1. trimroy

    Teenagers and Smart Phones at Night


    When my 16 year old son was born, about 5% of the global population population was online. 5% seemed a lot more than I would have guessed at the time. Today my son and I are part of the 50% that are connected. That seems a lot less than I …

  2. trimroy

    A Week in the life of a Digital Marketing Manager


    It is hard to define what a Digital Marketing Manager does on a weekly basis. They are all different, with different roles and working in different industries that bring their own ways of doing things. In this blogpost I will try and run through what I did last week. My …

  3. trimroy

    How to design album covers


    The thing about Information Professionals/Librarians/Whatever is they need to have a diverse skill set. One minute you can be cataloguing books by emotion and the next you can be splitting up a knitter’s circle that has gotten dangerously loud and is frightening the children in the soft book section. You …

  4. trimroy

    Closing the Circle


    Imagine a world where all your social media profiles and online identities have been merged with personal information into one TruYou by a global company called The Circle. Imagine the freedom. No more identity theft. No more toxic keyboard warriors hiding behind anonymity. No more signing in and out. No …

  5. trimroy

    Alone Together


    In this blog I tend to concentrate on the benefits of the internet and the networked culture that it has spawned.  However, the reason why I started the blog was because I was aware that digital life is not without its negatives.  So I was eager to read Sherry Turkle’s …

  6. trimroy

    Blog Audit


    It has been three years since I started this blog as part of the Creating Digimedia module in UCD Information & Library course. It was not expecting it to last. This was purely an experiment. I had other blogs before it and other blogs after it for different projects.   At …

  7. trimroy

    Organising Information


    One of the reasons I got interested in Library Studies was because I wanted to find the correct way to organise information. In the old days, I worked as a tour manager. Keeping track of lots of different projects and timelines at once was my bread-and-butter. I did all of …

  8. trimroy



    When I was a teenager I predicted the importance of identity and anonymity to the internet. The Internet were a dark brooding guitar band from a small village in the middle of nowhere. Identity was a new wave solo artist that was influenced by David Bowie and 17th century Parisian …

  9. trimroy

    Information Pride


    When I got off the bus for this years libcamp 2014 in July, the sun was shining and the Pride parade was about to kick off in the streets. This set the tone for my second unconference.
    When I did my undergrad in Information Studies, it was impressed upon us …

  10. trimroy

    Telepathic Technology


    When I was growing up I was a big fan of science fiction. A lot of the books that I read had some sort of flying car as standard. By the year 2000, we were supposed to have flying cars everywhere. Instead we got a computer bug which never happened …

  11. trimroy

    Editing Wikipedia


    I grew up with Encyclopedias. It was my job to look after them in our house. We had a black Collins 1973 set with gold lettering which moved around the house as my father constantly redecorated. The L- M had a piece of its binding torn, but I loved it …

  12. trimroy

    SEO and Irish Pubs


    I recently attended a talk given by David McWilliams where he explained his economic theory based on Irish pubs and I was reading about the Irish connection to the birth of the internet and this naturally got me thinking about Irish pubs and SEO. Websites and Irish pubs are recognisable …

  13. trimroy

    Digital Romance


    This morning my feed was full of Valentines. Everything from cupcakes to a couple buried together in ancient Italy for romantic archaeologists. It got me thinking about romance on the internet. Specifically, the history of it, how it works and how it affects us. Of necessity, this will dip into …

  14. trimroy

    Online Travel


    It is January. You are online checking to see where you will go during the Summer and you are reading the live tweets of a honey badger. Welcome to the 21st century. This is how the internet has changed travel and tourism.

    Everyday I’m badgering

    The impact of technology …

  15. trimroy

    Digital Recipe


    In this post I am going to share with you my tried and trusted recipe for creating a blogging editorial calendar for the year ahead. Whether you are a multinational giant or a multitasking mommy blogger, this involves a creative process. You will be creating content out of thin air, …

  16. trimroy

    Journey of Boann


    This is a location based story that I have designed as part of storymooc. It is aimed at kayakers and water tourists on the river Boyne, who will use the route once it becomes part of the National Trails. The trail will allow kayakers to float through the Boyne …

  17. trimroy

    Starfleet Analytics


    Deep Space Analytics

    Welcome Space Cadet, to Starfleet Federation Analytics training.
    Open up your analytics packages. Yes, they look confusing. No, you cannot break them. Yes, you must learn to use them or you will not get the Enterprise off the ground.
    Our analytics package are mission geared and driven …

  18. trimroy

    Two Tribes


    In my last role, I was the digital media officer of an education organisation. After the interview process, I asked them for some feedback on my application. They said that I got the position because of the range of skills that I brought with my library degree. They said that …

  19. trimroy

    Viral Information


    What exactly is happening when changes in behaviour happen on a large scale? This is what I was thinking while reading Malcolm Gladwells Tipping Point.

    I found this book very easy to read and he backs up his theories about how ideas spread by using interesting examples from a range …

  20. trimroy

    Story Craft


    Like a lot of other information professionals I am involved in a MOOC, one about storytelling. While it will explore mostly digital storytelling, we did start off at the beginning, with our own experiences of stories. One of the highpoints of this for me was the sharing of stories …

  21. trimroy

    Evolution of Web Analytics


    If the field of Web Analytics was tracked over time using an imaginary analytics program it would show that it started out as one thing and ended up as another. If you did a report on the keywords used as search terms for web analytics it would probably show technical …

  22. trimroy

    What the MOOC?


    One of the interesting changes that has been happening in recent years in the world of information is the rise of the MOOC (Massive Online Open Course). Heralded by many as a revolutionary and disruptive, they are like a lot of things on the internet, actually not that new. Online …

  23. trimroy

    Remake the Internet


    One of my favourite digital storytelling platforms at the moment is Zeega. The first thing that drew me to it was that it was so simple to use. It has a simple drag and drop interface which allows you to throw something together within a couple of minutes. The …

  24. trimroy

    Digital Media Workshop


    I am looking into creating digital media workshops for kids and have put together a few examples of the sort of finished products that I think would interest them. These examples were created with my own kids so I know they would work for 8-12 year olds. In the first …

  25. trimroy

    Blog Award


    This blog has been nominated for a Liebster Award courtesy of Helen kielt. Part one of that means that I have to answer a few questions.

    1. How do you think blogging has benefited your personal/professional development?

    This blog started as part of a digimedia course in university and …

  26. trimroy

    Chocolate Picnic


    All roads led to Dublin two weeks ago for Irelands first library unconference. An unconference is the collective term for a gathering of librarians let loose from their normal workplaces. It was also Badass Librarian Day, which was another first for me.

    The venue was unusual. A chocolate factory that …

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