1. @yjangabc

    Dear prospective ds106 students…


    Hello and welcome to ds106, a computer class like you’ve never known before. Are you feeling intimidated after reading the class requirements and expectations? Don’t worry, I too was apprehensive about this class and wondered if I would be able to make it. While the assignments do take time, and …

  2. @yjangabc

    Time is going and going…


    This week’s assignments were a little confusing to me but I tried to do whatever I can with it, starting with the Twitter poll. Last Sunday, I had to ask questions about Agent Robert Reynolds or Moncure. The results are shown here. In total, there were 3 questions asked …

  3. @yjangabc

    Time literally flying…


    This week’s assignments were pretty fun, especially since I now know the basics of utilizing iMovie. I did have to learn new skills within iMovie when I created the instructional video. While the process took a while to complete, they were feasible. I am really glad that I had the …

  4. @yjangabc

    iMovie instructional video!


    This was my first ever instructional video, and I must say, it turned out very well! I decided to create an instructional video by placing subtitles to the video so that the viewers can learn much easier. Seeing visual representation is very helpful for me so I figured that it …

  5. @yjangabc

    A Dog’s Life


    For this assignment, I found a clip featuring an adorable dog who seems to be quite jealous and also likes to be petted. I used iMovie to cut the part and recorded my voice over it. Enjoy!

    MashupAssignments, MashupAssignments1862 …

  6. @yjangabc

    Because I’m happy!!


    For this remix assignment, I had to do the following:

    Mood Swap

    Flip the mood of the assignment. If it’s light, make it dark. If it’s sad, make it happy. If it’s exhilarating, make it not so exhilarating.

    I also used the previous clip I worked on from one of …

  7. @yjangabc

    A red apple from a stranger


    I used iMovie to compile two movie clips that feature the famous red poison apple. The first clip is from the movie, Enchanted, and the second clip is from the original Disney’s, Snow White. I think the clips transitioned nicely as they covered the same theme. A piece of advice, …

  8. @yjangabc

    Where’s Wally?


    For this remix assignment, I had to place Wally somewhere in the mashup assignment.

    Where’s Waldo? It.

    For this remix assignment, you want to place Waldo somewhere conspicuous in a Visual or Design Assignment or slip his name quickly into an audio assignment. If you can figure out a way …

  9. @yjangabc

    You got mail!


    For this assignment, I used iMovie to combine 2 clips. For the first one, I found the famous AOL phrase, “You got mail!” In response to this comment, I added this scene from Legally Blonde. Enjoy!

    MashupAssignments, MashupAssignments1871 …

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