1. walt13z

    Whirls of a confused soul


    Who ever told you that we have absolute freedom lied, We don’t. We never chose to be born, we never chose our families, it just happened without our consent.

    As I try to reflect back on this amazing opportunity I just missed out, I wonder if I missed it because …

  2. walt13z

    Locked in Silence


    This ain’t about me, this is about that brother who is terrified of his demons. Too scared to write or talk about them. He lays in his bed at night weeping not knowing what to do next, wondering why his life is the way it is. Cursing at the mere …

  3. walt13z

    Obsession with Florence


    As i sit, i reach for my earphones and wondering what to play, a voice within screams please play me play me, i smile and before i know it am singing along with my horse voice,

    “A falling star fell from your heart and landed in my eyes
    I screamed …

  4. walt13z

    Bitter Fact of Life


    “Life is harsh, you just have to appreciate what it throws at you. Someone out there is probably wishing they had your Life.”

    Before i wrote the quote above nothing played in my mind then i realized how lucky i am to have this life, i may not be where …

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