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    Pampers Celebrates #everybaby


    My heart literally lifts when I find out someone is pregnant. It can
    be a friend, an acquaintance, a colleague or anyone really. To know
    that another family is going to experience the joy of bringing life into
    the world is just magical.

    With that in mind, Pampers know that …

  2. zenas suitcase

    Zena’s Suitcase Is On YouTube!


    OK, I’ve had a channel on YouTube for quite a while, but I couldn’t really call myself a vlogger.  Well folks, all that is about to change and as you all ready read my blog, I thought you might be interested in what’s going to be happening with Zena’s Suitcase …

  3. zenas suitcase

    What’s On At Wychwood Festival


    I missed out on the whole festival experience when I was younger, for some reason it seemed to pass me by.  I’m not sure how I’d of faired at a big event like Glastonbury or Creamfields, I think I’d have found the numbers a touch overwhelming.

    Fortunately, festivals offer such …

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    Parenting: Please Don’t Eat The Toothpaste


    It doesn’t take a lot to upset the apple cart when kids are involved does it?  We changed gym class today, so that Princess could go without me.  I’d wanted to do one more term with her ideally, but her little sister isn’t happy to be carried round for the …

  5. zenas suitcase

    Florida Style Seafood Chowder


    Wherever you happen to be travelling, sampling the cuisine is a major part of soaking up the local culture. Florida is absolutely no exception, and it has developed it’s very own unique fusion of flavours that you won’t find in other parts of the country.

    Taking the very best from …

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