1. tyler_jl

    Movie Book Cover


    Here is a book cover I drew for Inception. I incorporated the top, maze and layer themes. I drew it by hand and think that the hand-drawn mazes fit well, since Cobb evaluated Ariadne’s skill with her ability to quickly draw mazes by hand.
    I wish movie posters were like …

  2. tyler_jl

    Movie Travel Poster


    This ds106 assignment was to create a minimalist travel poster for a location in a movie or television show. I chose a location from the funniest movie ever made. I had a lot of fun with this and will probably try to make more. I like a lot of movies …

  3. tyler_jl

    My Favourite Line


    I was inspired to try this assignment by a post by @kaits_.

    This is probably my favourite line from any song. It’s in The Only Living Boy in New York by Simon & Garfunkel. It reminds me of all the things I have to smile about.

    I …

  4. tyler_jl

    Random Album


    Presenting the latest album by List of Bridges in Burma! The Support of Paul was two years in the making and is sure to be treasured by both fans and music lovers everywhere.

    This assignment was fun. I loved the randomness of it. However, I did modify it …

  5. tyler_jl

    Doodle Notes: Byte 2013 Keynote

    I am very visual learner and frequently take lectures notes entirely in doodles. I also convert any written notes into pictures when studying for tests and exams. If I can represent something as a picture I am better able to remember it. A while back I shared some of my…

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