1. @wbschd

    Final Project: Final Weekly Mission Summary


    For the final week of DS106, I collaborated with Cole (“The Accountant”) to determine whether an agent, such as Agent Fawn, was working with The Directorate to gather intelligence on our agents behind our backs… as well as any possible ties The Directorate or Professor Bond had to Russia. I …

  2. @wbschd

    Advice for Future DS106ers


    I have seemingly disjointed pieces of advice that was nonetheless useful to me during my Spring 2017 semester: plan and outline your assignment ideas early on each week, and try to only allocate reasonable amounts of time to complete each of your weekly tasks before giving yourself an initial ‘cut-off’ …

  3. @wbschd

    Final Project Check-In: Week 1


    As shown in the Google Doc for my group of two, which includes myself and Cole Hodges, we’re planning on using 2-3 of the item ideas for our project. This week, we heavily annotated the Items Agenda provided to the class within the doc, and I additionally made an initial …

  4. @wbschd

    Paint Tutorial: Photo Mashup


    Using the design software Paint, commonly found on the Windows OS, I’ll show one how to complete the Photo Mashup assignment. First, select two photos you want to mash together.

    Second, open the photos in two separate Paint programs. Use the zoom feature at the bottom of the screen to …

  5. @wbschd

    Military Shakespeare Cat Remix


    For this remix assignment, I had to inject a military bootcamp spirit into a visual assignment which required I pair a cat photo with a Shakespeare quote. I chose a military-cat themed photo, and selected a quote referencing ambition from Shakespeare’s Richard play. I found the remix easy to …

  6. @wbschd

    Emotional Closeup Mashup


    For this 4 point mashup assignment, I needed to take a dramatic closeup photo and place it in an unrelated background that changes the story drastically! I took a tragic character moment from Les Miserables, and placed the scene within an upscale salon – shifting the story to possibly be …

  7. @wbschd

    Actors Photo Mashup


    For this 4.5 point mashup assignment, I was supposed to mash together two actor photos in a believable image. I used Paint to remove excessive pixels from a scene of The Great Gatsby, taking my edited image of Jay Gatsby and placing him with Vesper in a scene from the …

  8. @wbschd

    10-Second Song Mashup


    For this 3.5 point mashup assignment, I needed to take 4 songs and remix them over a 10 second time frame. Below is my result! I took the lyrics from the songs “Obsessions”, “One Week”, “Work That”, and “Froot” to create a love song snippet of a couple who haven’t …

  9. @wbschd

    Go Emo Rainbow Remix


    This remix assignment asked me to remix a visual assignment which originally wanted me to note the use of rainbow-colors in some media form, with a theme of darkness and black colors. Since this idea was broad, I decided to take the short animated film “Paperman”, and create a black …

  10. @wbschd

    003 Character Interview


    I had to answer a seven-question 003 character interview, splicing together my character answers with the interviewer clips. I chose to mimic a Skype call, and had to use some iPhone recording, re-uploading, and splicing tricks after failing to download the interview into an effective MP4 file instead of a …

  11. @wbschd

    Butterfly Storytelling Within the Web


    For this assignment, I used X-Ray Goggles to manipulate a search result for ‘butterfly’, injecting some humor about they think they’re the best thing since sliced bread, and discussing how their etymology is derivative from a foreign language verb meaning “spawn of Satan”. I had fun with this assignment, …

  12. @wbschd

    Google Draw Something


    I found this 2-star assignment easy and fun to complete! I got Google to understand four of my six drawings, but I doubt I could have gotten it to guess Cow and Zebra even if I had double the time (Since I wouldn’t have sketched a figure close to either …

  13. @wbschd

    Dream Room


    For this 4 star assignment, I was instructed to create a Pinterest board of items I’d desire for my ‘dream room’. The board is provided below, followed by some of my wish-list selections.

    I’d personally love to have a studio apartment with a wall-length mirror perfect for dancing in …

  14. @wbschd

    Connected Daily Creates


    Based on the events of the opera “Tosca”, Tosca races to her precious Cavaradossi after he pretends to die from a feigned firing-squad style execution when a murder has actually been committed by Tosca herself. She lowers her hand to give him a participation badge for his impressive acting, pausing …

  15. @wbschd

    DS106 Showcase


    My top three favorite creations came to mind nearly instantaneously, and are shown below from third to first place in terms of assignment execution in my opinion.

    Inside of me & Someone like you

    This audio mashup struck me immediately upon first listening weeks ago, as the choice of songs …

  16. @wbschd

    Mission Check-In: Week 8


    This week, I created two daily creates through my Twitter account, each of which took a short ten minutes using Paint to make. I actually ended up creating a clock design I would potentially be interest in purchasing if a similar product is ever actually created. My creations are shown …

  17. @wbschd

    Sexspionage Radio Show Completion


    Completing my 5-person group radio show centering around the theme of sexspionage-style espionage was an interesting process which was highly satisfying upon viewing our finished radio show. I was quite shocked at how cohesive the segments we orchestrated seemed to fit together, even as some members chose storyline-based radio segments …

  18. @wbschd

    Sexspionage Online Poster Advertisement


    For this two-point design assignment, I was instructed to create a poster bumper for my group’s DS106 Radio show on Spy Sexspionage. I decided to create a visual based on online advertising, which often makes use of emoji icons (As was the case for the successful media campaign revolving around …

  19. @wbschd

    Sexspionage Radio Show Progress


    This week, my DS106 Sexspionage Radio show group was formed. After early group communications through our Google Doc, we limited our options for a show topic to something that included historic spy content (Such as sexspionage), involvement of our own secret agent characters somehow, and discussing technological gadgetry involved in …

  20. @wbschd

    Radio Show Design Project


    My group’s Sexspionage Radio show for DS106 radio required me to create some bumper visual and audio tasks, displayed below. I found the process interesting and engaging, helping me to actually brainstorm ideas used in our group meeting at the end of the week. My poster was inspired by the …

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