1. @UMWdan

    Next Semester Advice


    What should you know coming into this course?

    Honestly nothing. The less you know the better and you will get the most out of this course not knowing anything coming in. If you have spent a lot of time doing image editing, audio editing/mixing, and video you will be bored …

  2. @UMWdan

    This is The End


    The end is here and I can’t believe I made it through. I tried to have fun with this project by making a short film with my character Agent Roberts.

    Project Inspiration

    It is not often that I have the opportunity to make a video, so I decided to really …

  3. @UMWdan

    Final Project Outline


    This is an outline of what my final project will be and a direction that I will take it. For this assignment I will be using item 1 and item 2.  The overall format of this project will be a video, and throughout a video the agent (me) finds different …

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    Poll Results


    On monday I was tasked with creating twitter poll a secret agent. The agents I could choose from were Ben Aggos, Charles Finch (Rubiks Tilbit), Mac Plaia (Cobra), Kate “The Marksman” Jones, and Lynn Harris (Agent Reveal). I chose to make a poll about Ben Aggos. His agent profile shows …

  5. @UMWdan

    How To Tutorial


    This is tutorial on how to make a product review. Here is my original product review.

    This assignment may seem a little difficult if you think you need to do everything with one take and talk in front of the camera. Good news! You don’t have to. This assignment can …

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    Poster x Waldo Remixed


    In this remixed assignment I took an older post of mine where I made a minimalist poster and then hid waldo somewhere. The remix details can be found here, while the original poster assignment can be found here.

    Because this assignment was minimalist, it is very hard to …

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    Movie Mashup


    For this assignment, worth 4 stars, I had to choose 6 movie clips and stitch them together into a single video. Now it’s your turn to watch this and guess which movies/ tv shows the clips come from.


    —-Spoiler Alert—-

    The answers in order are:

    Hot Fuzz Top…
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    Close Ups Are Awkward


    This assignment, found here, is worth four stars and required me to use a dramatic close up of someone’s face, and then place it over a scene or landscape. Here is what I came up with.

    Some people may recognize this face, but if you don’t it’s ok. This is …

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