1. twerkooo

    Lion King : Framed


    For my last Video Assignment of this week I decided to do the “Framed” version of one of my favorite movies and scenes. The assignment asked for a 2 minute movie scene and a picture from the scene that represents the scene at best.

    For this Framed assignment …

  2. twerkooo

    5 Second movieeeeee


    The next assignment that I decided to do for this week was to create a 5 second movie. This assignment asks for the creation of a movie that last 5 seconds …. it could represent anything really.

    For this assignment I decided to create a movie with a small …

  3. twerkooo

    One Archetype … 5 Movies! PARTYYYY


    The next Video Assignment that I decided to complete for this week involved looking up 5 different movies that fit into one Archetype and lasts about 5 seconds. The archetype that I decided to do was “Party” …. I looked up 5 different movies that I knew had pretty intense …

  4. twerkooo

    My version of a Silent Movie..


    This week we’re beginning to make movies of our own in attempts to tell stories in that way. The task was to complete at least 16 stars worth of Video Assignments.

    The first assignment that I decided to take a swing at was creating a movie trailer from the “…

  5. twerkooo

    Week 10 Summary!!


     Weekly Summary:

    Video Tools: This week we did a lot in terms of Video and Movies …. I have a mac, so I’m a little used to iMovie. I haven’t really used it for anything too huge …. I made a small project for one of my classes last year, …

  6. twerkooo

    Video Planning!


    For the next week we have been asked to do Video Assignments …. I have found some that look very interesting and would be fun to do.

    The first Video Assignment that I plan on completing is the “Return to the Silent Era” assignment in which we make …

  7. twerkooo

    EXPLORE: Any Given Sunday!


    After finishing my post about Any Given Sunday… we were asked to explore the movie a little more.

    1. The first interesting fact that I found about Any Given Sunday was that it included three different scripts, from three different people that were put together in order to have a …

  8. twerkooo



    This week we attempted to tell stories using the web…..

    Radio Review: The first thing that I posted about this week was the review of a radio show that we were assigned. My group was assigned the ADAAM Radio Show and I thought that it actually sounded very good. I …

  9. twerkooo

    Daily Creates WEEK 9!


    For this weeks daily creates…. I decided to simply put 3 pictures together and create a story behind them….

    The first picture is of rocks…. The story is …. Rocks are everywhere, but they are also a huge source for many things in the world ……

    Rocks can be made …

  10. twerkooo

    Review of Radio Show!


    My group was assigned to review another groups radio show…. The show that I was assigned to do was the The ADAAM Radio Show. I really liked their show. They did a good job keeping the sound even and consistent throughout the show. It’s difficult to make everyone’s recording …

  11. twerkooo

    Adventures in DC with 18 Listeners!!!


    Our radio show was one of the first broadcasted on ds106 radio. Adventures in DC was our group name…… I managed to get a screenshot of the amount of listeners we had during our air time. It was shocking to see how the tweets our group posted worked in our …

  12. twerkooo



    For weeks 7 & 8 our main focus was the completion of our radio show and audio assignments.

    Audio Assignments: This week we were asked to complete 10 stars worth of Audio assignments.

    1. This is the post that I made for my first Audio Assignment of the week. I …

  13. twerkooo



    The last Audio Assignment that I decided to complete for this week was the assignment asking for Multi personalities. I initially didn’t plan on doing this assignment, but after hearing a lot of other people works I changed my mind and decided that I would try to do it as …

  14. twerkooo

    May I take your order?


    One of the Audio Assignments that I decided to was to the one titled “May I take your Order”. I thought this one was a fun assignment because I have actually gone to McDonald’s and put on an accent to take an order before. My friends seem to enjoy doing …

  15. twerkooo

    Radiooooo Show!



    Adventures in DC:
    I think this might have been one of the most difficult group projects that I have ever done. Not because the work itself was hard, but the process of getting everyone together and getting all of our stuff …

  16. twerkooo

    A two-fer: Daily Creates


    The last two weeks have been thrown together….. We have been asked to complete 6 daily creates during this time span. I basically spread all of my daily creates out, but I tried to get a variety as well.

    1. Non-dominate face drawing: The first daily create we were asked …

  17. twerkooo

    Comment Challenge…


    At the beginning of last week, another DS106 student issued a challenge for fellow classmates to comment on at least 7 blogs throughout the next two weeks. Below I have embedded the blog by @doodle_muse that began the challenge.

    @cogdog HEY #ds106 I’M AT 3 COMMENTS ALREADY #cantcatchme Also …

  18. twerkooo



    The second Audio Assignment that I decided to complete for this week was the Mainstream Chimpunkd’ assignment.  I decided to do this assignment mainly because I think chipmunks sound HILARIOUS!!! The main object was to turn a mainstream song/artist into a chimpunkd’ song.

    I decided to go about this by …

  19. twerkooo

    My brand new RINGTONE


    In the course of these past two weeks, we have been asked to complete at least 10 stars worth of Audio Assignments. The first assignment that I thought I would do, asked for us to create our own RINGTONE. I really wanted to do this assignment because I love …

  20. twerkooo

    WEEEEK 6 Summary


    Design: This week we did our assignments based off the idea of “Design” …. It provided us with the idea of how everything that we create or manufacture can be considered as a form of design. Throughout the week we did design assignments in order to establish our understanding of …

  21. twerkooo



    The next assignment that I decided to do was “The Little Caption” …. I thought this was a really funny assignment to design… simply because there are so many pictures that leave you without thought, or that you have NO IDEA what it means. I have so many …

  22. twerkooo



    The next design assignment that I decided to do was the assignment that allowed us to cartoon anyone’s face. The idea was to pick a picture of anyone or anything and place a cartoon character’s head as their head. I too a picture of my friend with the cake that …

  23. twerkooo

    Name that SINGLE!


    The next assignment that I decided to do for my Design Assignments was called “Name that Single“. In this assignment we were asked to create a design for a song…. not using any words, but simply using symbols for the song! The song that I chose to do …

  24. twerkooo

    Minimalist TV SHOW!


    The next assignment that I decided to do was the MINIMALIST design (poster) or a tv show or movie. I thought this would be a cool assignment because it is generally open ended… it could be interpreted in many different ways and there are SO many tv shows and movies …

  25. twerkooo

    W O R D


    The next design assignment that I thought I would complete dealt with a WORD. The idea of the assignment was to make a word (any word) represent it’s meaning through it’s font. The example used on the assignment was the word Magic… which had the letters “agic” coming out …

  26. twerkooo



    During our DESIGN WEEK, we were asked to create a Design Safari… which is a series of at least 4 photos that represent one of the components of “DESIGN”.

    Design is a very huge portion of everyday life, but I feel like the only time that we really notice it …

  27. twerkooo

    Daily Creates Week 6


    This week we were asked to do four new daily creates along with our design assignments.

    Vegetarian Day: The first daily create that I chose to do was on Vegetarian Day where we were asked to celebrate this as a “holiday”. I decided to take a picture of the salad …

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