1. @vazquez1_angel

    Wrapping it Up – Final ILP


    Embarking on an independent learning project was both difficult and rewarding. I was able to learn a topic that interests me and about myself and how I learn.  As I’m sure you know, the topic of my ILP was American Sign Language something I hope will be useful to me …

  2. @vazquez1_angel

    Creating Visuals


    Visuals are a great way to make things interesting and attract a persons attention. Often when we speak in a public setting or present anything we use visuals to enhance our presentation and keep it interesting. Creating a visual for my independent learning project was tough because I did not …

  3. @vazquez1_angel

    Let’s Get Digital


    Podcasts are a great source of information and are easily accessible. They range from topics such as education and health all the way to pop culture and entertainment.  I have always been a fan of podcasts, but have only ever listened to podcasts about pop culture. I had never even …

  4. @vazquez1_angel

    Practice makes Perfect – ILP 7

    Weekly Check-In

    This week, I continued to practice ASl throughout the week and on my free time. I am starting to get better but I am not completely satisfied with where I am just yet. I still have lots of room for practice and improvement. One of my biggest issues …

  5. @vazquez1_angel

    Digital Mindfulness


    The issue of technology taking over our lives has been a topic of debate for as long as I can remember. I am only 20 but I still remember the times of dial-up internet and how I would spend countless hours on AOL Instant Messanger or instant messaging with complete …

  6. @vazquez1_angel

    A Brief History Lesson – ILP 6


    This week for my independent learning project I decided to venture back into the past and learn a little more about the history of American Sign Language. As I’ve been practicing the last couple of weeks, I realized I knew very little about the history of ASL and how it …

  7. @vazquez1_angel

    Digital Activism


    There is so much that goes into digital activism that I am finding it difficult to find a place to start. The internet can be both a wonderful and a terrible place. There are many people who use it for good but there are those who use it as a …

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