1. Walter

    Movies by Numbers


    Here is my attempt at the Movies by Numbers assignment. I collected pictures related to the number 7 and created a montage out of them using iMovie. The song is related to the number as well. See if you can figure out how. (Hint) Musicians might have an easier time.…

  2. Walter

    Movies by Numbers Preproduction


    I opted to do the movies by numbers assignment. In my video, I will depict the number seven. I chose the number seven because it is a number that changed my approach to something I invest a lot of time in. I play a 7 string guitar; as opposed to …

  3. Walter

    Educational Video Idea


    I’ve decided to take on the educational video assignment. I thought I would use “how to record an electric guitar” as a basis for the tutorial. Here is the video I wanted to base it off of.

    First, I decided to begin with an introduction on the advantages and disadvantages …

  4. Walter

    One Archetype, Five Movies, Five Seconds


    Here is my entry for the One Archetype, Five Movies, Five Seconds assignments. It’s a bit more than five seconds, but the idea is there. I was appointed to create a video personifying five James Bond actors. So I made a video surrounding a few common words they all seem …

  5. Walter

    “Something the Lord Made” Film Analysis


    “Something the Lord Made” is a film that documents the work of Vivian Thomas and Alfred Blalock in an effort to cure blue baby syndrome. It is a dramatic documentary. This film showcases extraordinary acting from Dante “Mos Def” Smith and Alan Rickman. They both work together exceptionally while elements …

  6. Walter

    Movie Character Answering Machine


    Here is the movie character answering machine assignment. Its Beavis of Beavis and Butthead in case you couldn’t figure it out. I used my soundcloud application on my iphone to record it.…

  7. Walter

    The Voice


    This is a recording of myself, trying to imitate Don LaFontaine aka “The Voice”, and failing.…

  8. Walter

    Theme Verse


    Here is the theme verse assignment. I opted to do this since much of the music I listen to somehow shared a common theme. The first couple of clips are from Periphery, a groove metal band; the last song is by Selena.…

  9. Walter

    Can I Take Your Order?


    Here is a quick recording I did trying to imitate a man from the south ordering a cheeseburger. I’m clearly not from the the south; but it’s a viable attempt. Enjoy!…

  10. Walter

    The Contest Nobody Could Win


    Can you guess the six songs in the clip? Doubt it. I used Ableton Live 8 to create the clip and just split each track to a little less than a second and compressed them together. Good Luck!…

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