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    Farewell To DS106…THE END HAS COME


    I can’t believe I am even typing my final post for DS106, The End. Usually, at the end of the semester I am happy to be done with class. However, this specific class is one I sure am sad to say goodbye to. I had so much fun working on …

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    You guys I am feeling a bit under the weather the past 24 hours! My entire complexion has changed…I’m so much paler and have these huge bags under my eyes. I feel like my head is floating off my shoulders…WHAT IS GOING ON!? Will update you all more tomorrow…

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    Fan Fiction Wrap UP!


    This week was a relaxing but fun week! I loved focusing on assignments that had to do with the novel I chose to read over the semester. The novel I read was Wool by Hugh Howey. I ended up really enjoying the novel and have now decided I may be …

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    Round Two Of Frequency 2156!


    The last assignment I completed this week was recording another radio dispatch on Frequency 2156, this time posing as a character from Wool by Hugh Howey! To complete this assinment I recorded the dispatch on Audacity, played with pitch, and then uploaded it to the website Frequency 2156.

    I …

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    Call Me/Beep Me…Wool Edition


    I decided to give the Call Me/Beep me assignment another go…this time posing as a character from the novel Wool by Hugh Howey. The character I am pretending to be is Holston. Holston is leaving his wife, Allison, a voicemail. Now there aren’t cell phones in the novel but I …

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    Sadly It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Video


    This week was a bit easier than last week because I knew a little bit more about video this time around! I found myself having a much easier time using iMovie! I decided to create a silent documentary and a collection of memories from both high school and college! I …

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    Movie Mashup


    Below is my movie mashup of the film 28 Days Later! I had a good time creating this and I’m proud of myself for figuring out a way to get DS106 incorporated into the video! I found it difficult at first but feel proud of myself for making the video …

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    College Snapshot


    Here is a video of some of my high school and college memories. I really enjoyed making this and taking a stroll down memory lane! I suggest others to give this assignment a go in the future!

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    A Silent Documentary: Braiding Hair


    The silent documentary below is of me braiding my hair. I found it hard to teach people how to proud without being able to explain the process. I tried to incorporate hand gestures to let my audience know to section the hair into three sections. I’m not sure how easy …

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    Video Is Soon To Be Continued….


    This week was definitely the most challenging for me. I don’t usually record video unless it’s a quick video on my iPhone that I just leave on my iPhone lol. I don’t usually create videos to share like I had to this week. I decided to take path one and …

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    Today Is All About Me Assignment


    This video was refreshing to make because I was able to talk about what I like about myself, and remind myself that I am a good person! It also allowed me to get more comfortable with working with video and recording myself! Watch below!


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    This Is My Story Assignment


    This is a little about me. I have seen people make videos like this before and thought I should give it a quick try and I am happy I did. I love telling people about my family! Click below and you’ll learn a few things about me!

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    Spoiler Alert Assignment!



    I decided to create a compilation of the most important scenes of one of the best kid movies…MOANA! I just had to use Moana as the movie because not only is it my daughter’s favorite movie, …

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    Ketchup Week!!!


    What a fun few weeks. I had a great time working with radio! My group did a great job at meeting up and getting our radio show completed. When I heard the show I was so happy with how it turned out! I also got to catch the radio show …

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    Remixed Logo


    I decided to give Alex Whitmore’s logo a little revamping. I was happy with my initial logo but wanted something a little bit more than just her name. I decided to choose a cool design template on Canva.com and play around with the color scheme a bit. I also decided …

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    & It’s A Wrap!


    So my group finished our radio show fairly early I feel like. We finalized it last week and handed it in to Professor Burtis. Overall, I am so happy with the finished project and think that Josh did a great job at editing it! It was definitely hard meeting up …

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    It’s Almost A Wrap People!


    Apocalyptic Airwave had their first meeting this past Saturday! Unfortunately, the HCC was locked but we relocated to a nearby coffee shop! Samara, Josh, and I discussed the script and each added more to it. It was interesting meeting with people I have only communicated with via the computer. However, …

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    The Start Of An Epic Radio Show!


    This week I was welcomed into a group of apocalypse survivors. We will be creating an amazing radio show about our experiences during the apocalypse and I could not be any more excited! My group members have amazing ideas to contribute for the radio show and I am looking forward …

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    Cheers to Week Six!


    This week was yet another fun week full of learning and excitement! I learned some helpful tips about design while watching to two assigned Ted Talks and completing some tutorials on Canva. The DesignBlitz was challenging for me because I had a hard time finding certain objects and signs that …

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    Design Reflection


    So I just finished up watching the two Ted Talks and looking over some Canva tutorials. I have to say that I found both the videos and the tutorials very beneficial. I have no previous experience in design so I was happy to learn a bit about what design entails. …

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    Alex Whitmore’s Logo


    Below is Alex Whitmore’s logo. I chose to use a font that I found appealing. I though the color pink mixed with black not only looked nice but also expresses the type of character Alex truly is. She can be girly, but she can also be a tomboy. She isn’t …

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    Alternate Book Cover: Wool


    Below is my alternate book cover for Wool by Hugh Howey. I chose to use a picture of silos since the characters of the novel are living in a silo. I wanted the image to be black and white so a eerie feel would be given off. In the novel, …

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    Alex Whitmore Returns


    I had a lot of fun making Alex Whitmore. However, I did fine Hero Machine to be a bit challenging at first. Once finished, I did understand it more but I definitely feel like I can learn much more about how it works. Alex is a teacher, but she’s a …

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    The End of Week Five!


    As week five comes to a close I find myself feeling accomplished. Going into this week I was nervous because I had no experience with audio prior to this week. I knew about Soundcloud but never used it and I never heard of Audacity. I was thankful to see there …

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    The Five Sounds I Love


    Above is the collection of my favorite sounds. I chose five sounds I enjoy hearing. They are the following: baby laughter, rain fall, wind chimes, ocean waves, and birds chirping. What are some of your favorite sounds?…

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