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    Nestor Makhno


    Nestor Makhno was born a Ukrainian Peasant in 1888 in the Russian Empire. Through his life he held a series of menial jobs, primarily as a farmhand, that was, until the Russian Civil War erupted. He began organizing an army of peasants and workers and combated the Red Army of …

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    Union of Free Soviets


    As Makhno’s forces began to spread across Europe, regions with strong socialist influences began to join with the Free Soviets. This map demonstrates the regions under UFS control by the mid-1930s.

    After downloading the original map and loading it into GIMP, I took the Fuzzy select took and selected all …

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    Mother Anarchy



    After finding the clips, pictures, and music, I loaded them all into the kedenlive video editor. I began work on cutting the video to find various clips to use. I then added a few ‘title screens’ in between the various clips and images to narrate what was happening. As …

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    One Small Step



    There’s a meme floating around leftist circles, “Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism”, that is imposed onto any image dealing with space. A simple google search will reveal numerous images with this text, but those on the Anarchist wing of leftist politics, and other leftists who don’t necessarily embrace …

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    Weekly Summary (Week 4)


    This week was probably the most challenging for me, as I do not have much prior experience working with videos or film. The workload was lighter, but what work there was was overall more intense than audio or graphics creation. For the daily creates I used GIMP to combine images, …

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    The scene opens up to two men walking, and the camera follows them. When they stop to converse, the camera begins to switch from person to person, back and forth. It switches between this, and getting shots of both men. As the scene progresses, the camera mainly shits to gauge …

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    Reading Film


    Creators of film use their unconscious to create scenes. There is no written guide to follow, but rather the individual’s aesthetic desires shape what is created. The same can be said of paintings or music. It’s mostly cultural influences that shape the unconscious mind. By stopping the film, we can …

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    Instant Replay


    After a show, and after some people had a little too much to drink, my band did an interview with a local music promotion group (Cult XLV on Facebook, check ’em out). The wipe-out was probably the best possible instant replay I could think of, so I replayed it sped …

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    Into The Badlands


    My band is currently in the studio working on our debut album, and we’re planning on releasing at least two music videos for it. One we’re going to be shooting at a show, but the other, for our song “Into The Badlands”, we’ll be using stock western footage and various …

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    Wake up. Boot Up. Log in. Hack. Shut down. Wake up. Boot Up. Log in. Hack. Shut down. Wake up. Boot Up. Log in. Hack. Shut down. On repeat for weeks until the problem is cracked. Anything from hunting bugs in a program to breaking into another secure computer. Forget …

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    Although my favorite type of music would be generally labeled as rock (more specifically, 80s hair metal, 80s hardcore punk, and 80s thrash metal), I do enjoy some electronic music. Usually I listen to bands that combine electronic (ie: Industrial, Techno, or Ambient) with rock, like Rammstein (Industrial Metal), Burzum

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    I run a small record label called Petty Treason Records, mainly putting out my own music, and that of friends. I’m also friends with a guy who runs a group on Facebook specializing in music promotion, called Cult XLV. A little while ago we worked on putting together a compilation …

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    Mashup in the UK


    The Sex Pistols are by far, the greatest boy band of all time. You cannot debate me on that. They were a band put together by record producers, featuring people who couldn’t play their instruments (at least Sid Vicious), but I still love them. Motley Crue, is my favorite band, …

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    Icon Fiction


    Can you guess? At the beginning, they have an encounter that involves a tasty burger, and later a personal addiction leads to the downfall of another. Then som unsavory events occur in the basement of a gun shop, and it all cumulates in a wallet being returned to its rightful …

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    May the bridges I burn…


    Derived from one of my favorite quotes, “May the bridges I burn light the way”, from Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue. The first version is all in black, and what I would assume embodies the quote itself. The second is in orange, which along with the yellow and red versions, …

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    I do love this movie, and my first time watching it, I had no real idea what was going on. I imagined it would be something like Pulp Fiction, where after a few viewings I would finally see a plot, but this movie is not a Tarantino film. I still …

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    Incomplete Data


    Unbelievable, but true, whatever search engine throwing these results must really turn people off before they find what they’re looking for. As I am unable to download the .gif for whatever reason (it has stayed on 2% for 15 minutes), here is the link to the online version.…

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    Weekly Summary (Week 1)


    As this is not the first time I’ve set up a domain or used WordPress, setting up and customizing everything felt like a breeze. Although I’ve not used UMW’s domain system, and am much more familiar with GoDaddy, picking up what to do was relativity easy. I played around with …

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    Soylent Irony


    Original poster can be found here. I’ve chosen a foreign version of the poster, as it was much higher quality than any in English. I’ve only added a small detail, but it adds quite a bit of dark humour to the whole thing, in my opinion. For those unfamiliar …

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