1. vivian_hwm

    Final Post (bye bye CT 101)


    Oh wow, can’t imagine this semester is almost over. In this class, we have been playing a lot of features on Photoshop, we also made our own GIFs, memes, etc. It’s fun playing around and create whatever on Photoshop. Professor Seslow is really open to our ideas and …

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    This week we made vaporwave using photoshop. It’s really easy to make because you just find some images on google and combine them all together. I learned how to use magic wand tool to select an image when it’s not transparent.

    I selected some images of statue, fuji mountain, and …

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    Feeling Like Spring ?


    OMG! The weather starts to feel like spring finally. I finally not wrapping myself up with tons of layers. I finally get to hang out with friends outdoor and enjoy the nature.

    Of course for some people, spring is the worst thing ever due to allergies. My cousin is one …

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    Traveling Ideas ?


    What’s the first thing that comes to my mind when semester to be over?


    This week we re-designed some vintage travel posters by removing the words in there, and added some new words or image in the posters.

    I chose California and Sydney because I have wanted to go …

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    Customizing my domain page


    This week, we continued to edit our domain page. We installed few useful plugins to improve our page.

    I wish I can find a good plugin for gallery or photography, so I can manage my post better. Now looking at my page getting more organized, I am really excited what …

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    The Vessel?


    Last week, The Vessel in Hudson Yard is finally opened. It will be the new attraction in New York. But people’s reactions are not that positive.

    Look at the design of The Vessel,

    To be honest, it looks like a bee nest with lots of staircases. Although the view is …

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    My own photography page


    This week we were making our own domain name and website. I was excited about it since I really want to let my photography page to grow. I think it’s a good opportunity to manage my pictures so I can post more through here.

    Although there’s some troubleshooting when we …

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    GIF portrait? Portrait GIF?


    This week we made GIF using Photoshop. We used the person who inspired us as the project. We made the portrait into multiple pictures using different filters, then combine them into GIF.

    This guy right here named Rick Genest, he is known as the “zombie boy.” He is famous for …

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    Cheers to the drunkies ?


    This week we get a chance to go outside the classroom and do some fun activities. We used panorama feature to come up a story. The story is parties. My idea was cheers to the other side who is already drunk. Or you can perceive it as before party vs …

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    DS 106 is really a good site for inspirations


    This week I get more chances to use Photoshop. The first part of the class we did a little project based on this assignment on DS 106:

    We created a portrait using multiple pictures. We used Photoshop to create it. At first it’s difficult to do because each picture the …

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    Memes are definitely ART!


    I still remember when memes just got popular on the internet, people were talking about how to pronounce the word. In some point people called it “ME-ME.”

    Memes are art for sure, maybe it’s not like the formal art we usually see or expected, such as painting, photography, poems, etc. …

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    Never thought of myself doing this


    At first, this class was boring to be honest. When Professor Ryan was explaining syllabus, and I couldn’t using the computer in front of me was just like…

    But now, by the 2nd week of this class starts getting my interest because I can explore different programs like now, using …

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    Can’t sleep without it


    Hi guys! This will be my first blog in this course. My name is Vivian Ho and I am in Psychology major.

    The topic of this blog is about anything online which makes me happy, I think of my weird habit before I go to sleep, especially when I am …

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