative talent and put together some of your favorite things (characters, songs, pictures) it really lets the class know who you are …

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    Comedy Mashup


    For this assignment I decided to put together a small clip of some of my favorite comedians of the day. The video starts with stand-up by Louis C.K then goes into a interview of comedian Bill Burr and then ends with an SNL Clip and a Daniel Tosh clip. I …

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    Holiday Mashup


    How can you choose?! Each holiday comes with its own uniqueness and reason to fall in love with it. This was a hard decision but I landed on:

    Thanksgiving Halloween New Years

    Thanksgiving has to be my favorite time of the year, the weather is perfect and the food is …

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    Im Ready For My Closeup


    For this assignment I decided to choose a picture from my favorite war movie of all time, “Saving Private Ryan” and attach to part of the UMW campus that feels like a war zone to me. I have never been one to excel in learning a new language, I defiantly …

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    Week 11 Summary


    For the majority of the week I used YouTube Editor to bring my projects together, really made everything simple and easy to maneuver around balancing background audio, pictures, and clips. I spent the majority of the week developing my character and 2/3 projects were geared toward the final creation and …

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    Period Piece Mashup


    For this assignment I decided to ask the class a question in the video. The question is, Who will your agent be?

    We decide the fate of our agents so there is potential to take it in any direction we see fit. For the mashup I used a well known …

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    College Snapshot


    Being at senior at UMW and having 30 days left until my last final I just couldn’t pass up the chance to complete this assignment and really reflect on all of the wonderful times I have had at not only the school but also the Fredericksburg area as a whole. …

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    Movie Mashup


    For this short movie I really wanted to introduce the inspiration for my agent (Francis Underwood) which if you have seen the Netflix original House of Cards than you know fully well who I am talking about. For those of you unfamiliar with the show than allow me to give …

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    Class Mission


    I have always been interested with the idea of a double agent, and what all of that might mean for an agency to have everyone’s cover blown out in the field if they don’t address the problem. With that Idea in mind I think a fun mission for the class …

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    Week 9 Summary


    Another Week down! this semester is flying by it seems, I really enjoyed all of the final products that the radio show groups produced. I thought they came out really well for it being most peoples first time attempting to create something like that, including my own. I’m sure most …

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    Google Map Trip


    For this assignment I decided to take a different approach. Rather than mapping out a trip that I had been on, I decided to map out the “locations” of my childhood. I came across the realization that I really didn’t travel very far from home on average. I was either …

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    Ghosts From Ds106 Past


    For this Assignment I decided to stay on this Ds106 post and change the whole assignment around to create the most frustrating assignment ever created. There are no instructions and the header pretty much says continue at your own risk. Good thing this isn’t real because there Is no starting …

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    Original Website

    Updated Website

    It is no secret that whenever we go to the movies we feel like professional critiques. Personally one of my favorite things about going to the movies are the trailers that come before. No matter who we are, you always turn to the person next to …

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    Connected Daily Creates





    *Scientists running every which way*

    “I think we have done it!”

    “I didn’t think this was even possible!”

    “This is a scientific break through of epic proportions!”

    “Well, what are you doing? Go get the president before he wakes up! this is the moment Donald Trump has …

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    “Birthday Celebration” by Amari really needs to be celebrated, no pun intended. This is an audio mashup of different sounds from a CC search and put together to sound like a recording of a surprise birthday party. It was really well done and the inclusion of Amari’s own voice to…
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    I thought everyone did a great job with their radio shows, all the hard work really paid off. The ideas were really original and the shows were fast paced and kept the listener engaged throughout. I believe the biggest problem for most of the groups was making the dialogue and …

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    Google Draw Something


    This assignment was a lot of fun and also extremely frustrating. I have always been a huge fan of these sorts of games, I usually play Pictionary and charades with my family. I am without question better at acting something out than I am at Pictionary, I was never one …

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