1. Walter

    Song Style Mashup


    There are a lot of people doing song mashups nowadays, so I just thought I’d completely butcher a Rihanna song…just for kicks. I decided to use the song “Rude Boy”. I found the acapella online and simply dragged it into Ableton Live 8. I recorded and double tracked the guitars …

  2. Walter

    Imitating Weather


    Here is my attempt at imitating a thunder storm using objects within my “reach”. Being that my desk is surrounded by instruments, I had access to a plethora of interesting sounds. I used an odd instrument that I bought at an African store that produces a “droplet” type of sound …

  3. Walter

    Song Story


    Here is my “Song Story”. I illustrate the times my father and I spent driving listening to this song, “Resollution” by Eric Johnson, usually on our way to his studio in Long Island. It brings back great memories everytime I hear it.…

  4. Walter

    DS106 Radio Show “MediaCon”


    This is our radio show. It was a very interesting experience as I was able to delve into my ideas in a way that I haven’t done before. I mixed the original bumper for this radio show and participated in the debate and various commentary during the show. I really …

  5. Walter

    DS106 Radio Show Bumper


    This is the DS106 Radio Show project my group has in the works. I contributed by providing answers to several questions asked in an interview setting by Alicia Gray, one of my group members. I also took on the task of editing the final mix. I really enjoyed the whole …

  6. Walter

    More RAW Photography


    Here is a RAW photo I edited of my girlfriend, Alanna; using Photoshop Elements 8. I was going for an HDR feel without actually using HDR software; boosting the saturation and noise levels. Also, increasing the shadow levels helped to give the photo some extra depth. Overall, I’m happy the …

  7. Walter

    Wale or Nay?


    If I had a dime for every time someone told me I look like Wale I’d be a millionaire. So I mashed up two portraits to compare. What do you guys think?…

  8. Walter

    My Stance Obsession


    I absolutely adore this car. Over the past year, I have developed an obsession with cars that sit aggressively low to the ground; otherwise known as “stance”, where the wheels and tires fit snuggly underneath the fender, with decent spacing and slightly negative camber. Call me crazy, but it gives …

  9. Walter

    Anup Sastry is groovy!


    A drummer I stumbled upon a couple of weeks ago. Very talented. Check his stuff out as well as his band Intervals. Very technical; without sacrificing groove.


  10. Walter

    Why are we condemned for being creative?


    After watching Larry Lessig’s presentation on creative domains, I realized how directly the arguments he stressed are affecting me. Being a musician myself, I felt obligated to elaborate on this issue. Lessig speaks on the amount of control the government has put on creativity and the manipulation of someones work …

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