1. wafflestomper

    Bubbles: Reflections


    Hi there friends! Just an update on what’s been happening this last year for me.  Soon things are going to get real busy around here and I wanted to catch everyone up while I had a few moments. I can’t believe it was just a short time ago that I …

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    Eleventh Hour – ds106 Blues


    As our eleventh hour of this course approaches, I’m experiencing a twinge of sadness. Part of that is because this has been the saddest season of watching “The Wire”.  It’s hardest for me to watch the kids and how messed up their parents and their home lives are.  Namond’s mother …

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    Tutorial: Legit I.D.


    Uh oh, you’ve been asked for some I.D. and depending upon your circumstances, you may need to craft something together for your story character in a hurry.  First, you’ll want to start with an example to use as a template within whatever your character exists.  You may want a labor …

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    Postcards from the Hedge


    This is “Postcards from the Past” for a writing assignment to further the story for my character this semester. My re-imagined Bubbles is a retired pole dancer who used to work at Orlando’s Gentleman’s club in Baltimore.  She began working as a confidential informant for Kima Greggs, a detective on …

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    Wanted: A Tutorial


    So you want to make a Wanted Poster.  There are a few online sites that can help you out: Mobile Fish Glass Giant Tuxpi Image Chef  Here are a few tips and tricks you need to know: You need to keep the file size down and a good way to …

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    My Fair Abbey


    As my final project character’s story is evolving, I needed to advance her progress to the next level where she becomes part of a television show loosely based on some of her life experiences.  So, that meant I needed to invent the television show and now you’re all caught up. …

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    Downton Shabby Revisited


      For today’s Daily Create, I got to revisit my favorite work from this semester which was my re-imagining of a favorite TV show: Downton Abbey.  Not only did I re-do the logo, but I invented a parallel universe where many of our favorite characters from The Wire appear.  Here’s …

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    First Time in London for Bubbles


    I did the assignment “Create Your Dream Vacation” where you imagine your vacation and put it together on Pinterest.  Never having an account there before meant I had no experience at all with “pinning” things onto a virtual bulletin board. Since this is becoming material for my character who is …

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    Dark Days – Notes on S4:E 8, 9, 10


    Episode 8 “Corner Boys” – “We got our thing, but it’s just part of the big thing.” Zenobia Ahhh, poor Fuzzy Dunlop is getting blamed for providing bad intel. Colvin pointing out to the kids in the classroom that it’s their training ground for the corners later on and that …

  10. wafflestomper

    Transformation: Kurt Russell


    He’s come a long way, from little boy to man, starting out as Mr. Walt Disney’s newly discovered child actor to present-day partner of Goldie Hawn.  He was in a ton of Disney movies when I was growing up, and I loved him as an adult in “Tango and Cash” …

  11. wafflestomper

    Lessons Learned


    Today’s Daily Create was to summarize a movie in two panels.  Since we’re focusing on HBO’s The Wire this semester, I chose to summarize Season 1 episode 8 “Lessons” in two panels. The epigraph of this episode is “Come at the king, you best not miss.” which is Omar’s quote …

  12. wafflestomper

    Breaking Bad on The Wire


    This assignment was to combine two movie posters of movies that have been compared to each other.  Since we’re focusing on HBO’s “The Wire” this semester, I chose to combine it with another show it has often been compared to – “Breaking Bad”.  Here we have our two fellas watching …

  13. wafflestomper

    Leavin’ On A Jet Plane


    I did the design assignment “Let’s See Some ID” to create this image that I’m going to use as a component in my final project. This is a rendering of a fictitious airplane ticket from Baltimore Washington Airport to London’s Heathrow Airport.  I downloaded an image for an old plane …

  14. wafflestomper

    Mixin’ & Mashin’ – Weeks 13-14 Summary


    What a fun fortnight, re-imagining things as we re-mixed and made mash-ups!  Here’s what I did these last two weeks: I watched Season 4 episodes 5-10 and summarized them here: Prezbo’s Game – Season 4 Episodes 5,6,7 Dark Days – Season 4 Episodes 8, 9, 10 I don’t know about …

  15. wafflestomper

    Moving On


    The Visual Assignment “Before and After” is about combining the past and present into a single image.  I chose to do that with an image in a rear view mirror (that I placed there with the help of Photoshop).  Here we have someone looking forward to what is down the …

  16. wafflestomper

    Green Eggs & Spam


    This assignment was a to take the original assignment “Computer Books for Kids” and remix it as a mood swap.  It’s from the original Dr. Seuss story “Green Eggs and Ham” which is a journey of learning that prejudices and closed minds limit your ability to learn and experience new …

  17. wafflestomper

    My Suggested Daily Create Part the First


    Make Your Own Coat of Arms Either by hand drawing or using an online app such as this one, create your own personal coat of arms. Here’s one I made as an example for ds106: “art faciunt” is Latin for “make art” and the symbols I chose are the sextant …

  18. wafflestomper

    Size ds106, Please


    This Daily Create assignment was to caption an Unsplash photo.  There were several really good ones, but I chose this one, and added my ds106-oriented caption: Who knows? This might start a trendy ds106 clothing line.  “Tell your story in apparel”.  Ya never know……

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    Today’s Daily Create assignment was to re-tell what you did today in icons.  I used the suggested set of icons that Google recently made available and found paging through them to be a little like shopping for the right shoes.  They had to be juuuuust right.  Turns out this was …

  20. wafflestomper

    Prezbo’s Game – Notes on S4:E 5,6,7


      Season 4 – Episodes 5, 6, 7 Notes Episode 5 – “Alliances” Kids sitting around telling zombie stories and scaring each other about Chris Partlow.  They casually identify the caliber of gunfire in the background, and THAT’S the scary part for me. Prez has a sticker system for classroom …

  21. wafflestomper

    The Thinker vs. Batman


    For this Daily Create we have to help Rodin’s “The Thinker” devise a scheme to win against Batman.  The poor guy is naked and Batman has that utility belt with all the cool gadgets, a neoprene suit, and a cape.  No wonder he has been defeated many times.  It’s all …

  22. wafflestomper

    Idris Got Flex a.k.a. Weeks 11-12 Summary


    Season 3, episodes 11, 12 Season 4, episodes 1-4: I watched ‘em all.  For the third time.  I’m hooked on The Wire and it’s all Jim Groom’s fault. My favorite highlights centered around  the recurring theme of reinvention and adaptation (flex) of our favorite characters: The final culmination of B …

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    Video Essay – Discovering Omar


    For the video essay assignment I chose Season 1 Episode 5 for analysis because it’s where we see Omar become established as a power player.  He’s in everyone’s business, he knows what is going on, and he knows which drug dealers he can stick up and exactly when the stash …

  24. wafflestomper

    “The Pager” Swede


    YouTube is doing something funky with a “warping” kind of effect that I can’t figure out, but here it is.  I think I’ll try uploading to Vimeo next time and see if that improves things.   I went with Season 1 Episode 5 “The Pager” for the Swede video assignment …

  25. wafflestomper

    Range of Emotions


    This is an odd assignment, if viewed out of context.  I look  like I’m off some meds.  Oh well.  Let the blackmailing begin.  Here it is:…

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    Vote Clay Davis


    He’s a man of the people.  He’s also a man of few words.  Really.  VERY few words.  Here they are: Ha ha, loads of fun on this video assignment.  I hadn’t seen a supercut video before stumbling across this assignment and it was a lot of fun picking out scenes …

  27. wafflestomper

    It’s Just A Fad


    I had a co-worker who told me the internet “was just a fad” and the fan fervor would die down soon.  That was in late 1995 when I was first venturing out and using things like telnet and Delphi and CompuServe chat rooms you could find by logging onto servers …

  28. wafflestomper

    Mickey Is A ds106keteer


      The daily create was to skip the over-used cat and dog memes and create a mouse meme.  We were encouraged to use anything, including well-known mice.  I created this in MS PowerPoint to get the easy-to-use-pre-made ovals, filled them with black, and added text boxes to accommodate the text …

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