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    Ya’ll tbh i can’t keep up with what week it is. Is this 11? 12? 13? 20? WHO KNOWS. But the apocalypse has been wiping my brain of attempting to keep up with dates.

    Anyways, this was a really fun week. I enjoyed doing many different projects regarding my novel …

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    Character Word Cloud: Robert Neville


    Hi friends! After reading I am Legend, I decided to create a word cloud describing Robert Neville. I enjoyed reading this book, and throughout the novel it was very clear to the reader what type of person Robert was- this is me trying to capture it all.


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    Playlist Poetry


    For this assignment I created a playlist poem about how i would feel in the apocalypse. Some of the songs on here I actually love and listen to a lot so I wanted to incorporate that into this assignment!


    Here is the link to listen to the playlist!

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    Six stars of Video: Week 11


    Hi friends! For week 11 I had a lot of fun creating videos. I did two assignments: the first one I did was the ‘Apocalypse Q&A’, and then I did the ‘Where do your shoes take you?’

    My favorite assignment out of the two would be the shoe video because …

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    Week 11 recap!


    WEEK 11 WAS LIT!

    I had so much fun doing video assignments. I did two videos: an Apocalypse Q&A and also the ‘Where do your shoes take you’? Both were really fun, and I enjoyed filming and editing them.

    Besides that I also did two daily creates:


    Long my …

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    Video week WRAPPED UP


    Wow this week went by super fast?? Is it just me?!

    I think video week was one of my favorites because I enjoyed doing all the video projects for stars. My star projects I created was a video of me reading a letter to my old self and also me …

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    Dear Old Elaina


    Okay…so this assignment was really important to me. This video is super sappy and might make u cry lowkey bc i cried but i really wanted to give my all for this project. Here’s my video:

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    WEEK 9 WAS LIT. HERE’S WHY: Assignment: Revision Reflection

    For this assignment, I chose to re-do my book poster that I didn’t think went too well the first time. I was upset that I didn’t do that good of a job at the poster for my I AM LEGEND book, …

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    Weekly recap: 7&8


    These past two weeks have been super crazy! I FINALLY finished I Am Legend, which I put most of my focus on during spring break, and also finished up our Radio Show! I am so excited for everyone to hear what we’re doing and all our crazy segments. We have …

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    Our first recording!



    It went super well and we ended up spending a couple hours editing audio and recording our segments. We still have some more work to do, but so far we have 10 minutes …

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    Sunrise Survivors!


    Lauren, Alyssa, Jillian and I all got together today at the HCC to talk about our radio show!

    We spent tons of time thinking about what we wanted our show to be. After creating a google doc and scratching out many ideas, we finally became the Sunrise Survivors! Our idea …

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    Design Reflection


    You’ve looked at two videos from different designers (who engage in very different kinds of design) as well as some basic resources to learn the elements of design .How do these three resources influence your own approach to tackling design work this week?  Which resonated with you the most any …

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    Weekly wrap-up 6


    This basically wraps up what I did this week:

    HA JK. But I do love this gif.

    This week was personally one of my favorite weeks yet because it was challenging, yet pushed me to work my hardest. I don’t think i’m that good at graphic designing, but I had …

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    The struggle of 8 principles of design


    Okayyy let me be real for a second- I thought this assignment was going to be a piece of cake but BOY WAS I WRONG. I really enjoyed this assignment because it literally challenged me to look at things and signs and posters in a different light. I loved running …

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    Character design: Winston on stage


    For my character Winston, I used the resume I made her to create the character! On her resume it has her height, hair and eye color, and information when she goes to auditions, so since she is an actress I decided to bring her to life on stage! I thought …

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    Winston’s Character Word Cloud


    For this assignment I had a lot of fun! I took time and thought of things and words that I felt best represented my character. I had to think hard about my character’s past, present, and future when creating this word cloud! I actually used the website called Word It …

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    RIP HUMAN RACE: Contradiction Creation


    For this assignment I had to create a graphic that was designed for a certain feeling or theme. For my graphics (I made 3) I decided I wanted it to kind of have a “End of the world propaganda” theme. I created these graphics to be ironic, like the assignment …

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    Week 5 rundown!


    My favorite part of this week was EASILY tweeting with the class listening to #DS106Radio! Literally it was histerical. It was so funny my roommates ended up listening to some of the show with me. I missed 5 minutes of it because I ran to the bathroom, lol, but besides …

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    Alien Jesus?? Frequency 2156


    I really enjoyed spending time on the Frequency radio website and listening to a bunch of different audio that people in the past have created. I got the idea for my recording due to a conspiracy theory my friends and I talk about all the time that was mentioned by …

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    Assignment: Reading and Resource Reflection


    As well as Communication and Digital studies major, I am also Music technology major which means my focus is on recording and production arts. For the past four years I have spent my time learning audio production and learning how to edit sound. I love being able to use the …

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    Winston Henerly: Character Resume


    I thought long and hard about who I wanted my overall character to be for this class. I wanted her to be someone who is laid back, but on a mission to stay alive. I wanted to have someone that was outside my comfort zone, but who was artsy fartsy …

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    Week 4 rundown: Photography fun!


    This week was probabaly my favorite week of class so far. First of all, my favorite activity was the photoblitz! I took pictures around the newsroom at my internship and it was so fun. I was running around in a hurry, and my co-workers got into the photoblitz as well! …

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    The Life Of A Zombie


    When I first saw this assignment I immediately thought of this commercial:

    Sooooo, for this assignment i decided to make a gif out of this commercial by giffing the zombie on the bus! Here is my final gif of the life of an every day zombie:


    I thought making …

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