1. @yarasaleh68

    Weekly Summary 12


    These are the weeks I love. Completing assignments are genuinely fun and really push my small amount of creativity to the limit. I always have a lot of fun doing assignments, though some can be incredibly difficult to do. However, testing the limits are what’s going to get me to …

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    Animoji Karaoke


    To be quite honest, I haven’t used my Animoji since I got the iPhone X. It was fun to use at first, but I didn’t really have a point to use it unless I was going to make a joke or something. But this project gave me the opportunity to …

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    Tutorial on “Storytelling Through Text”


    Are you having trouble on figuring out how to create a story told through text? Read this tutorial and maybe it’ll help!

    This comes down to a couple steps:
    1) Figure out your story
    2) Figure out how you’re doing this
    3) Find a friend(s)
    4) Do the assignment
    5) …

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    Cancer Sucks


    This might be a little personal, but honestly I think it’s fitting. I am a very open person, and I don’t hide anything. I have always liked to make sure I express how I feel and talk about memories because I always feel less burdened and happier afterwords. This isn’t …

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    The Superhero Slide Show


    Honestly, this assignment makes me giggle. It is kind of silly and very stupid. But I absolutely love it! These are two really silly concepts combined into one. The two separate are funny enough, but together, the product is even funnier.

    I decided to pick this assignment because I thought …

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    I Have to Tell You Something…


    Have you ever seen those videos of stories told through texts? They’re pretty much everywhere. But have you ever thought about creating your own? Now, that’s a whole other thing. I have, and this is the video I created.

    Choosing this was super easy for me. I always saw the …

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    Weekly Summary 11


    This was probably one of the most interesting weeks from this semester. Specifically from recording the skit and everything. It’s so interesting seeing how from one idea on a piece of paper to a full blown video. It’s such a crazy process for me. Like, honestly, what a crazy week!…

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    Our Video Project


    You all have no idea how proud I am of my group and I’s project. The entire process was fun: planning it out, recording from different places, ect. I think this is something you guys should definitely watch this… It’s the best.

    It’s crazy to think that from an idea …

  9. @yarasaleh68

    Some Project Ideas 2


    I keep thinking about the final project, and I get very nervous. It’s like a big bang to end the semester with, and I can’t think of a project either good enough or something I could possibly do alone. I have some difficulty creating some new ideas, and after reading …

  10. @yarasaleh68

    My Goals for this Video Project


    We’re going to start shooting today, and I’m very excited. Something I like to do is set goals of things to keep in my mind about what I want to accomplish. This is that blog post.

    My goals are:

    Participate as much as I can Bring up ideas for shots…
  11. @yarasaleh68

    Weekly Summary 10


    This week was a roller coaster, but mostly not because of this class. I was sick, dealing with mental health problems, and more. Now that this week is slowly coming to an end, I feel better and more confident. Finishing all that I had to do this week really helped …

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    You need to watch this trailer…


    I am really excited for this project. Like no one has any clue how thrilled I am for this. After meeting with my partners from the group, discussed everything, and then started creating this trailer, I just realized how much fun it’s going to be. No one has any idea …

  13. @yarasaleh68

    My Video Essay


    I think I underestimate myself. I need to learn to stop doubting I can’t do it just because I never have. I think that this video essay that I completed also reminded me of that. I just need to remember that if I can do something like this, something I’ve …

  14. @yarasaleh68

    Weekly Summary 9


    This week was definitely different than the past couple weeks. I didn’t know what to expect after the midterm, but it wasn’t what we had to do this week. I’m not opposed to what we did, it was actually fun that we did something different.

    I liked going back to …

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    What amazing podcasts!


    I really enjoyed all the podcasts I listened to, and I was really proud of what everyone accomplished! While listening to some of these podcasts my classmates created, I was extremely intrigued with all of them. Also, we finished our midterm- and that’s always something to applaud everyone for. We’re …

  16. @yarasaleh68

    A story using my daily creates


    The air feels so tense and I almost feel like can’t breathe. And it’s all because I said it. I asked the question I’ve been thinking of for months, years it feels like. It was a now or never type of question. Something that I knew would cause some sort …

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    Re-Visiting Hum Hum Hum


    While thinking of another assignment to do, I thought back to what was extremely easy to do or at the very least, work that I did that was very simple. I wanted to change it up so that it had more effort into it, even if it may not be …

  18. @yarasaleh68

    Some Project Ideas


    I am not going to lie, I always feel like I have the worst ideas. Though, I mostly blame the lack of creativity I have coursing through my body. The rest is just my pure laziness. I feel one thing that helps me out a lot in trying to come …

  19. @yarasaleh68

    Re-Visiting Martha’s Hat


    Trying to figure out what I wanted to revisit was a little difficult. I wanted to do something I felt that was too easy, but I also didn’t want to do something in the same realm as that project. I wanted to see what other things I could use to …

  20. @yarasaleh68

    Weekly Summary 8

    Accurate representation of me

    This week was the world’s greatest combination of stress and no stress. There was very little to do. However, the podcast was absolutely nerve wracking for me. I’m not exactly sure why. I felt like I was going to do horribly wrong on it, I wasn’t …

  21. @yarasaleh68

    Radio Show!


    We finished the radio show! Let me tell ya’ll, I absolutely love how this turned out. Everyone should really take a listen!

    My partners were amazing! They were all super nice, and we had such good conversations. They all were just as encouraged to do this just as much as …

  22. @yarasaleh68

    Radio Show Progress 2.2


    In a little bit, my group and I are going to meet up and record/edit our podcast. I’m hoping to be able to post the podcast by tonight!

    Some of my goals for this podcast are:

    Do not stay quiet Talk about points that I feel are worth mentioning Bring…
  23. @yarasaleh68

    My Commercial!


    I honestly completely forgot I had to do this until 1 hour prior to making this commercial. It’s not that I didn’t want to do it, I was kind of excited to do it, but I literally was so out of it since break started that I didn’t even remember …

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    Weekly Summary 7


    This week felt slightly more stressful than the rest, but I think it’s the looming midterm that was making me feel uneasy. I am excited to do it now, but it’s a bigger project than we’ve done before. So that made it slightly scary. It also was with all the …

  25. @yarasaleh68

    Radio Show Progress 1


    The progress this week was pretty good, though I know after I’m posting this that I will be spending lots of time watching movies and completing plenty of notes of them. Though, who would be mad at that? Especially when it’s amazing classics, and we can talk about that for …

  26. @yarasaleh68

    My Radio Show Promo!


    Now that I look back at my promos, I feel like it isn’t perfect or nice or anyway that I envisioned it to be. However, I do know the hard work I put into it, and that I am very proud of. Photoshop or photo-editing isn’t really my thing, I’ve …

  27. @yarasaleh68

    My NEWER radio bumper


    I know, I know, I’ve completed this before. However… that one was for the DS106 radio! Since we’re creating our own podcast, I’ve decided that I wanted to make a new one for ours! I really was excited about completing this! I made mine a little creepy with the background …

  28. @yarasaleh68

    Hum Hum Hum

    The wonderful song stuck in my head today

    This felt like something super awkward to do, but I was totally okay with doing this. I felt like this was perfect for me to do because while picking and completing this assignment, I had one song stuck in my head. It …

  29. @yarasaleh68

    What is this sound?


    I thought this would be a fun activity to do, so I decided I wanted to do this assignment. It is always fun playing with the clips and changing their original sounds. Sometimes, I can hear something within the completely mayhem after the clip’s been edited, and it’s one of …

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