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    How To Look After Your DSLR


    I was so excited when my new camera arrived.  I’d seen so many fab photos on blogs I visit regularly and was desperate to create similar images for my blog.  I love my camera, and I’m quickly becoming a photography bore!

    When it arrived, it was out of the box …

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    How To Get More Space In The Home?


    How to get more space in the home?  This is a constant issue for us.  We have two small children who have accumulated a lot of stuff between them in the last 3 years.  My son, has less stuff than them to be honest, but takes up the second biggest …

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    Are Our Co-Sleeping Days Over?


    Well something really quite unexpected has taken place this evening, and it has made me come down stairs and take straight to my blog to share it with you straight away. You may already know that we are a co-sleeping family if you have been following my blog for a …

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    Brewster’s Big Build Adventure Set Review


    My daughter loves all things trains, as you may have noticed already on this blog.  She loves the CBeebies show Chuggington, and her Dad is a bit of a fan too!  Her favourite character is Koko, and we often hear the phrase, ‘you can’t catch Koko’ from her when she …

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    ?Our brand new linky hosted by me, Ickle Pickle and the lovely Zena from Zenas Suitcase is here! It has evolved from our #MyFavouritePlace linky, to this new one.

    This linky #MyFavouritePost is for you to link up any post, old or new, about anything, a review, competition, sponsored post…
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    Doc McStuffins Light Up Shoes Review


    My daughter is already a huge fan of the Doc McStuffins range.  We bought her the medical kit for Christmas which went down a storm, it’s one of her favourite toys and one that her friends always want to play with when they come round.

    So, when we were contacted …

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    We went for a walk along the canal where we live.  A spot of duck feeding was required to get us all out of the house and into the fresh air.  As the sun arrived, after a pretty gloomy start I was pleased to be able to take the camera …

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    Stop Smoking Near My Kids!


    It’s time for a bit of a rant, it doesn’t happen often, but something got mine and my husband’s goat this week and something needs to be said.  We were shocked by the inconsiderate nature of some people who smoke, I’d even go so far as to say disgusted and …

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    Car Maintenance And Me!


    I remember passing my test like it was yesterday. It was quite an achievement for me as it took 5 attempts, yes 5!  I was so relieved to finally be a fully fledged driver but what I hadn’t realised was I only had one aspect of car driving under my …

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    Some Mum And Daughter Time


    Princess requires a lot of interaction, and it’s not always possible to give it to her with the needs of a baby to meet at the same time.  I have three days a week when it’s just me and Little Pudding at the moment, but I have spent very little …

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    We went to the theatre on Saturday, and afterwards we took a walk around the the park at Lakeside.  It was a little cloudy, so not perfect conditions for photo taking.  When I looked back through the ones I’d captured, this one jumped out at me for #MySundayPhoto.  It’s …

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    Easy Last Minute Easter Craft


    Preschoolers use every occasion as an excuse to get crafty, and Easter is no exception.  Here’s a quick stain glass effect Easter egg that your child will love to make, and is low on mess and materials.

    What Do You Need:

    2 pieces of coloured paper 2/3 sheets of tissue…
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    Little Dish For Bigger Kids Meals Review


    I think one of the biggest challenges for a busy parent is providing their children with a healthy balanced diet.  It is something I struggle with almost daily along side juggling the demands of busy family life.

    I know when I’m at work, having just finished the 9-5, coming home …

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    If you saw my last post, you’ll already know we visited the Birmingham Sea Life Centre this weekend.  They have a new exhibit featuring an array of star fish.  They were great to photograph, and I think I just got lucky with the settings on the DSLR and managed …

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    Family Fun At Brewers Fayre


    We were lucky enough to be invited along to the launch of Brewers Fayre’s new play area along with local families and bloggers at the Castlewood restaurant in near Mansfield the other week.

    We were given a friendly welcome at the door, and instantly the whole family were made to …

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    Competition: #DesignedByKids Amazing #Giveaway!


    Do you find that your routine is a finely tuned operation, and if anything throws it even slightly off, everything can rapidly descend into meltdown, especially where small children and babies are concerned.

    I have a routine with the girls, but find most days some thing, no matter how small …

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    Party Bags And Supplies Review


    Princess turned 3 last week, and she had been waiting for this day for about 6 month’s.  It wasn’t the birthday, per se, but the idea of a party that had captured her imagination.

    She’d been to a few now, and was looking forward to one of her very own.   …

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    I nearly didn’t post a picture for #MySundayPhoto this week.  It’s been a very busy week, and today we headed of to Granny and Grandad’s with the children.  I took the camera along (of course) and struggled to get a nice pic where Little Pudding wasn’t looking down at the …

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