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    Design Assignments


    This is the lost and found poster I created for Professor Burtis’ hat and I really hope it can help her to find it! HOW TRAGIC… IT HAS BEEN A STAPLE IN THIS CLASS

    This is the design I created for my characters name, it is a little more psychedelic …

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    Alternative Book Cover


    Honestly, the dog in this book is the most important character, he deserves to be on the cover and also I wanted to portray its about zombies lol.  Without a companion of some sort I think the apocalypse would be much harder to get through


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    Audio Assignments


    Here is a compilation of my absolute favorite sounds!  I love hearing my horse call out to me in excitement, the waves crashing down on the beach from the ocean, the sound of birds on the first sunny, spring morning and the timer on the oven letting me know the …

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    Frequency 2156, Can You Hear Me Now?


    First off… this is reallyyy reallyyy cool! Love this site.  I think the creators chose audio as the medium because I think it allows the listener to create their own images of who is behind the voice and fully immerse themselves in the stories. I think adding video would distort …

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    Week 5 Reflection


    How are you feeling? Be specific.

    I am just getting over being very sick last week and just like Professor Burtis said… I think I feel better now than I did before I was sick! I feel like I have more energy and appreciate being able to breathe through my …

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    Reading and Resource Reflection


    Before this class, I had zero experience with audio and it has honestly been pretty intimidating.  I really like how Jad Abumrad paints this picture in my head without pictures in his description about the importance of connecting through radio.  Co-imagining is a really cool concept that I had never …

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    Character Choice and Intro


    My name is Sarah Thatcher and I grew up in small town in Southhampton County, Virginia.  My parents owned a cattle farm with many other animals like horses and chickens and pigs, there I learned the importance of a strong work ethic and protecting the family.  My father was the …

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    Week 4 Reflection


    This week was definitely the most fun I have had so far and I might be a little obsessed with GIFs now!  I learned some super cool things that intimidated me a little at first… like the juxtapose… but after reading through help from my classmates I conquered this week …

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    Storytelling with Photos


    Photography and Narratives:
    Pictures are a great way to help tell a story through imagery and scenery that portray emotions or events.  I am excited to get into the photography portion of our course and start adding characters and conflicts to the journey through my pictures.

    Visual Assignments:

    I chose …

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    Thinking About Photos


    Tips For Better Photography Page:

    There were several tips that really helped me change the way I think about taking photos.  One in particular was “change my perspective by changing yours”.  I took this awesome photo while I was at work from an angle I wouldn’t normally consider, but I …

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    Week 3 Reflection


    Weekly Reflection:

    This week really helped me get into the creative spirit in an apocalyptic sense.  I am not very familiar with this subject matter but after reading some short stories and diving into my novel “I Am Legend” I have really acclimated to it.

    It has made it easier …

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    Who Inspires You


    My dad is my biggest inspiration. He is such a kind, giving, and intelligent man.  He has built his life around his faith and strength in his family.  He built a successful, commercial construction company from the ground up, enduring and recovering from two massive heart attacks and numerous other …

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    Woof Woof! No Walks Today


    Last night my mom and I fell asleep watching a sad movie.  I think it was sad because she was crying, so I snuggled her and licked her face.  Her tears were really salty.  I really don’t know why she was so upset but I am worried about her.  I …

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    Products of the Apocalypse



    This 4-person emergency kit was VITAL to our survival during the apocalypse.  It helped me and three of my loved ones get by while we figured out how to establish ourselves and find other survivors.  I highly recommend this to anyone trying to prepare themselves.  It included food, water, …

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    Short Stories Reflections



    For this assignment I chose to read “Finis” and “There Will Come Soft Rains”, two very different short stories with a very similar end where there are no survivors.

    Finis was very hard to follow and had poor grammar and spelling that was a little distracting, but I tried …

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    Week 2 Reflection


    This week I started off with doing some pretty fun daily creates.

    The first being: #tdc2207 “Your Brushroom” where I had to find an old kitchen tool and rename it.  I chose the cheese grater because I have never used it without almost losing a finger or too and I …

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    Apocalypse Starter Kit and Reading Reflection


    The End Day apocalypse outlined a very realistic situation.  It was a pretty all over the place kind of video but something a little more likely to happen as appose to a zombie apocalypse.  They were based off of scientific or biological research.  A volcano irruption, mega-tsunami, killer meteor, virus, …

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    Tell It/Tweet It Story Time


    I’m an outdoor enthusiast, hiking, kayaking, hunting… you name it, and I probably enjoy doing it.  Naturally when I heard they were reopening “Gander Mountain” as “Gander Outdoor” I was excited!  Friends mentioned that the store would be having its grand opening on a Wednesday, so I planned to be …

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    The Journey Begins


    Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

    It is time to start preparing for THE END! Join me on my journey throughout Digital Storytelling 106.

    This week I went through DS106 bootcamp and became familiar with the several platforms we will be using to …

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