1. @vazquez1_angel

    What Can You Find?


    Googling yourself can be a fun activity and was probably a favorite passtime when we were younger. I remember always googling myself and my friend and being so excited when we were able to find pictures and facebook pages. I have now learned being able to find these things so …

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    Understanding Digital Citizenship


    PHOTO CC – By: Nadar

    Digital Citizenship is something that has been engraved into our brains since as long as I can remember. We are constantly reminded that we must be good digital citizens and if we can’t, we have no business being online. We are constantly reminded of our …

  3. @vazquez1_angel

    Digital Literacy Class Reflection

    Initial Reaction:

    When I initially signed up for this course I thought it was just another reading class that used technology! It was on my required course material, and really thinking about it now, I never really read the course description because it was required anyways!  I soon found of …

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    New Game Plan! – ILP 5

    What was that sign again?

    Relearning sign langue has proved to be much harder than I anticipated! I personally feel like I am not advancing the way I should be and am not making the most of this learning opportunity! I decided its time for me to change things and …

  5. @vazquez1_angel

    What is ds106?


    ds106 is an online course open to all who choose to participate. When I initially started looking into it I was both confused and intrigued. I had never heard of ds106 before, but it seemed extremely popular and had been going on for quite a while. It combines digital storytelling …

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    Inquiry-Based Learning

    What is Inquiry-Based Learning?

    Inquiry-based learning is where students are in charge of their own learning and are given the opportunity to ask burning questions they’ve always wondered about. However, inquiry-based learning should spark the curiosity of students and allow students the opportunity to ask questions they are interested in …

  7. @vazquez1_angel

    ASL Learning – ILP 4


    Considering my mistake last week, I decided to take it slow this week and go back a couple of units, but also branch out and look for other resources to help my learning. I went back and reviewed the vocab words and phrases on the StartASL website from the previous …

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