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    This week we were asked to 15 stars worth of design assignments. The one that I thought would be fun to do (considering it is the first week of October and Halloween is soon) was the Zombify Yourself Assignment. On the assignment it provided a link to a website that …

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    This week we have worked with our groups in order to come up with ideas for our Radio Show being aired soon. The group that I have been assigned with has decided to come together and have some fun talking about the various things that DC (our Nation’s Capitol) has …

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    Week 5 Summary!!


    Resources: This week we had a lot of new resources provided to us for photography. I found most of them very useful when I was doing my Visual Assignments and even my Daily Creates. I downloaded a lot of new apps to my phone and it really did make a …

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    Daily Creates!!!


    This week I did three various daily creates…. trying to be as creative as possible.

    Abstract Animal: This daily create asked for an abstract drawing of my favorite animal. I chose to do an abstract drawing of a dolphin. Dolphin’s have been my favorite animals since I can remember. I …

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    Sketch it outttt


    The fifth and last Visual Assingment I did for this week was titled, “Draw it.”

    This is another one that I found through the “try random one” button and I really thought it would look awesome. I really liked the picture that was used in the assignment, the …

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    Funnny …before & after


    The fourth Visual Assignment that I decided to do this week called, “Before and After

    This was another assignment that I found through the “try a random” button. I thought this would be a pretty simple picture to do…. It’s easy to find something with a small story …

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    Color splashhhhh


    The third Visual Assignment I chose to do for this week was the “Splash the Color“.

    I liked doing this assignment because I really like things being in black and white, it’s always been one of my favorite effects. There is a really cool picture that is decorated …

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    MY NAME IS ….


    The second Visual Assignment for this week that I chose to do was, “Find Yourself“.

    I chose to this one by clicking on the “try random one” button. I knew that it would be very difficult to find my name anywhere since it is soooooo uncommon. While working …

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    It’s COMMON


    The first visual assignment that I decided to do for this week was the “Common Everyday Object“.

    I was using Crayola Markers to do one of my daily creates and the idea popped into my head. Markers are used everyday….whether it be in school, at work, or just …

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    Flickr BEST WORK


    I recently got a chance to customize my flickr account and actually get a gist of how to work things. I made a new “set” for all my best work that I’ve uploaded this far. I haven’t really added many photos to it, but I did add most of my …

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    Today on my way home from practice I figured I would see what I could cature in 20 minutes of Photoblitzing… I took the list of items given to us as an assignment this week and I tried to do as many as I could by including all of my …

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    TUTORIAL for getting texts from Twitter!!!


    Sooooooo, Alan said that I could write up a Tutorial on how I get his tweets directly to my phone as a text message. If you’re like me… & you have two twitter accounts, one for ds106 and one for your own personal tweets. This may even be helpful if …

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    Week 4 ; COMPLETE



    Reflection: During this week of DS we learned about audio storytelling and how it actually works. We got to listen to people talk about audio storytelling, listen to the radio a lot, listen to actual audio stories, make our own …

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    Radio Bumperrr


    Another one of our assignments this week was to make a Radio Bumper for our classes Radio station (DS106Radio). I thought this was a pretty neat idea and I had a lot of fun doing it. Again, I used Audacity and imported a song, then incorporated my own voice and …

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    During this week we were asked to do lots of audio related assignments…. One of them was to create a Sound Effect Story. We were asked to download Audacity in order to work and mess around with the sounds that I was getting off of the free sound website. …

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    DS106 Radiooooo


    Listening to DS106 Radio this week has been pretty interestinggggggg. I began to listen to the AutoDJ and let it run for a little while hoping that someone would do a live feed. After a few minutes of waiting with no livefeed, I decided I’d tweet at ds106radio and ask …

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    Listen to the RADIO


    For this week we were asked to watch videos that help us understand how storytelling works via Radio. Each video aimed at different methods to learn in order to have success with your radio and vocal storytelling. In the beginning one must understand that you work will not be PERFECT …

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    WEEK 3 … the storytelling phase



    Here’s the link to my DIGITAL STORYTELLING post. My idea’s haven’t really changed, but I’ve begun to see a more clear concept on the Digital aspect of storytelling. Hopefully overtime I’ll have a less confusing and more clear understanding of it …

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    Telling a story in 5 Frames:






    This is a story of eating breakfast before class. I couldn’t really be creative enough to think of a huge story to put into 5 frames so I just did something as simple as what I eat in the …

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    Old DS …


    We were asked to acknowledge previous DS students and look through their work…SO MUCH TALENT AND CREATIVITY!! One of the small pictures that was really appealing to me personally was the picture that a girl named Chelsea posted, as one of her daily creates. Here’s the post that I’m talking …

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    Storytelling…. Digital….


    For starters, let’s talk about the word STORYTELLING..

    My association to the word STORYTELLING can be put really simply, It’s like playing the game of telephone. Storytelling varies in so many ways… There’s the stories that you want to tell your kids as their growing up to teach them a …

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    WEEK 2!



    My first daily create was suppose to show the wide open space, the great outdoors.
    The picture I posted is a picture that I took this past summer while on vacation in Wisconsin. I love this picture just because it looks so peaceful.
    The beautiful outdoors:

    The second …

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    Creative Commons


    Creative Commons: An organization that helps make it easier to share your interesting stuff with the rest of the world. The copyright licenses allows for other people to use and share your interesting stuff, while also allowing you to make conditions for the sharing of YOUR stuff. It allows you …

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    Reflection: We were asked to watch some videos on the way our sites are suppose to work, pretty interesting.. Helped me get a gist of what I wanna do and how to get it all done. I never saw myself as an “artist”, but if this is creating ART then …

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    Hello all, this is my first post on my very own website …. IT’S FREAKING AWESOME!

    I’m doing this whole website thing for my Digital Storytelling class and I guess I’ll just leave it at that.

    I hope my site will be entertaining soon enough.

    K byeeeee!…

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