1. xpertfall

    Dr. Plague

    Fictional Movie Poster


    This is a movie poster that I was working on, but never had the time to post it. I find it ironic that I post it on the 12/12/2014 even though this work was completed around 2 months ago.

    So in this piece I used a …

  2. xpertfall

    Deck of 52


    So I was looking around in the ds106 repository, and found this. It’s funny, because I made one during the summer just for fun.

  3. xpertfall

    No Messy Spoons





    My problem is when I eat soup in rectangular Tupperware. I would sometimes rest the spoon in the corner of the bowl. Then the spoon would fall in and it would be messy to hold. So I decided to make a “Soup Spoon Caddie”.  So I made …

  4. xpertfall

    Background Sniping


    I been looking at everyone’s site, and I found this site called Subtle Patterns  [Couple of Years Ago]. Some people I believe are struggling with picking out a background that looks aesthetically pleasing. I believe that the current backgrounds that the students that they have picked are a represented on …

  5. xpertfall

    The Mark of Pages


    So I’ve been working on my Diigo Bookmarks here, and I have to say that after combing through around 70 bookmarks I added it to diigo, on what I think was resourceful for ct101. From icons to how to learn Japanese. I normally take pictures of textures so I …

  6. xpertfall

    Cyborg Bear


    In this piece I had to make a character in Illustrator ( first time using Illustrator) for FA284 Graphic Class. I wasn’t to sure what to do at first, but I decided to make a bear related character, because I bear is constructed with simple curves and circles. So I …

  7. xpertfall

    A Blank Canvas


    In regrading to this post I found that number 4 was the most helpful. “(Take responsibility for your work, develop sustainable working habits)”. At times I would get burnt out on Photoshop, and normally take a couple of weeks to a month off (depends on how burnt I am) when …

  8. xpertfall

    Future Construction


    My site name is BlackJackal.us, and it contains a custom tagline, because changing the font would have change most of the menu fonts. The site theme can be found here and it’s called “Clean bold”. For the colors I changed it to my liking, and fitting a theme off …

  9. xpertfall

    Masked Leonardo



    I started cutting pieces from the original photo so I can work in the Photoshop. I did this so it will be easier to work in Photoshop.…

  10. xpertfall

    Go Green


    I always like how Leonardo DiCaprio always acted, because his acting style is really unique he’s calm and spontaneous style of acting is the type of actor I would watch. I was reading this article about 50 facts of Leonardo DiCaprio. In the article I really like ” In November …

  11. xpertfall

    So I Heard You Like Fonts


    In this post I would like to share a resource that I’ve been using couple of years now. It’s called Font Squirrel. I normally use to have a hard time to find commercial free fonts, which means that you can use the font in any type of art form, …

  12. xpertfall

    9 out of 18


    I found that the interesting work I think that I’ve did is “Lost Child in the Dark”. I would say this is my favorite blog post, because I never expected that my music would be even more creepier when it would be slowed down at 800 %.  The type …

  13. xpertfall

    The Old Clock & Headphones


    So I found this on the daily create, and taught that this would be fun to experiment. I really like the old detail drawing, because it makes the clock stands out in a drawing. I also love the fact how ” Fig.1 and Fig.2″ was drawn and it looked …

  14. xpertfall

    Lost Child In The Dark


    So I was trying out this assignment and I have to say this assignment was very interesting. I found the new adaption of the 800% slowed  was quite unique, because most of the songs I tried was from the band Annihilator . The sounds that were produce was very scary …

  15. xpertfall

    Jackal Returns


    In this assignment  I didn’t know this assignment existed, so I made this logo a couple months ago, and decided to go with  a dog theme. I was looking at dogs for some inspiration, and I found a “Jackal”. So I made some sketches, and loved how this design …

  16. xpertfall

    Copy Tron


    In Baio’s case my faviorte quote is “If your use is commercial and/or potentially objectionable, seek permission (though there’s no guarantee it’ll be granted) or be prepared to defend yourself in court”. I agree with this reasoning, because if you change the art of something your just using it as …

  17. xpertfall

    Have You Seen This Suspect


    This digital project was fun. I really enjoyed I did one back in the day, but I couldn’t find the original work. So what I did was remade the whole wanted poster from a new wanted poster generator . I think this generator is much easier and simpler.  In this …

  18. xpertfall

    Path To Victory


    So in post I decide to help students with the domain. The following students I helped are Roseanne and Tia. For Roseanne she is didn’t, but she attempted to do it, but Roseanne had problems. I helped by installing WordPress and activate her domain names. She also picked a theme; …

  19. xpertfall

    It All Starts Here


    During the process of picking a theme I decided to go with a Premium theme  for 50 $ I think it’s worth it for 13 themes.  I think not spending money would be the best option.  In my customization of my theme I changed the logo, color scheme and added …

  20. xpertfall

    Oh Boy Here We Go


    I hope making this site will wouldn’t take too long.  The installation process was easy, and I didn’t have any problems. Well in personalizing it I think I am almost satisfied on the way it looks. I still have to edit the CSS and add more items in my Portfolio …

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