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    Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom Live Tour Review


    This week two very excited little girls made their way to the Theatre Royal Nottingham, escorted by their Mummy’s of course, to see the all new Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom Live Tour.

    Leading up to the show had been a little like the long journey to that long awaited …

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    Exam Stress Runs High!


    The exam timetable started a week ago, and a long with it arrived high levels of exam stress.  It descends the entire house like the biggest darkest cloud.  It’s set to stay with us until the last week of June, with a slight reprieve for half term. Maybe.

    Exams are …

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    The Ultimate Kids Bucket & Spade List


    Do you ever find when you sit down to think about your next big holiday or even what to do at the weekend you draw a complete blank?  With so many possibilities, decisions like this can be tricky and before you know it the moments are lost.

    The team at …

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    5 Free Things To Do With Kids


    I’m always desperate to find activities to do with my children that don’t break the bank, or even better are free.    When teen was small, money was pretty tight so I had to learn to be inventive and make the most of things that were available to us at little …

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    The First Swimming Lesson


    I really feel it’s important for my children to be able to swim.  My teen can swim, and I took him to the pool regularly when he was a baby, even though I couldn’t swim.  I didn’t want him to be like me.  I haven’t been nearly so on the …

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